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It’s the start of our winter season here in Cape Town and it’s already looking unforgiving; if we walk outside, the wind is playing ‘umbrella snatcher’ and like a weigh-in, the rain relentlessly pounds our roof as if it’s actually trying to find a ‘way in’. Despite what’s happening outside, what I’m seeing in my head is literally a world apart. “Summer Blu,” the latest track from Los Angeles native

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Whether you know him from his appearances on different BIRP Indie Playlists or from his involvement in Cape Town indie group The Plastics, Yellow House (aka Emile Van Dango) is certainly one of many South African artists who have the potential to take their music to an international level by virtue of his distinctive sound and painfully honest lyrics. This time we decided to catch up with the 23-year-old and talk

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“Get off your phone!” my friend yelled. And he was right as we were at a bar for his birthday with many of us stuffed with liquor in our livers. What caught my attention though was a lengthy email I had received that was all in French with the only recognizable English word being ‘Nude’ and a link attached below it. Now what would you think is going on there