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Janelle Monae – What Is Love (Worthy Remix)

Posted on October 1 2014 by Caleb

Dirtybird member and DC expatriate, Worthy, just dropped a really nice treat for us in the form of a free DL of his remix of Janell Monae’s “What Is Love.” True to form, Worhty makes the song all about the bass, bouncing Monae’s charismatic vocals over a hybrid 808 beast of a low end and a jackin house beat. It’s one of those tracks that just seems impossibly good. Listen below and grab the DL while it’s available:

Ludacris – Stand Up (LeMarquis Remix)

Posted on October 1 2014 by Shawn G

HEY DJs, add one track to your playlist — no matter the venue. This track is SO DOPE. A deep, dance version of a early 2000s hip hop classic, this song just goes too hard. It’s got super sexual synths all over it to match the lyrics in almost unnatural ways. Disco Thrill signee, LeMarquis is on to something with this and I can’t wait to hear more. Enough for me, listen to the song:

Water Face – Gotta Get Close

Posted on October 1 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.19.47 PM

Coming from the enigmatic Water Face is the fabulous “Gotta Get Close”: a track that rests on its laurels as a swinging throwback to the days of Gary Low and Chic. Bursting right out of the gate, the track begins with a fade into a peppy bassline followed by an unstoppable 4/4 beat and guitar licks so light it would make Nile Rodgers pick up a guitar. Combine all of these elements with an ambience that screams out “put me on a 7″ single now,” and you have one of those precious jewels that will force the Twitter generation to whip out the Shazam app on their iPhone (only to scream in futility when the app pulls up no matches because, let’s face it, this track is way off the grid).

But that’s not to say that this song never will be on the grid; after all, this is a celebration of a classic kind of sound that never gets old and, if Water Face continues to produce such quality pieces as this, they’re gonna be on the radar sooner rather than later.

Stream “Gotta Get Close” below and visit Water Face’s SoundCloud for a free download.

Grizfolk — Hymnals (RAC Mix)

Posted on October 1 2014 by Shawn G

It’s just a matter of time before RAC breaks through, and I’m excited for the public to understand the magic this guy brings to production. After hearing his original indie dance tracks to seeing him live and now his new pop undertakings, he’s truly shown his diverse and genre-building ability. This upbeat take on Grizfolk is an example of how imaginative his sound really is and his talent for making anything dance gold. “Hymnals” is a laid-back uplifting track that is given an extra bounce by RAC and really pushes the envelope when it comes to indie house.

Golf Clap – Show You

Posted on October 1 2014 by Caleb

Detroit house heros, Golf Clap, are gearing up for the second release on their label Country Club Disco. “Show You” is an addicting deep house groove, built around R&B vocals and a punchy organ bass. The track is a great cross between an easy laid back atmosphere and a house stomper, and it comes as one of the duo’s strongest yet. It also comes packaged with an impressive remix package from the likes of Andres, MRJ, and Danny J Lewis. Take a listen below:

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