Benoit & Sergio remix Friendly Fires. What else can I say really. This track is as good as it sounds, some light and funky disco with a sharp drop to get feet really movin’ around 4:30 and beyond. Very nice indeed. Available on Beatport as of Monday… Friendly Fires- Hurting (Benoit & Sergio Remix) Buy it on Beatport DC natives Benoit & Sergio will be making their FIRST appearance at

Back in July Mr. Bonkerz introduced us to the groovy disco house tunes of Tiger & Woods with the track “Time” and the story (or lack thereof) behind their secret identities, stating that Googling the duo was fruitless and “unless you’ve seen them live, you won’t know what they look like.” Well this past weekend Tiger & Woods made their US DEBUT at the Lets Play House party in Brooklyn

July of this year saw the release of Mustangs “Shooting Love” EP on Different Recordings featuring the original track as well as the very awesome Fat Club Mix (stream below). The remix package will be officially released on October 17th featuring a spaced out remix by Black Strobe as well as an electro/new wave remix by Jeremy Glenn. Enjoy. Mustang – Shooting Love (Jeremy Glenn ReOrder) Mustang – Shooting Love

Funky, sexy, groovy, mind-bending, outrageously awesome… Xinobi finally has a new mixtape on Soundcloud and it is all of these things and more. The track selection is ridiculous, starting out with some funky disco then about half-way through taking a sexy, dark turn with a wicked vocal breakdown that I freakin love. Unfortunately there is no track-listing to accompany the mix just yet but I’m lovin the tracks at 30:0p

Moving quickly up the nu-disco ladder, Plastic Plates, has just put up another disgustingly good remix on Soundcloud, this time mixing up Mark Ronson‘s tune “Record Collection.” You may remember Plastic Plates aka Felix Bloxsom after our post back in April featuring his Social Studies mix. This new track is a little darker and a little more dancefloor ready than some of his older tunes, with a hot little break-down