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Posted on October 21 2014 by Caleb
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I’ve had this track on repeat straight for the last several hours. Nu disco savant on the rise, Colour Vision, just released his rework of Ten Walls’s epic “Walking With Elephants,” and it’s essentially everything I wish the original was and more. He keeps the central hook of the track, layering it with the perfect amount of tropical flair and steel drums. The energy gets bumped t0o, making it nearly irresistible to groove to. You can take a listen below and grab the free DL over at Colourvision’s Facebook:

Caribou – Bowls (Gavin Russom’s Rework)

Posted on October 16 2014 by zacheser
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Gavin Russom is an artist whose work defies genre boundaries and expectations to create unique soundscapes and ambience unlike anything you’ve ever heard before leading him to rework and remix the likes of Cut Copy and Planningtorock in addition to putting together DFA’s The Crystal Ark.

His latest work, an edit of Caribou’s “Bowls” which is set for release through Merge Records in November, is nothing short of extravagant featuring an array of electronic styles during the enclave of sound that serves as an audio feast for your ears. And Russom intends for you to eat your heart out: the winding road that he has produced plays out like a magic carpet ride through transcendent and surreal soundscapes while maintaining a daunting focus on rhythm. The magic happens during the escapes into areas that are befitting for a “Tron” revival or when the track dips into a samba groove which allows the organic and inorganic to coalesce into a loving mixture of the grounded and the absurd.

Don’t get me wrong: clocking in at close to 11 minutes, his edit of “Bowls” is a marathon of a track, but it’s a marathon worth running as it’s proof that experimentation is an art form in and of itself.

Make sure you get Gavin Russom’s take on “Bowls” when Merge releases an album of “Swim” remixes in November.

Indian Summer – Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost (option4 Remix)

Posted on October 15 2014 by Caleb
Shiner Remixes

option4 is constant quality through and through. The Denver-based producer seriously can’t fail. Dropping track after track of groovy and playful house, he constantly resets whatever song I thought was my favorite with each subsequent release. The latest is a remix of Indian Summer’s “Shiner,” and it’s an unstoppable late night banger with a rubbery bass line and dreamy atmospheres supporting super a catchy vocal line. Listen below and grab the release on Sweat It Out:

Outputmessage – Goldilocks Zone (DJ Lisa Frank’s Pulsar Remix)

Posted on October 15 2014 by Caleb

Long time Blisspop favorite (and this month’s guest), DJ Lisa Frank makes her production debut with a rework of Outputmessage’s “Goldilocks Zone.” She puts a completely new twist on the original, working it into a dark, techy landscape with throbbing lows and clattering percussion. It’s hypnotic and spacey, sounding like a black hole pulling you in. Listen below and grab the exclusive over at Bandcamp:

Outputmessage – Pillars (Walker & Royce Remix)

Posted on October 14 2014 by Caleb

Outputmessage just released the companion record to this year’s The Infinite Void. It features B-sides and remixes from all of our favorite producers, including NY’s Walker & Royce who got their hands on “Pillars” and knocked it out of the park. It’s a jackin deep house track with a light techy flavor and a whole lot of groove. It has a fun shuffle that makes it hard not to move to, and it’s up as a free download, so make sure to grab it now!

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