The title track from The Prodigy’s upcoming album, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’, shatters glass with its paramilitary bombastic snare, snarling midrange synth sweeps, joker-cool heroin vocals, and reeled in BPM all before a cock-sure monster drop throws back to the tone and tempo of 90s big beat. The elder statesmen, these sewer rat emperors of yesteryear have been pressing that electronic has lost its menace, movement, and danger. Their

American big electro and bass music stands at a crossroad. Its bubblegum freshness, after much gnashing of teeth, has been reduced to a Molly jaw ache. If the concept of big electro and bass is to maintain, it needs to be rethought. With that in mind, one wouldn’t expect the Glitch Mob, a big electronica act out of LA that has found a way to make a dollar from big

If Uncle Sam were to hire me to DJ another one of his Gitmo dungeon parties, I’d open my set with ‘SIN’. Carter Tutti, an experimental electronic outfit comprised of Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, both of whom are former members of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle, present to you the soundtrack to the snuff bootleg of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. ‘SIN’ is produced and arranged with a tender hate

John Frusciante, aka Trickfinger, in his first go at the dance floor goes Jan Hammer-esque cool and breezy. ‘After Below’ features dramatic militant snares and well-sculpted reverb that structure the emotive. A mathematic series, the cadent snares unfold with complexity over a long time frame encompassing shorter phrases of synth passages that encompass even shorter loops of bass. Classic acid house bass line bumps, our sunsets and amphetamine come-ups have

Within two years of ‘serious’ DJing in the city, Caleb L’Etoile drops his first official multiple track release, the Body Water EP. Perhaps my thoughts are biased because we sat beside each other in our university’s modern composition courses as we threw spoons at the wall and declared the significance of our art, but I contend that Caleb’s first outing is a freshman success. ‘Reservoirs’ is layered with rich summer