DC/LA producer and DJ, Tittsworth, just teamed up with a hip hop dream team for his latest track. “After The Dance” features Q-Tip, Theophilus London & DC vocalist, Alison Carney, for a laid back dance groove perfect for summer nights. The track feels as slick as an old school hip hop track wrapped up in an instantly addicting future funk of washed out synths and shuffling percussion. We’ve had this

Ready for fall? Let’s end DC’s summer with a bang, together, as cultures converge. The second annual Trillectro festival will be held on August 17th right here in the Nation’s capital, bringing ladies and gents of all walks of life together to celebrate rhythm in all its forms–from old-school Hip-Hop to high-energy Electro. With this lineup, who knows what’s in store. The diverse roster includes DC’s very own Moombahton ambassadors Nadastrom, Trap master Carnage, Frite

10. Moombahton but really Velvet Abdul Moombahton Mondays Mix – Summer of 2010 by davenada 9. Kushi restaurant 8. Jackass 3D 7. Zombies for Money 6. Numbchuck enemas 5. “I missed my flight” Munchi 4. Short term memory, masturbation and Black Swans 3. Git em and Steve Starks 2. Plaid pants, perverted grandfathers and hand towels 1. The Eastman mustache

Party throwers and music blog Blisspop.com’s quarterly rager, BLISSPOP, returns with hometown heroes Tittsworth, Nadastrom, Will Eastman, Dmerit, special guest Le Castle Vania. Blisspop is a force to be reckoned with as it not only provokes it’s patrons to get intoxicated, in trouble and in love, it adds a fourth element: insanity. Blisspop showcases the best of D.C. electronic dance music, with the occasional addition of one or more international

The birth of U Street Music Hall!! Nadastrom + ayres, specifically: filling dave’s hotel tub full of bed linens, towels and lampshades, then Ayres peeing on them.. Only to have dave stand on top of the asparagus and coffee stained stack to wash his luxurious hair. Green eggs and hammy, lez-go Fake ass Hawaiians (obama eastman) Rockin an explosive rooftop jump-off in Taipei in front of my mom and her