Lithuanian DJ/Producer Mario Basanov, aka Mr. Smooth, delivers yet again with his newest EP on the UK label NeedWant. Bordering on the verge of disco and deep house, the track is flat out sexy. Sensual vocals and a passively fierce bass line complement each other beautifully as Basanov leads us through a journey of melodic satisfaction. Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love Grab the vinyl here and then

mario basanov
Marijus Adomaiti aka Mario Basanov is a twenty-something electronic producer from Lithuania and 1/2 of Mario & Vidis. His complex tunes are often dark and sultry, generally hovering right around 115 bpm and often feature fantastic vocals, 80’s inspired-synths and groovy basslines. I can not get enough of this guy. Check out some of my favorite tunes below including a Drop Out Orchestra remix of his original “Lonely Days” (featuring