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IN THE MIX: Chris Burns, “Perry Place Studio Mix”

Posted on September 4 2015 by Zach
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Chris Burns is one of Washington, D.C.’s bright spots in the underground dance community. Having been a presence in the scene since the early 2000′s, Burns has established a relationship with partygoers which has been driven by experimental detours, deep cuts, and a focus on enriching the community. He’s worked with D.C. labels like Future Times and Silence in Metropolis, he’s been an avid supporter of Deep Sugar and Paradox in Baltimore, and he’s constantly on the move – digging for sounds and feels which are rich, fresh, and vibrant.

In his latest mix, compiled for the D.C. collective Extended Family founded by Zem Su Yung, Burns ventures into time-travel lifting tracks and soundscapes from dance music’s roots. Going from spaced out oddities to Italo disco to synth driven shifts that feel like a summery night on the freeway in an ’86 Porsche, he manages to stretch his mix into a diverse foray of ideas and daydreams that are wholly pleasant, satisfying, and distinctly unique for both casual listeners and die-hard crate diggers.

You can listen to Chris Burns’ mix below which is currently available as a free download.

Eyes Everywhere & Wood Holly – Snow Birds

Posted on September 4 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Some of the best bass house producers in the biz right now recently got together to make a bomb of a track. Eyes Everywhere and Wood Holly are no strangers to Main Course and have both had successful releases with them before, so it’s not surprising that “Snow Birds” found a home there. If you don’t already know, Main Course is amazing and pretty much a DJ’s (and any music lover’s) best friend due to their absurd amount of free downloads. The only catch with this sub thumper is that it’s only free for a week, and since I’m a little late posting this that means you only have a few days left. Let’s get it!

The Blinkhorn Batch #2

Posted on September 3 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
The Blinkhorn Batch

The Blinkhorn Batch is a deliberate and meticulous selection of new dark, deep, and occasionally sinister sounds followed by a classic production of the same style. This ongoing series of posts is curated by Blisspop author Patrick Blinkhorn. 

Starting off the second installment of The Blinkhorn Batch is the new Yotto release on Anjunadeep. “Wondering Feat. CAPS” starts off simply, gradually adding captivating percussion until the vocals come in with the bass. By the time the horn synth comes in, Yotto has the listener’s undivided attention. What a beautiful track.

Next up we have a snippet of Maceo Plex’s forthcoming release on Kompakt. With its driving bass line and haunting vocal samples, “Mirror Me (Dark Dub)” will inspire the the devil within the most innocent cherubs.

San Francisco based artist Clint Stewart has more darkness in store for us from his Shelter EP on Second State Audio. Here are two stellar tracks off the EP:

Moscow based duo Gorje Hewek & Izhevski came out with a superb release on Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay’s label/community, All Day I Dream. “Zakkat” takes the listener away, meandering through a sonic soundscape.

Boulder, Colorado based artist Mark Banzhoff recently uploaded another well designed / composed track, “Hematoma.” Keep an eye out for more music from Mark.

Melissa Nikita + VTONE finish the new music section of this post strong with their earth shaking track, “Inizio.” While this Nervous release has all the ingredients of peak hour warehouse techno track, the piano centered breakdown makes “Inizio” stand out.

And without further adieu, the classic this week is Gui Boratto’s remix of Massive Attack’s song, “Paradise Circus.” This remix falls under a certain category for me. The category: “I can pinpoint  the first time I heard this track.” There are only a handful of tracks in this category for me. The first time I heard this track, I was walking back from work – I was crossing P Street where it intersects with Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. In order for a track to fall into the “I can pinpoint  the first time I heard this track” category, it must have attributes that will stick with me for years, decades … a lifetime. The track structure, electric guitar and bass, and the elements Gui Boratto used from the Massive Attack song make this track very special to me. I hope now that I have shared this track on Blisspop, you will classify this track into your “I can pinpoint  the first time I heard this track” category.



Prince Club, “Off Alone”

Posted on September 3 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 3.09.20 PM

Montreal’s Prince Club have been doing big things since the last time we covered them. With releases on Nurvous, Ultra, Love & Other, and Toolroom, the young tastemakers have been honing their craft to find a calling card which is deep, low, and mesmerizing.

Their newest offering, “Off Alone,” which is out on September 11 on Love & Other, is a chiller of a track littered with catchy vocal samples and a brooding, fathomless groove that creeps into your bones and joints like auditory arthritis. Similar to contemporaries like Dusky and  Joris Voorn, Prince Club found a rhythm which makes good use of low end, emotive bass that speaks to your instinct to move and to free your body from the invisible shackles that bind you as it slips into your headspace. This is a closed eyes, hands in the air, hazy, sweaty, underground opus punctuated by grand piano, crisp percussion, and an air of mystery that will swallow your heart until you are a victim to its malevolent embrace.

Listen to “Off Alone” by Prince Club below and be ready to sacrifice your soul to the vibes.

50 Cent, “Candy Shop (Julius Jetson Remix)”

Posted on September 1 2015 by Zach

Once again showing signs of maturity is D.C.’s Julius Jetson: a young DJ/producer with a keen sense of what bangs, what heats, and what jacks. While each release under his belt has demonstrated the makings of a promising career in the underground, his most recent remix – a stampeding, jacking house edit of 50 Cent’s hit “Candy Shop” – is the final nail in the coffin. Julius Jetson is here to stay and he’s gonna slap some serious G-house steeze into your life.

Anchored by fervent use of winding crescendos and thick bass, Jetson’s signature, malevolent tone drips like napalm over Curtis Jackson’s sleazy vocals which percolate with more flavor than a French press. The percussiveness of the track gives an earthy undercurrent that instinctually pushes you to jack your body; it resonates deep and dwells like a pit within a Georgia peach. And similar to tracks like Watermät’s “Bullit” or the more recent “Bang That” by Disclosure, it’s not asking for anything artificial. It’s a build that drops and delivers a sweet release. This was made for peak hour performance and it owns it.

Listen to Julius Jetson’s remix of “Candy Shop” and pick it up while it’s a free download.