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Boys Noize & Tiga, “808 Iraq”

Posted on July 1 2015 by Joel
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In celebration of Boys Noize Records‘ tenth year releasing heaters to the masses, the German based DJ/producer and label honcho, Boys Noize – also known by his human alias Alexander Ridha – has just released a nine track compilation called Strictly Raw Vol. 1.  The album has several collaborations of note including tracks with Johnny Sack, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Pilo, and Atom TM.  One of the highlights, however, is easily the pitch bending bass and cowbell heavy, techno funk mix collab with Tiga called “808 Iraq.” You can stream it below and pick up the compilation via digital retailers.

Jackson Ryland – Time Alone

Posted on July 1 2015 by Chris Kennedy

The DC local Jackson Ryland has been dropping quite a few tracks on an array of record labels over the past year. On that list he’s got Italy’s Dabit, UK’s Sccucci Manucci, and DC’s own Silence In Metropolis, just to name a few.  This time, however, Jackson put out an unaffiliated track that you get to listen to the entirety of.

“Time Alone” is a deep one, and I mean that figuratively, but also literally. This sub rattling track boasts a super low kick and a sub bass line that mesh really well together. With hi-hats and claps that seem to have been through filters and flangers and some atmospheric sounds thrown in, this track has a deep and ethereal sort of sound. Check it out and peep the rest of his SoundCloud while you’re at it!

Tiga vs. Boys Noize – 100

Posted on July 1 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
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Metaphorically speaking, surf’s up for the Montreal-based artist, Tiga: still riding the wave of success he caught from his tracks “Bugatti” and “Let’s Go Dancing,” he shows no sign of slowing down with “100,” his new collaboration with German DJ/producer Boys Noize. The Turbo Recordings release consists of two versions of the “100″ track (an original and a dub mix) alongside a track titled “Jam#1.” Similar to Tiga’s track, “Bugatti,” a vocal sample in “100″ lists luxury items (cars, shoes, my wheels, my rings, my Moogs, gold chain says ‘Romeo,’ etc.). Are Tiga and Boys Noize using “100″ to point out how Western society’s focus on material goods is shallow? We’ll leave that for the listener to decide. What we do know is that this collaboration will be played extensively at clubs and rooftops the world over this summer.

Listen to the “100″ release below and be sure to check out Tiga when he plays in D.C. at Flash at the end of July.

Too Funk Tuesday #18

Posted on June 30 2015 by Shawn G

YOOO party people, sorry for the two-week hibernation! However enough with the excuses, I’m back with a bunch of jamz that are meant to take you through the rest of this short week. Enjoy!

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Keljet Edit)

Keljet is reaching untouchable Nu Disco heights, especially at this point in the game. This track is one of the best bootlegs/edits I’ve heard to an already awesome pop song from The Weeknd — listen to the original if you haven’t already…


Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank — Shades of Grey

Much credit goes to Mr. Heldens, who is quickly becoming one of the best producers in the entire House/Dance genre. His witty assembly of groovy vocals and tunes on top of hardcore, dancefloor-breaking basslines has made him a prototype of success. “Shades of Grey” is an amalgamation of all that’s stated before and is an example of what I mean.


ON AN ON — It’s Not Over (The Twelves Remix)

An absolute, funk-filled monster of a remix that brings a highly sensual, groovy feel. The soft vocals is perfectly meshed on to romantic, Daft Punk-esque synth chords and just-deep enough bass. Must listen if you’re a fan of Indie Dance or French House.


Kaytranada — Girl

Man, how to even describe this track? It’s simply good music. Hip hop BPM with soul vocals on a chill wave vibe — it just sounds SO good to the ears.


MIX OF THE WEEK: Cherokee’s Cherotape III for Luxuriant Magazine

Funk. Funk. Funnnnnnnnnk. Cherokee knows what Too Funk Tuesday is all about.


Nicolas Jaar, “Pomegranates”

Posted on June 30 2015 by Jason Otwell

A few days ago, the world was greeted by a free download of Nicolas Jaar’s latest album: a project described as an alternative soundtrack to the 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates. This soundtrack has long been known, but its free release was a fantastic surprise. As a whole, Pomegranates can scarcely be called danceable, but is not without rhythm. Its beautifully structured soundscapes are disarming and exceedingly complex. The album opens with “Garden of Eden,” a hauntingly industrial track that rides closer to orchestral music than a dance hall hit and “Beasts of this Earth” stands out amongst the rest as one of the heavier tracks on the album. Building from vague static into a pounding rhythm, “Beasts” evolves into an eerie pulse which has become a signature in Jaar’s work. This, in addition to many of the scattered vocals throughout, oftentimes in other languages, add to a familiar sound that makes this album distinctively his for those familiar with his work.

Find a free download of Nicolas Jaar’s “Pomegranates” here and stream the album below.