Ask anyone in touch with the current state of house music and the name Kyle Watson is bound to surface with excitement. Over the past two years, the South African DJ & Producer has become infamous for his unmistakable sound and style amongst American house lovers, with many foreseeing him to be a future heavyweight of the genre. Now kicking off his first ever headline U.S. tour, the hype seems

Image from DMV Deep: The Residency party at Backbar
  UP NEXT is a new series by Blisspop aiming to highlight underground artists, events, and organizations that are pushing D.C.’s dance music scene forward and are on the cusp of breaking into the spotlight. Standing still beneath the glow of the Backbar’s basement entryway, Saad Ashraf and Kori Fogle pause for a moment to catch themselves. After weeks of anticipation, and over an hour maneuvering the hustle of Saturday