The inaugural anniversary of the DMV Deep community that occurred on July 19 at U Street Music Hall brought together all loyal locals to experience this eclectic collective of producers.  The artists were honored to host the D.C. based design studio and label ROOM, who curated the ambience of the experience with live visuals.  The DJs who headlined event ranged from Khalifeh b2b Tanil, SarasBróöir, Beagles and closed with the

Zoya Mohan on making it in the scene from India to California and back. Born in New Delhi, India, Zoya has continuously embraced her cultural roots as her music has evolved. In her early years, the young singer never thought she would make it in mainstream music even after studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She hit the stages early after graduation, and found luck from playing in

  Now having wrapped up the North American part of his ‘Intimate Tour,’ and returning back to the European stages, Cedric Steinmyller or famously known as Klingande talks about his music growth ahead of debuting new works at Tomorrowland this weekend. He offers details on how his interpretation of ‘feel good’ tunes has changed with now incorporating live instrumentalists, as well as his take on his sound software of choice.

Sam Vogel, otherwise known by his big teethed moniker Jauz, has been making headlines since his college days. He is California-based and an Icon Collective graduate. From an early start, he has had support sign off from electronic industry leaders such as Zedd, Skrillex and Diplo. He also hosted his own pool party, “Jauz & Friends” at Coachella. The young producer has had multiple sold-out headlining tours and a new Billboard #1

From creating his own newly minted label, ‘Dharma Worldwide,’ to teaching classes in his hometown of Berkeley and touring across the world in trying to unite diverse sounds and people; Niles Hollowell-Dhar is on a mission to learn even more about his craft. His recent show at the Avant Gardner in New York brought together an orchestra along with his sonic electronic beats. As a former member of the ‘Cataracs,’