Njordlyd Profile
Njordlyd is a Danish musician and producer who focuses on ambient and downtempo electronic music. His track “Ghost Running” is inspired by a painting from Dutch artist Mijke Anink. Njordlyd described the emotions behind “Ghost Running” as “The feeling of moving / movements without being in control.” “Ghost Running” starts off with a very peaceful soundscape that envelops the listener. At 0:30, a deep percussive element joins the track, but

UK-based label Warp Records has been active since 1989. For a listening study I’ve been working on since July 2018, I created a 321 hour 38 minute (13.4 days) long playlist comprised of the 4,294 songs I could find in Warp Records’ discography. I listened to every song. The releases are incredibly eclectic, spanning from IDM, breakbeat, acid house, ambient, and other forms of electronic music to indie rock, R&B,

LA-based Alt-Pop band Madyx is headed-up by singer/songwriter/guitarist Michelle Blanchard with Pablo Martins on guitar and Dakota Issacson on drums. Madyx’s “Girl Boy” is an undeniably catchy track featuring strong vocals, compelling drums and instrumentals, and substantive lyrics that have a deeper meaning than the lyrics you typically hear on the radio. In an email exchange, Blanchard told me that “Girl Boy” started with one line: “I never had a girlfriend

rq solid ground lp artwork
When we heard Auckland, New Zealand artist RQ’s “Roof Jumping” track off of his debut album, Solid Ground LP, on Blu Mar Ten Music, we were immediately overcome by the chill vibes. The track starts with peaceful audio samples and lush pads. The breakbeat drums are introduced very tastefully and when the meat of the drums are in the track, they aren’t overwhelming. The arrangement over the course of the track

When I received this promo from Brooklyn’s Big Voyage (aka Elias Ravin) and his sound was compared to Warp Records artists Luke Vibert, Plaid, Clark, and Autechre, my curiosity was piqued. I’m currently undertaking a project to listen through Warp Records’ entire discography, so I’ve become well-acquainted with the previously mentioned artists and the Warp sound is carving a special place in my mind. Big Voyage’s “Jellyfish Bloom (Part 3)”