There’s not really too much out there on Curtis Vodka. He’s in his mid-20s, he’s from Alaska, pretty sure he lives in NYC now. But other than that, he’s just a guy who makes slow house heaters. He just thew this edit of Howard Johnson’s “So Fine” up onto his SoundCloud. It’s an edit of the song in its entirety, but the most memorable parts by far are the vocal

Making re-edits of disco tracks is a pretty simple concept. You take a song that was already great, and you beef it up so it sounds loud sitting next to today’s over-compressed jams. For most producers, that just means adding another drum track, and maybe moving some verses around if they’re feeling…inspired. But every once in a while you find someone who can (and does) do a bit more with

With Blisspop’s Lost & Sound coming up this Saturday at Backbar, residents Chris Nitti and Lxsx Frxnk have put together a pair of charts to showcase some of the music they’ve been digging lately, including new material from Guy Gerber, Louie Fresco, Kate Simko and more. Lxsx Frxnk’s Lost & Sound Chart Chris Nitti’s Lost & Sound Chart Don’t miss Blisspop’s Lost & Sound this Saturday (April 14) at 9:30

It should be weird that someone turned Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” into a disco track. But it’s not. It should be weird that disco and tropical have become this really crazy hybrid in the last year or so. But it’s not. And it’s not weird because it just works so well. It’s something that French Express, the disco blog-turned-label knows how to do — first with Perseus and now