Two of our favorites have teamed up for indie dance gold. Vancouver’s Pat Lok takes on Gold Fields‘s “Hold Me,” turning it into a syrupy future-leaning, house beat groove. It leads you to the chorus with glistening synths and a rubbery bass line before exploding into piano house glory. Top quality from two of music’s brightest.

Let’s Play House have a real treat for us with their latest release. Brooklyn-based duo Tippy Toes drop their second release for the label and both tracks are gold. The A-Side, “Love Reminder” is a techy disco groove packed with tons of analog goodness, reminiscent of DFA or Hercules and Love Affair. “Heaven” is a super groovy, chilled out house track that is nothing but feel good vibes. The vocals

Exploited is gearing up to debut their new sublabel, Exploited Ghetto, and the first release is looking to be a winner. “Murmur” is deep and groovy, and that’s pretty much all we could ask for. The bass works a tight tech house groovy, while the congos and synths give it a slight disco flavor ultimately making for dance floor gold. Listen below:

Casino Gold work up some tropical vibes on their latest single. “1981” is as dreamy as it is groovy, featuring airy synth textures balanced around summery marimbas and a chugging low end. It’s a nice picture of how to do tropical right and will be perfect for beach parties everywhere as soon as the cold decides to leave us be. Until then though, close your eyes and let the song

Compuphonic’s “Sunset” is easily on of my favorite dance tracks of all time. It’s dreamy, delicate and still easy to dance to. Luckily, Compuphonic and Marques Toliver have teamed up again for their next release on Exploited. Mixing in light tropical vibes with a deep house styled low end, “Magical Shoes” is playful with an air of mystery to it, as Toliver’s voice floats in and out. The B-Side “The