Grieffson is a duo based out of Turkey making some amazing techno and house. Their EP Future & Past is a lovely two-track affair that fits well together. “Future” comes in a bit more uptempo and “Past” is bit more downtempo, but don’t get me wrong — these are both big tracks. “Future” offers a bit more bite and aggression. The punishing bass and the swung hi-hats work well with

Casmalia has released tracks on labels such as Box of Cats, My Techno Weighs A Ton, House of Hustle, and Chub Rub, just to mention a few. She recently dropped this lovely EP on OKNF Records, with the tracks “Money On The Floor” and “Deep Dish” both featuring Cheechmo. I have always been a fan of Casmalia because of the range of styles that she puts into her music. Casmalia

I have had my eye on TonalTheory for a while. They are known to play deep techno sets laced with their own productions. I have only heard stellar reviews of the shows they have been booked on. It is no surprise that How Could We Have Known is truly an album! Coming in at eleven tracks total with two remixes. I truly love the album format for electronic music and

The Infinite Daisy Chains is a duo consisting of Ian and Kristina. Ian Dandrige (Guitarist/Producer) and Kristina Westernik Dandridge (Vocalist/Violin/Producer) are not only a musical duo, but they are also married. Both Kristina and Ian are capable of making some of the best music out there, but together this magical union is beyond your imagination. The production on these songs is truly top of the line. The drums are so

Released on Blossom Records, i told you i’m not serious is a lovely mixture of Okay(K)’s beautiful cadence paired with a nice array of different sounds to give you a little bit of everything. It opens up with the self-titled track and you will get a taste of how unique his take on music is. Moving into the R&B/Soul sound you get “she gotta”. These guitars just melt me in