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With vocal house permeating pop music in the biggest way since the early 1990s, New York’s CID is looking necessarily to reinvent the wheel, but rather improve upon it. With releases on renowned labels like Size and Spinnin’, CID is making his mark with uptempo and vibrant tunes that elevate the heart and the soul. His newest release “Love Is Blind,” out on Big Beat Records, feels like a crazy

How many times
When German producer duo Andhim teamed up with London based singer-songwriter Elderbrook, they created a masterpiece. Elderbrook’s mystifying vocals paired with Andhim’s flawless production have earned the artists a spot in #HouseHeaven. “How Many Times” has dominated dance floors for close to 12 months, solidifying its place as one 2015’s defining tracks. Big ups to Black Butter for securing this release. Check out the music video here: On the remix

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The vocal snippet by Simian is possibly one of the most – if not the most – recognizable sample in electronic music. “We are your friends / You’ll never be alone again.” It’s the kind of message that unites fans of dance music regardless of their race, creed, or social make-up. And while many of us still subscribe to the ideology that makes that lyric so compelling, mainstream culture has bastardized the

Hot off the Kitsune presses, the official video for Cesare’s remix of Citizen’s “Lighten Up” is one of my favorite things I’ve seen this year. It’s lighthearted, summery, and features French girls with animated foxes. What’s not to love?

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It had been a good while since Marcus Marr released any new material which made a lot of dance music aficionados exceptionally excited when DFA Records announced a few weeks ago that his latest release was on the horizon. It’s been a couple of days since his newest record, the trippy, technophile wet dream Brown Sauce, was shared with the world and, in the normal giving spirit DFA has with its