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Blisscap #3

Posted on October 31 2014 by Caleb

We’re back with our weekly collection of tracks and mixes featuring new material from some of the finest producers in the game. It’s also the best weekend out of the year as we’re gearing up to celebrate Halloween, so make sure to hit play while you’re putting your face paint, ghost costumes, awkward wings, etc. on. There’s a mind-blowing 8 bit version of the Ghostbusters theme, some dirty bass house from Holt Blackheath, charming indie dance from Robotaki, an absolutely killer mix by Bones and more! Check it out below:

Becky Hill – Losing (Just Kiddin Remix)

Posted on October 31 2014 by Caleb

Few artists have made as big of an impression this year as Just Kiddin, cranking out hit after hit of irresistible UK flavored house, ultimately resulting in the massive “Thinking About It.” Their latest offering comes in the form of a remix of UK songstress Becky Hill’s “Losing.” The duo gives the track a flawless house makeover, pairing a deep house style groove with an unstoppable piano top end for 6 minutes of bliss. To make it even better, you can grab the track for free at Becky Hill’s page so make sure to move quickly. Check it below:

Mary Mary – Shackles (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

Posted on October 30 2014 by zacheser

Relative newcomer Dennis Kruissen has been on the up and up over the course of the past year following the trajectory of artists like Kygo and Thomas Jack. His newest remix, however, may just establish Kruissen as a top talent in the current pool of deep house artists. His latest, which saw a debut on Kick Kick Snare, is a piano driven take on the already super soulful Mary Mary track “Shackles.” What results is a super polished, addictive, high energy track that builds on a foundation of well-rounded bass, intricate kicks and snares, and an emphasis on what made the original such a powerful crossover hit. The vocals here are, of course, a major highlight and arguably the main course: the gospel undertones are brought to the forefront to produce an uplifting spirit throughout thereby elevating the track into a cascade of purged negativity.

You can listen to the track after the jump and download it via Dennis Kruissen’s Facebook page.

Sam Smith – Like I Can (Jonas Rathsman Remix)

Posted on October 29 2014 by Caleb

I still have yet to hear a bad remix come out of Jonas Rathsman, and lucky for us, his latest remix pairs him with the enigmatic Sam Smith for a remix of “Like I Can.” Rathsman twists the track into a moody deep house rework full of rib cage rattling lows and moody atmospherics, while Smith’s voice floats in and out of a sea of reverb. It’s a refreshing take, perfect for late nights and long drives. Listen below:

Dirty South – Unbreakable (Autograf Remix)

Posted on October 28 2014 by Caleb
Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 7.24.22 PM

Hot on the heels of their excellent Lorde remix, Autograf have dropped a remix of Dirty South’s “Unbreakable” over at Mixmag. The track shows them exploring their deeper sensibilities for bassy house cut offset by light melodics and airy pads. It’s a tight cut balancing late nights and dreamscapes with floor moving grooves, ultimately resulting in one of the best tracks yet from the upcoming trio. Take a listen below:

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