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Derrick Carter: DJ Jokester In Chief

Posted on May 12 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.07.22 PM

You may have heard of Derrick Carter, you might not have. If you haven’t heard of him, let us fill you in: Derrick is widely regarded as one of the best DJs on the planet. He’s from Chicago and was instrumental in the ’90s house music wave. I have had the privilege of seeing him DJ both on his home turf (Smart Bar, Chicago) when I was living there a few summers back and here in DC at U Street Music Hall, so I can attest to his prowess as a DJ. His sets are usually house-oriented, but he often ventures outside the genre. Besides DJing, Derrick produces music, owns a bunch of dogs, and frequently uses social media to poke fun at and “school” other DJs and dance music culture in general. I’m going to write about this last facet of Derrick in today’s post.

In the last two months alone, Derrick has called out a number of DJs and certain aspects dance culture. For example, check out this series of tweets he posted in March making fun of “DerpHouse DJs” – it started with this introduction:

Over the next few days, Derrick went on to post a number of tweets with the hashtag “#DerpHouse” in which he ridiculed the style of today’s ultra-serious, deep v-neck-wearing, etc. techno/deep house DJs. Here are some of the highlights from his “#DerpHouse” twitter run:

Towards the end of Derrick’s series of #DerpHouse rants, he posted the following message on his Facebook page:

Here’s the rub y’all. This is fun. 
And if you have lost that fact somewhere in your indignation or it’s obscured by your cool ass haircut, then reevaluate that shit. I have been doing this thing for 30 years. Plus, I got jokes…#DealWithIt”

Derrick acknowledges that he was joking around with his #DerpHouse tweets, but he makes a good point that many people in the scene need to lighten up and not take themselves so seriously.


While Derrick is often guilty of joking around on social media, he does get serious and call other DJs out. Derrick posted this tweet in response to a New York Times article on Swedish DJ/producers Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso in which Ingrosso belittled underground dance music:

And two weeks ago, Derrick called out David Guetta when the French DJ described DJing with USBs as “old school:”

In conclusion, Derrick Carter may be the DJ Jokester in Chief, but there are often important points in his jests. As Derrick said himself, he’s “been doing this thing for 30 years,” and in those years, Derrick has attained a high level of wisdom with regards to DJing and dance music culture. So when Derrick posts on social media, you should listen – even if it seems ridiculous and you can’t quite decipher the meaning, as may be the case with these two tweets:

Thank you for keeping the dance music community both in check and smiling, Derrick. Keep doing what you do.


BLISSPOP Presents: SPF420 X MOVING CASTLE Live Coverage

Posted on April 19 2015 by Jordan Farley

Tonight, we wanted to celebrate the amazing party that is SPF420′s Moving Castle party. We’re going to [attempt] to cover the event throughout the night (so lost as Jordan doesn’t fall asleep…). Stay tuned for updates covering tonight’s sure to be a banger all nighter.



GEOTHEORY. // https://soundcloud.com/geotheorymusic

[8:31] Holy hell this is popping. This is a straight future banger.

[8:41] This is bubbly goodness.

[8:43] This is an amazing “When the Fire Starts to Burn” – Disclosure remix! It is swoon-worthy.

[8:50] Groovy. Super groovy. That bass is killer.

[8:52] “He’s setting fire to the tables.”

[8:56] Slaying that “1, 2 Step” – Ciara ft. Missy Elliot throwback.

Update: There are ~193 people on www.spf420.com and one of them could possibly be Drake.

WRLD // https://soundcloud.com/thewrld

[9:09] This “Sad Machine” – Porter Robinson remix is slowed down and such a smooth groove. Love it.

[9:25] Fantastic mix *snaps*

Update: Chet Porter is playing.

JAILO // https://soundcloud.com/jaaailooo

[9:38] Falling for “Fallin” – JAILO & AOBeats

[9:45] I am loving all the Disclosure remixes. This “White Noise” remix is 100 banger.

