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Stanton Warriors – The One (Christian Martin Remix)

Posted on July 29 2015 by Chris Kennedy

The Dirtybird OG Christian Martin is back with another remix, this time of the modern-day breaks crew Stanton Warriors. His take on “The One” is more of an ambient chill-out track in comparison to some of Christian’s hyphy sub-rattling songs. He takes the vocals and puts them to good use, giving it a soulful vibe. It also seems like Christian Martin was trying to produce a track that is similar to what he used to make years ago. This is probably attributed to the synths he used, which are the bouncy and glistening sounds that have a striking resemblance to what was used in his old remix of “Girl Thing“. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little while longer get your hands on this, but only until August 10th where you can get it on Central Station.

Specialivery – “ATON (Autoremix)”

Posted on July 28 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Swiss DJ/producer Specialivery’s recently uploaded Autoremix of his track ATON on Safer at Night is a trip to the gates of techno heaven and back. Although Specialivery (a.k.a. Swiss Armed Forces Militia Lieutenant Carlo Bernasconi) received classical training in a conservatory setting, he didn’t start producing until 2011. Spanning twelve minutes, the Autoremix of ATON uses automation, tuned percussion, and a driving bass line to captivate the listener’s attention. Listen to and download for free here:

Too Funk Tuesday #21

Posted on July 28 2015 by Shawn G

It’s mid-summer and Too Funk Tuesday is alive! Hopefully, all is right in your world and the funk is in full effect. This week’s collection is downright groovy and will make this work week a cinch. Enjoy!

Go Go Bizkitt! – Take It To The Floor

I’m starting this week with a BANG! Go Go is an OG of hard-hitting disco beats and this track is an absolute dancefloor breaker. With soul vocals filtered on a high energy bassline and warped synths, “Take it To The Floor” is a funky treat.


Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)

Montreal native Robotaki has been a major presence in the nudisco game for a minute and this remix of Tyler Touché is perfectly sensual when amplified on summer vibes. Super groovy, it just makes you want to jazz the night away with the person you love the most.


SG Lewis – No Less (Kartell Remix)

Slowing it down with this one, Kartell’s take on the already sexy “No Less” is a deep, spaced out beauty that is perfect for summer nights. Using characteristics of new age R&B combined with deep house patterns, this track touches a sweet spot that is sure to get you going.


jackLNDN - All I See

My man Jack is back with an original production which perfectly aligns with the pace of this week’s edition of Too Funk Tuesday. “All I See” is a soothing piano house track that flips through upbeat breakdowns and chillwave harmonies. Definitely a must-listen!


MIX OF THE WEEK: KLP – Journey to Splendour Mixtape

OMG SO FUNKY, SUPER, SWEET, SENSUAL, GROOVY…this one will sweep you away. Tracklist:

Disclosure – Holding On {Ft. Gregory Porter} (Gus Pirelli VIP)
Julio Bashmore – Holding On {Ft. Sam Dew}
Lincoln Jesser – In My Place (Set Mo remix)
Rudimental – Rumour Mill {Ft. Anne-Marie & Will Heard}
Gold Fields – Make Me Feel {Ft. KLP}
Junior Jack – E Samba (The Aston Shuffle remix)
IMIURU – The Grandma
Terace – Let Me Know (Mike Metro remix)
Enzo Siffredi – Sometimes
Treasure Fingers – Koolaid
Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – Love Is Free {Ft. Maluca}
Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Chedda Da Connect, “Flicka Da Wrist (Julius Jetson Dub)”

Posted on July 28 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.50.31 PM

It’s time for some truth: “Flicka Da Wrist” is an absurd song that makes very little sense. Chedda Da Connect’s ode to cooking crack or nice watches or whatever has had incredible staying power, so it was only a matter of time before Top 40 remixes started to roll out. Fortunately, for us, our buddy Julius Jetson heeded the call.

Jetson, who happens to be a part of our pals, the Nü Androids collective, decided to forgo the typical remix route on a track like this deciding to minimize the vocals in favor of an escalating odyssey through the indie dance stratosphere hitting note after beautiful note along the way. The fact that he’s chosen to make this a dub remix also speaks volumes about his motivation as a producer i.e. choosing to build a journey versus simply slapping a 4/4 kick and snare on a hip-hop track and calling it a remix. And, in that way, it harkens back to the good ol’ days of disco dub cuts: manipulating a soundscape in a manner that’s more adventurous and freewheeling than what we normally hear on the radio while maintaing an energy that works on the dancefloor. In particular, the synth patterns glide like a cruise missile as the bass strikes and stabs with gentle precision (an energy which is sorely lacking in Chedda Da Connect’s original).

Jetson’s remix isn’t about flicking any wrists. Unless, of course, it involves flailing and the echoes of “YAAAAS” in the dancehall.

Listen to Julius Jetson’s remix below.

Bag Fries, “ETB & WPB”

Posted on July 28 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.06.24 AM

Reaching for the bottom of the bag often leads to the most pleasant of surprises. With this mentality in mind, D.C. mainstays Baronhawk and Arm In Arm, aka Bil Todd, are taking the scraps to make some of our favorite tunes fresh again as Bag Fries: a side-project based around the concept of taking raw acapellas and familiar loops and retooling them. And the best part? Each release will have two options to choose from with the common denominator being whichever sample the two tastemakers choose to flip.

The first Bag Fries release, a duo of edits cryptically titled “ETB & WPB,” takes Amy Winehouse’s acapella of “You Know I’m No Good” and transfers it into tech house territory not unlike recent slammers by Hot Since 82 or Doorly. The “AnA Version,” Todd’s edit, is a deep, cycling trip that saunters and skips through your sonic headspace as it uses Winehouse’s chopped vocals to produce an otherworldly sound made for setting the tone in the club during early evening sets. Baronhawk’s version, on the other hand, begins with a tribal kick/snare combo paired with a panned, echoing cut of Winehouse’s croon decidedly making his the darker, more intense cut of the two. Together, the first Bag Fries release is a balanced, palatable tech house release that digs deep and isn’t afraid to get dirty which has us excited to see where this side project is going to go in the months ahead.

You can stream the first Bag Fries release below and subscribe for future releases here.