Sam Vogel, otherwise known by his big teethed moniker Jauz, has been making headlines since his college days. He is California-based and an Icon Collective graduate. From an early start, he has had support sign off from electronic industry leaders such as Zedd, Skrillex and Diplo. He also hosted his own pool party, “Jauz & Friends” at Coachella. The young producer has had multiple sold-out headlining tours and a new Billboard #1

From creating his own newly minted label, ‘Dharma Worldwide,’ to teaching classes in his hometown of Berkeley and touring across the world in trying to unite diverse sounds and people; Niles Hollowell-Dhar is on a mission to learn even more about his craft. His recent show at the Avant Gardner in New York brought together an orchestra along with his sonic electronic beats. As a former member of the ‘Cataracs,’

Founder of the independent label Funky Sheep Records, Xenia Ghali walks the line between gaining mainstream success and having the technical skills for underground credibility.  Trained as a classical musician since her youth and having worked to further her education in a master’s program at New York University in film scoring, she didn’t expect to be in the DJ world.  She just knew that it took an entrepreneurship mindset and

With popular festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra just around the corner, let’s talk with Belgian artist, Felix De Laet, or more famously known by his Lost Frequencies moniker on the start of his “Lost in America” tour and about new releases coming from him before he headlines these stellar events.  With new singles coming out in March and a new album dropping before summer, he is super stoked to meet