German producers Hohberg & Butch have teamed up to create another solid collaboration, this time on Solomun‘s label, Diynamic Music, based in Hamburg. The track, “Losing Gravity,” is part of the latest Four to the Floor compilation amongst other heavy hitters like SevenDoors and Andy Bros.  Using arpeggios and deep atmospheric pads, the two producers take you on a journey which will leave your mind in a state of weightlessness

Tube and Berger are back at it again with their new two track EP, Alien Dinner.  I’m not sure what kind of aliens these two were eating with when they created these tracks, but I would assume they’re from a place like Funktron 7 or Groovecon 3 because these bangers are out of this world. Check out the title track, “Alien Dinner” for a sample of their latest extraplanetary voyage.

The Rooftop Boys have released a remix of Sam Feldt’s cover of the Robin S standard “Show Me Love.” The Rooftop Boys remix brings back more of the house elements from the original 1993 version of the song while adding a more upbeat tempo and groove versus Sam Feldt’s laid back, atmospheric approach.  This is the tropical house kind of vibe perfect for all your summer parties and outdoor gatherings. Listen to

Duncan Stump aka Coral D, one half of Mock & Toof, has just released a new remix of Sinkane’s  “New Name” on DFA Records. Coral D takes Sinkane’s soulful vocals and adds them to a minimal house backdrop creating an evolving soundscape of lush reverb, soaked piano fills, and filter swept percussion hits. One cannot help but fall into a soothing dreamy trance listening to this track as it progresses from