Ironbound, the new five-track EP from Chris Malinchak on French Express, is a pleasure-inducing tour of hi-hats, vocal chops, and 90’s dance sounds. This is slow house, but will leave sweat dripping down the walls of most clubs.┬áThat’s important, because he plays U Street Music Hall on May 26th. The release opens with “There I Was (Again),” a reversion of his popular track released in January. The reversion is a

DJ Fashen is signed to the SKAM Artist management company, so this EP came as a bit of a surprise. Not that disco is outside of their comfort zone, most of those guys are pros at bringing tracks from the 70’s and 80’s into their bottle service sets. But that’s just it, they’re usually focused on bottle service clubs, which is why it was such a pleasant surprise to find

Fact: It’s been too long since Classixx has put out remixes on a regular basis. These two dudes from LA have done some awesome stuff, including the so-deep-it’s-almost-underwater remix of Major Lazer’s “Cash Flow” (christened the “Glass Bottom Dub” mix) and authoring what became Mayer Hawthorne’s “No Strings.” It’s good to have these boys back. Before getting too deep into this song, make sure you’ve heard the original. Because the

“Whatcha Wanna,” a new freebie from Only Children, kicks off with some Houston-esque Ooh’s – though maybe it’s Ciara, actually. Hm. The swirling arpeggios/heavy drum loop kicks in soon after, leaving a really solid slow disco heater. As the guitar chops come in with a mooged-out bass-line, the chopped up vox all keep the track moving. “Whatcha Wanna” is definitely one of those tracks that sits between an empty dance

There’s not really too much out there on Curtis Vodka. He’s in his mid-20s, he’s from Alaska, pretty sure he lives in NYC now. But other than that, he’s just a guy who makes slow house heaters. He just thew this edit of Howard Johnson’s “So Fine” up onto his SoundCloud. It’s an edit of the song in its entirety, but the most memorable parts by far are the vocal