With our newest series Chill Out Mondays, we are covering the latest and greatest chill out tracks of the season. The styles vary from IDM, downtempo, ambient, deep house, indie and beyond. Consider it our prescription for those Monday blues! This month we feature a variety of chilled out tracks from several of our favorites at Blisspop including: Sine, Boards of Canada remixing WHY?, MNDSGN, STRFKR, Roosevelt, Washed Out and more. Fortunately, all

Gavin Turek Contributor: Justin Barini-Rivers Gavin Turek has been consistently releasing beautiful music. From old school cuts to faster, more pop oriented tracks,  Gavin is becoming a master of the genre. This progression has been seen through the culmination of her releases over the past 6 years. Her sonic aesthetic is tied to 70s disco reaching beyond the average audiophile. Her attention to detail reaches far past music. She continues

Eau Claire Artist Image
Rachel Wong aka Eau Claire is a Washington DC based producer who is known for her eclectic remixes and original tracks that feature her signature blend of house, nu-disco, and indie dance. In 2016, she kick started her own Feed Me Disco music label where she supports releases for up-and-coming nu-disco and house music artists. It felt like a breath of fresh air to speak with Rachel. She radiates positivity

Envelop is a non-profit organization with the mission to amplify the unifying power of music through immersive listening spaces and spatial audio production software. Blisspop connected with the co-founder and director of Envelop, Christopher Willits, to learn more about their innovative 3D spatial audio technologies. Grammy-nominated guitarist and producer, Christopher Willits, occupies a unique corner of the musical universe, hovering somewhere above the intersection of electronic production’s nuts and bolts and

All Melody, the latest record from Nils Frahm,  is minimalist neo-classical perfection that deserves an attentive listen from start-to-finish. This auditory experience was recorded at his new studio within the famous Cold War-era Funkhaus studio in Berlin, formerly a hub of the East Berlin broadcasting industry after World War II. The album captures the essence of the Bauhaus style featured so prominently in the aesthetic of this famous recording studio.