The rotation of the earth lends itself too easily to metaphor, the binary of day and night serving as the foundation of a thousand myths. The sun makes life possible, and in opposition the night tells a different story. In 1977 Gary Gilmore was executed, the first case of capital punishment in the US in a decade. He didn’t hesitate, waiving all appeals and opposing those filed by other parties.

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The worst damage you can possibly do to a great chorus is to wrap it in tepid verses. Dick Valentine understands this, but of course anyone who adopts the stage name Dick Valentine understands this. That’s the secret of “Danger! High Voltage” – there are no verses, only an opening and closing salvo bookending a chaotic mix of choruses and solos. Electric Six takes their metaphors literally – if yelling

From 1982-89, Kate Bush released an extraordinary run of albums – The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, and The Sensual World. 1993’s follow up, The Red Shoes, suffers by comparison but pretty much anything would suffer by comparison. It’s still a great album, and one I’ve been revisiting because of Prince’s work on “Why Should I Love You?” I think of this album as a set of companion pieces, and “Why

“They called us the pop kids / cause we loved the pop hits / and quoted the best bits.”   The new Pet Shop Boys single, their best in a decade, is so self-reflexive that I don’t know if it’s even possible to approach it from outside an existing fan perspective. Starting with ‘Remember those days / the early 90s?,’ we’re immediately called back to “Being Boring”, but this time