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BABE — Make It Real (VESTIGE Remix)

Posted on September 18 2014 by Shawn G

This song reminds of an Ed Banger track with its heavy electric drops and bass-booming creativity. A hard, driving bassline that is surrounded by heavy synths and vocals that bring the groove out. It’s a fun, summer night kind of track that will bump with almost any audience. It’s got Indie house waves with a nice french touch up, enjoy!

Basement Jaxx — Never Say Never (Louis La Roche)

Posted on September 18 2014 by Shawn G

Oh happy days! LLR is back and this remix is reminiscent of the funk the first brought me to his sound. It’s been a little while since this Norwich, England-based producer has brought a new track to soundclouds everywhere but this one is well worth the wait. An upbeat, French touch remix of Basement Jaxx’s new single–the pleasantness is overwhelming and brings the soft vocals to the forefront, equipped with synths, 808s and even a cowbell. This track is awesome.


Posted on September 17 2014 by Caleb

Amtrac has been totally killing it recently, his latest coming as a remix of RAC’s “Cheap Sunglasses.” Putting a house twist on the original, Amtrac makes it completely floor friendly and instantly addicting. The track pairs melodic synths with a bouncy low end, and the music compliments the vocals perfectly. Take a listen below:

Karl Kling – Deep In The House Of Love (Jeffrey Brodsky Remix)

Posted on September 17 2014 by Caleb

Earlier this year, RAC’s Karl Kling dropped a fun jam groove aptly titled “Deep In the House Of Love.” It’s recently seen proper release on Mani/Pedi records, alongside an excellent remix from Jeffrey Brodsky (formerly Jeffrey Jerusalem). The resulting track is a deep techno groover that sounds like the original was filtered through a series of fun house mirrors, complete with acid-influenced synths and a completely addicting bass line. It’s playful and easily danceable, putting a nice spin on the track. Take a listen below:

London Grammar – If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)

Posted on September 15 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.43.37 PM

London’s Riva Starr has been having a busy 2014. So it only makes sense that he would remix the equally as busy – and exceptionally talented – indie act London Grammar. Taking the ethereal, cinematic “If You Wait” and using Hannah Reid’s powerful vocals as his backbone, the remix offers up a UK garage sound that blends itself so beautifully into the spiritual, divine coffeehouse electronica that London Grammar has made a niche with. What truly stands out here is Riva Starr’s use of ambience to his advantage to create something more than a run-of-the-mill deep house banger: he takes moody piano, spacious reverb, and even an escalated orchestral part and infuses it with a space time continuum – the bass and the treble in the 4/4 time signature – which builds itself up into a work that we as the ravers, the lovers, the star-kissed dreamers can truly lose our heads in.

Listen to this hypnotic masterpiece below and check out London Grammar when they hit up the 9:30 Club on November 7.


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