You may have seen our post about MONAKR last week. Well, I’m sorry, but I have to bring this stellar Chicago-based collaboration to your attention once more. You see, they were whetting our palate with their previous releases – today MONAKR uploaded a spectacular rendition of Massive Attack’s classic “Teardrop.” So sit back, relax, but brace yourself – MONAKR’s gonna rock you to wonderland! Listen to and download for free

About a month ago, Danish DJ/Producer KANT uploaded a standout remix of OutKast’s classic track, “Ms. Jackson.” KANT borrows the hook from OutKast and then does his thing, turning “Ms. Jackson” into a dance-floor heater with minimal and deep house vibes. Listen bellow:

Texas-based artist Pass the 40 just released a track on Main Course that will shake you to the core. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and “American Pimp” exemplifies this. With its thumping kick drum and sub bass, this track has an enormous sound that bumps like no other. The vocal sample pertains to pimping and makes the track even more intriguing. Listen to and download the

Brooklyn-based artist Løt.te released a heavy-hitting industrial-inspired techno EP with The Bunker New York back in May. Løt.te, a.k.a. Mehmet Irdel, uses sound design and effects spectacularly in this two-sided EP. Listen to clips from the EP below:

Once upon a time, Saam Hagshenas, Pete Dougherty (now Moon Boots), and Jonathan Marks made up Hey Champ, a funky Chicago-based synth-pop band. Hey Champ toured the world and composed Hype Machine rocking hits such as “Cold Dust Girl:” But Pete left Hey Champ to pursue his career as Moon Boots, and Jonathan and Saam are now focusing their sights on a new target: MONAKR. Jonathan and Saam teamed up