Chill Out Mondays - June 2019
Take a chill pill with the latest downtempo, jazztronica, ambient, lo-fi, chill-disco and future bass tracks of Spring 2019! This week we feature a myriad of international talent from the likes of The Marías, Hail!Maggiedacat, Jakob Ogawa, Nikitch, Kuna Maze, Trentemøller, Beric., Tristan De Liege. You can check out all the sounds of this week in our curated Spotify playlist. The Marías – “…baby one more time” This lo-fi bedroom

Cosmo's Midnight
Blisspop recently exchanged e-mails with Cosmo of the Australian production duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, ahead of their North American “Can U Dig It” tour.  We discussed a myriad of musical topics such as: production gear, their creative inspirations, approaches to sampling, and becoming a breakout electronic artist in the United States. For tickets and more information about their upcoming tour, check out their website for more details. If you were stranded

Blisspop's Chill Out Ambient Edition
On our monthly chill out music segment, we are giving our love and appreciation to ambient music: a genre of music that emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional structures. In this edition, we highlight some of our favorite recently released ambient compositions from Third Floor Tiger, Christopher Willits, Cajaste, Stuart A. Staples, Souns, Synkro, and Good Lee.     Third Floor Tiger – “Years of Hide and Seek” Third Floor

Top Five Festival Safety Tips
With the first weekend of Coachella 2019 behind us, festival season is in full swing. Attending festivals can be a glorious time filled with incredible music, good friends, and positive experiences that create lasting memories. That being said, unfortunately not all festival experiences are pleasant, or even safe for that matter. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are my top five safety tips for attending music

Chill Out February
With this series we cover the latest and greatest chill out tracks of the season. The styles vary from IDM, downtempo, ambient, deep house, indie and beyond. Consider it our prescription for those Monday blues! This month we feature a variety of chilled out tracks from several established and new favorites at Blisspop including: Kendl, KLANGPLANET, Hofr, Black Taffy, Rejoicer, Fatima, and Weval. These are fresh, new tunes perfect to