[9:55] Holy wow Jailo is killing it. This mix is so good, greatly hope it ends up on the Internet.

Update:  Thank you Jailo

Dirty Chocolate // https://soundcloud.com/dirtychocolate

[10:18] His beats are absolutely unstoppable.

[10:22] This is a beautiful beat overload. DC is taking future beats way into the future.

[10:28] This mix is hotter than Guy Fieri’s hair.

Update: Treehaus will be joining Hunt for the Breeze aka best day ever. 

[10:31] Hitting hard with that Cavalier track.

Update: There are 260 people catching Dirty Chocolate right now!

[10:39] DC, you a 10. We should tip you. (i.e. “Shawty Is A Ten” – Dreams)

Chet Porter // https://soundcloud.com/chetporter

[10:46] This intro is poppin off.

[10:49] Oh snap this is funktastic.

[10:57] I’m falling in love just listening to his mix. It’s sultriness covered in glitter.

[11:04] That drum line is insane!

[11:05] Oh my god there are birds chirping over “Stay The Night” – Zedd ft. Hayley Williams. This is genius.

[11:06] His first live set was on the hottest of fires.

Hunt for the Breeze  // https://soundcloud.com/huntforthe  b2b  Treehaus  //  https://soundcloud.com/treehausmusic

[11:14] HFTB is on fire. King of the industrial banger.

[11:21] Treehaus b2b HFTB is an underwater utopia.

[11:33] His drops are unlike anything else.

[11:39] This production is the ultimate trap-sterpiece.

[11:42] A remix of “Ignition (Remix)” – R. Kelly is absolutely out of this world. HFTB is the official mechanical trap king.

Update: Thank you HFTB

Brett Blackman // https://soundcloud.com/brettblackman

[11:54] Brett Blackman is wearing a pizza onesie, holding a cat, and dancing with a whale stuffed animal. 

[11:57] “Because I Got High” – Afroman followed by “High You Are” – What So Not lol

Update: Happy Birthday Moving Castle!

[12:01] “Wannabe” – Spice Girls followed by “Mr. Brightside” – The Killers. Can this mix get any more hype?

[12:08] I’m in love with this set (and the “Coco (gnash cover)” – O.T. Genasis)

[12:12] Turning up with “Miss You (Jai Wolf Remix)” – kitty.

[12:15] Closed out with “Reefer Party” – Wiz Khalifa and spent his entire set dancing in absolute perfection. For his first DJ set, he slayed. Bow down.

AOBeats // https://soundcloud.com/aokamura

[12:18] Hot dayum a Lil Kim remix! This mix is off the chain. 

Update: #MVNGCSTL420 is now trending on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.27.41 AM

[12:27] More Disclosure always. Thank you for another “White Noise” remix.

[12:33] AOB dropping the bass like it’s nobody’s business!

Manila Killa // https://soundcloud.com/manilakilla

[12:49] That Manila Killa tag is stupid good.

[12:55] A gorgeous flip of “Tennis Court (Flume Remix)” – Lorde into “No Scrub” – TLC into a Jai Wolf mashup. MK’s transitions have been on point.

[12:58] Dropping that fantastic “Pink Medicine” – Bearson remix

[1:04] MK killing this “Blue Jeans” – Lana del Rey remix and the dance moves.

[1:06] It’s about time we got a “Latch” – Disclosure ft. Sam Smith remix.

[1:07] Manila Killa, the OG of Twinkly Beats

[1:16] Tonight was great, then MK played some Blink-182 ftw.

[1:29] Throwbacks on throwbacks continuing with some Backstreet Boys

ROBOKID // https://soundcloud.com/r0b0kid

[1:32] Holy moly ROBO is on fire immediately with the *dopest* “Trap Queen” – Fetty Wap remix I’ve heard to date.

[1:36] The Kid’s “2 On” – Tinashe remix is too good.

[1:39] I’ve been waiting all night to hear “BBHMM” – Rihanna and this drum n bass rework is hot hot hot!

