All Melody, the latest record from Nils Frahm,  is minimalist neo-classical perfection that deserves an attentive listen from start-to-finish. This auditory experience was recorded at his new studio within the famous Cold War-era Funkhaus studio in Berlin, formerly a hub of the East Berlin broadcasting industry after World War II. The album captures the essence of the Bauhaus style featured so prominently in the aesthetic of this famous recording studio.

Yoni Wolf of WHY? is a one-of-a kind, authentic, no nonsense, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. Not only is he a visual artist, but he’s also a songwriter and lyricist who raps, sings, and plays countless instruments. Out of necessity, he has had a heavy hand in recording and mixing much of the WHY? catalog throughout the years. I believe he does it all through his instinctual knack for curious experimentation.

Oliver Nelson is a Swedish producer who is known for remixing some of the best pop artists in the music industry: ranging from Tov Lo, Kesha, Whitney Houston, Ella Henderson and more. While he has amassed acclaim for his remixes, it is his original tracks that also scream originality and talent. It’s no wonder that popular EDM producer Kygo has sung many praises for Oliver Nelson’s skill as a producer.

Kick-start your 2018 right with the first single off the Perfect Havoc Presents series, “Everything Goes Black,” by LA-based producer/DJ, Mahalo. “Everything Goes Black” is a substantial house track with vocal samplings reminiscent of the UK garage style. You can sense that Mahalo gathers inspiration from various styles and artists allowing him to blur the lines creating cutting edge material that pays homage to the past while still pushing to

Þórður Ingi Jónsson aka Lord Pusswhip doesn’t shy away from the offensive as an up-and-coming rapper and producer from Reykjavik. VICE hits the nail on the head when they characterized his music as a “perfect mix of disorienting horror movie hip-hop guaranteed to shake things up in your office/bedroom/speakers.” He’s released an album in 2015, Lord PussWhip is Wack, followed by the 2017 compilation, Lord PussWhip is Dead. I highly