Blisspop staff writer Lu is reporting from Cape Town, South Africa Like clustered trees that stretch to touch the sun, the lyrics delivered to us throughout Mk. Gee’s latest song, “Come on (You know I’m a Fool),” reach for a sense of hopelessness and misery. What is, fortunately, holding this track back from being drenched in this man’s blues is the uplifting instrumentation that is bound to spread good vibes

Thor Rixon – Michele As soon as the sounds of Michele inhabit your environment through the speakers, give it a couple of seconds and you’ll witness the room gradually give birth to life, especially if you’re with friends. The latest project titled Michele by Cape Town’s very own Thor Rixon is a full package that ‘presents’ the listener with tracks that’ll get you dancing, contemplating about life and humanity, and even

I would find it hard to believe if I walked past somebody listening to the latest Moods remix without a bounce in their walk or a head nodding in agreement with the beat – that would be the revised definition of blasphemy. An instrumentally chic track crafted by Bondax titled “Real Thing” is turned into a funk-driven dance floor banger by Dutch producer Moods. On his version, we witness a

Even though the name of this release is rather cliché, it can be pardoned since the listening experience of Andy Leech’s “The Journey” truly feels like a grand voyage in the making. During 6 minutes we’re baptised in a pool of airy ambient textures in what sounds like a Brian Eno ft Hans Zimmer soundtrack with a modern twist. After leaving this on repeat for roughly 15 min, I noticed

We had the pleasure of getting to know SIAS, a band which can be easily described as architects of anticipation as our emotions are taken on a roller coaster ride with each listening experience. Themes such as environmental conservation are brilliantly incorporated within their music through the use of percussion and various ethnic instruments, thus the term ‘World-pop’  as a description of their unique sound. In a world where mass