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Hercules & Love Affair – Do You Feel The Same? (Music Video)

Posted on December 1 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.43.41 PM

Hercules & Love Affair, the DFA supergroup and new addition to house label Defected, has been a force to be reckoned with in the independent music scene for the better part of a decade now. With a relentless energy and a focus on the roots of modern day dance music, the band’s beating heart, Andy Butler, has been one of the defining models of the indie dance underbelly by allowing cultures to blend and mesh to form a new school of dance. And with that, it’s only appropriate that the band’s video for “Do You Feel The Same?” features an apocalyptic wasteland where vogueing is your only path to enlightenment.

In the spirit of “Mad Max” meets “Paris Is Burning,” the video features styles fashioned by renowned designer Bernhard Willhelm and choreography from contemporary ballet dancer Josh Johnson and the Forsythe Company in order to create a dystopian desert infused with lush hues and a space rock attitude where dance reigns supreme. What results is a beautiful video that celebrates escapism and feeling free from the constraints of being grounded. It’s a rich world with personality and decay and love paid to each detail: a fitting monument to such a supreme track by such a Herculean act.

Check out the video after the jump and look out for new remixes to be released soon via Defected Records.

Elderbrook – Could (Official Video)

Posted on November 7 2014 by Caleb

New Black Butter signee, Elderbrook, has just released the official video for his debut single “Could.” The video is nothing short of stunning, consisting of a series of animated oil paintings against textural background. New York artist Lauren Gregory is the genius behind the visuals and the video definitely speaks for itself. Check it out:

Tiga – Bugatti (Music Video)

Posted on October 27 2014 by zacheser

When “Bugatti,” Tiga’s rhythmic and absurd exploration into the quells of the dance underworld, came out this summer, nobody was expecting it to take off the way it did. Defying genre altogether to create a new plateau that’s undeniably idiosyncratic and unlike  anything else being churned out by the Dance Gods, “Bugatti” was a testament to how going against the grain can pay off in spades.

The music video released last week is just as bizarre and unexpected. Featuring a dizzying amount of 80s inspired imagery and kitsch from the fashion to the set design, the music video for “Bugatti” is a roller coaster that feels like it was manufactured in Andy Warhol’s Factory right down to the emphasis on vintage ski wear. The most fascinating aspect of the video, however, is how accurately it captures the track’s feeling of escalation as the focus on surrealism becomes more frantic and brinks on insanity (the most disturbing, surprisingly, being a waterfall of Heinz ketchup).

Check out the music video below and be sure to download “Bugatti.”

BLEITCH – This Is Our Youth (Official Video)

Posted on October 21 2014 by Caleb

LA duo, Bleitch, just debuted the video for their single, “This Is Out Youth,” and the visual companion is equally as dreamy as the track itself. The video follows the duo through a series of vignettes ultimately resulting in a late night beach party. It shares a sense of epicness with the song that translates easily over the synthwave soundscape and indie pop vocals to make for an enjoyable view. Check it out below:

Outputmessage – Pillars (Music Video)

Posted on September 29 2014 by Caleb

Outputmessage has just released the first video in support of The Infinite Void. One of our favorite tracks for the album, “Pillars” is a sprawling sci-fi flavored house trip that manages to make you dance while feeling the way deep space would sound. It’s an impressive track in itself, but when paired with a visual companion, it takes on a whole new life. Consisting of a series of constantly evolving motifs, the video plays with light and images to draw you in to a seemingly dark and sensual landscape that fits the track perfectly. Hit play before and keep an eye out for the Infinite Void remix package coming this October!

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