Raw, groovy, emotive and truly authentic are just a few adjectives that come to mind when I think of house and techno producer KiNK. Legally known as Strahil Velchev, the Bulgarian producer has a characteristically unique sound, much in part due to his mastery of production and deep affinity for hardware. Velchev is widely known for his exciting live sets and was rated third on Resident Advisor’s list of top

After releasing a string of solo material, Blisspop founder Will Eastman and resident Caleb L’Etoile have teamed up to bring us a breezy summer track, “Breathless.” Introduced by samples of French dialogue, “Breathless” is a medium tempo jam that would feel great on the Riviera or anywhere else. The track’s bright and pulsating synths contrast beautifully with its hazy and sluggish vocals, making “Breathless” appropriate for just about anything from

Blisspop resident and contributor Caleb L’Etoile has been steadily producing a number of feel-good remixes lately, each one raising the bar for the next. This time, L’Etoile makes Bad Sun’s catchy dance-rock number “Salt” even catchier by transforming it into an effervescent indie-dance track. L’Etoile pulls out all the stops with “Salt”, implementing some of the mainstays of the indie-dance genre: emotive chord progressions, a buoyant bass line, staccato synths,

Maribou State gave us a pleasant surprise this week with their edit of Four Tet’s Text022, also known as “The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About and That Joy Used in His RA Mix and Daphni Played on Boiler Room.” The edit departs from Maribou State’s typical use of lushly layered melodies and keeps the rhythmic focus of the original. By adding a soft build that intensifies

Today we warmly welcome Steven Faith as Blisspop’s newest resident. Steven, who made a name for himself under the moniker Stereo Faith, is a longtime staple of the D.C. music scene. Steven is widely known for his extensive knowledge of music and his keen ability to move a crowd. Needless to say, we’re proud and excited to welcome a DJ of such high caliber and eclectic taste to the Blisspop