[1:42] Look at the flick of that wrist as ROBO spins fire on these tables (i.e. “Flicka DaT Wrist” – Chedda Da Connect ft. T-Wayne)

[1:47] This set is one huge banger. The eternal banger.

[1:59] This mix goes so hard for 2am and it’s sexcellent. Also RBK’s “Diamonds For Breakfast” – AOBeats & Jai Wolf & Manila Killa ft. Mark Johns remix is nuts.

Vices // https://soundcloud.com/vicesorlando

[2:18] Hot damn dropping this Jersey banger aka “ONLY (Vices Remix) – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

[2:22] This set is all rap and it’s all I wanted 6 hours into SPF420.

Update: Atlas Bound also just announced a Mark Johns collaboration out May 4th (in case you thought this night couldn’t get more amazing.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.21.10 AM


[2:30] Unreal vibes coming from Vices.

[2:36] Sounds like: Jersey club turning up so hard on a Monday.

Ba-kuura // https://soundcloud.com/bakuura

[2:51] Obsessed with the beat they’re dropping over “Talking Body” – Tove Lo.

[2:57] That pop is insanely gr9.

[3:15] “Diamonds For Breakfast” just dropped for again!

[3:30] Killing it on this housey “Thinking About You” – Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar remix.

CATT MOOP // https://soundcloud.com/cattmoop

[3:55] “I sampled my dog” – Catt Moop

[4:00] All this synth is off the hook.

TJANI // https://soundcloud.com/tjani

[4:22] Keeping it bouncy and light this early in the am.

[4:29] Deep house to die for.

[4:32] Premiered new Mark Johns X Tjani (!) and it’s 500 swoon-worthy

Mark Johns // https://soundcloud.com/itsmarkjohns

[5:01] Damn definitely popping some unreleased Oshi X Mark Johns.

[5:05] MJ’ vocals are str8 fire. Much en fuego.

[5:06] Oh hot damn MJ just remixed “All Day” – Kanye West and her vocals are hot 500.

[5:08] Absolutely slaying on her cover of “Rehab” – Amy Winehouse.

[5:09] Her vocals over “Cherry Funk” – Pomo ft. Kaytranada are luscious.

[5:13] MJ remixes ftw.

Dugong Jr // https://soundcloud.com/dugongjr

*Sleep happened sorry*

Shlohmo Sells Candles

Posted on March 9 2015 by Jordan Farley

L.A. producer Shlohmo is now selling prayer candles. They look like this:


He’s selling a limited 50 pieces for $20 each. But in better news, they come with a download code for “Beams”, a track off Shlohmo’s awaited Dark Red album.


You can catch him at U Hall on April 8th.


In the mean time, check out “Buried”.


Study Group

Posted on March 6 2015 by Chris Kennedy

What is Study Group? This mysterious name and logo has been popping up while I’ve been looking for music and music-related news, but I never knew what it was. I signed up for their mailing list so I could be in the know, however I still didn’t know. I was able to gather that it was headed up by NYC’s own Mark Martinez (aka Subset) and that’s about it.

Earlier this week they finally revealed themselves with the first release. It’s a compilation of forward-thinking bass music ranging from trap to booty-tech house. It’s mostly from artists that are still slightly under the radar but put on this release for good reason. Word has it that Study Group will also live up to its name by holding events that helps artists collaborate, elevate, and learn from each other.

I’m really excited for this vision to come to fruition, as Mark has quite a unique idea here. All of the songs on here are up for free download so grab ‘em all here. Make sure you support Study Group by following them on SoundCloud and Facebook and join the mailing list here.


Jamie Prado – Get Lost (Original Mix)

Posted on September 19 2014 by Caleb

Up and comer Jamie Prado has just released a free Ep for Perfect Driver records. Lead track “Get Lost” is a tight deep house heater with a huge bass line, mellow stabs and a light sax touch. This has one of those middle of summer rooftop party vibes to it along with a healthy serving of soul. Take a listen below and grab the whole EP for free: