I could go on and on all about how Baby Driver is the must-see movie of the summer and if you miss it you’ll be missing a movement and yada yada yada……..so I will. Baby Driver is the sort of movie that comes along when everything else seems bland, trite, and routine and reminds you that flavor, texture and originality are alive and well. The premise, around which the musical mayhem

Image from Arthr's "Balloon" video
Since we covered UK-based artist Christian Balistrari’s music, animation, and live performance project Arthr last year, he’s been very busy. Last week, Balistrari released the music video for “Balloon,” an impressive work on all counts. The video was shot at an abandoned tin mine on the moors near Liskeard (South Western England), and it features the animated Arthr character chasing a balloon around the countryside. The music goes well with the video:

DC’s L.E.N.G. soundsystem comes through with a prime summertime party: London’s UK Funky badman Roska. Roska first landed on wax in 2008 with “Feeline” / “Boxed In” on his RKS label and, over the last decade, has continued to push the UKF sound through to the present day. For a taste, check out this recent stunner on RKS Dubz from TC4 & Bassboy. Roska has been a Rinse.FM regular, has

NJ native crooner Schadrack isn’t your typical electronic pop vocalist. His personal SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/schadrackpierre) is full of live jazz performance recordings, but precious little studio work. In an EDM world filled with breathy, 40%-wet-reverb female top lines, it’s refreshing to hear a well-trained and practiced but still playful vocal performance taking the lead. I recently had the opportunity to get acquainted with Schadrack and producer Alex Siesse at Alex’s beautiful

Gigamesh at U Street Music Hall July 8
Learn more about Gigamesh before his show on Saturday at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Gigamesh is the stage name of Matt Masurka, an American multi-platinum selling music producer and DJ. His numerous remixes, EPs, and his most recent LP Time Travel have earned him a swiftly building reputation as one of the most versatile and consistent names in indie-dance music. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, it’s no surprise Gigamesh has