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Silver Age Scientist – Atom Kids

Posted on August 4 2011 by Steve Jefferson

After holding off releasing any new work for a year, underground French house producer Evil Stereo is back, however, with a new outfit to start things fresh. Silver Age Scientist is the name and officially made the announcement last month with his first track Atom Kids. Behind the gas mask, synths, and samples is an 18 year old from Florida who remains nameless and faceless at the moment. He previously released two albums a couple years ago, Angel (2009) and Cobalt (2008) within Power Glove Records, which I thought were both entirely phenomenal house productions. However, despite their orgasmic quality, their tracks remain low-key on the web.

Scientist’s track Atom Key is a step away from his previous work yet seems to incorporate a small volume of his house-styled rhythm that was acquired during Evil Stereo. The track is dramatic the whole way through with a steady stream of darkened synth and high-pitched electronic notes along with teasing samples throughout the 5+ minutes. Its hefty emotional state easily serves the goal to create an epic introduction for the new outfit and keeps listeners in suspense for what’s yet to come.

Silver Age Scientist – Atom Kids

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