Christoph Andersson

Christoph Andersson debuted just last Fall and has progressively introduced a series of EP’s which have released massively-addictive toxins of neo-disco and funky synth rhythms. This 19 year-old is originally from Washington DC and has since lived for a few years in Germany until now residing in New Orleans. This array of traveling may have sparked inspiration for his relaxing, atmospheric tracks since New Orleans hasn’t had much of a music production reputation similar to what Christoph is creating. Christoph followed up in 2011 with the release of his “Metropol” EP in January and, as of recent notice, another EP is in queue for March 22 titled “Getaway” on his own Hurst Recordings. Christoph tops most of his tracks with a variety of vocal styles from being high-pitched at the millisecond to a stretched-out deep voice. Getting more creative with his tracks, you can see on his SoundCloud how he has tagged along a second version of each of his original tracks along with 1 or 2 remixes within its collection. If the streamed tracks below melted your heart, I’d recommend keeping an eye out on his Facebook page for tour announcements as he has recently announced a dozen down south already.

Christoph Andersson – Capital

Christoph Andersson – Getaway

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