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Snakehips x Tory Lanez – Dímelo

Posted on February 27 2015 by Jordan Farley

Same swag, different day, or at least that’s how I feel about UK duo Snakehips. They just teamed up with Toronto rapper Tory Lanez as part of Yours Truly’s Songs From Scratch series. The series is brilliant in itself, bringing artists together to construct a song from start to finish and documenting the entire process. The session allows fans to get a play-by-play of the artists’ songwriting process. Maybe it’s just a case of me geeking too hard but hearing an artist’s approach to their own song is so much cooler than any string of words I could come up with.

“Dímelo” has Snakehips’ signature funky smoothness to it. Just listen to that violin sample. Tory floats his confident words like liquid over the undeniably catchy beat. Tory is just suave His lyricism on this track is what really elevates it. Dímelo may be slang for hello, but it’s intended as a feel good song about reaching success, noting the benefits that come with it, like pretty baes and stacks of cheddar. He’s not trying to inflate his ego; his approach is a small, gentle pat on the back.

It’s funny in a way because this track showcases the lighter side of Tory’s typical dark r&b while it reflects Snakehips’ hearty hip-hop side, almost as the collaboration brought out the best secret weapon in each.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Wings (Löwenherz Edit)”

Posted on February 27 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.00.55 AM

Löwenherz has been a name to keep track of ever since dropping the Nelson Mandela opus “We Love You” last year with frequent collaborator, Freed. The German producer’s organic, theatrical style is a feel that connects with heartstrings on and off the dancefloor giving him an edge that ranks him amongst artists such as Eric Prydz, Sam Feldt, and Lane 8.

His latest effort, a sweet, soulful, string-laden edit of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ track “Wings” off 2012′s The Heist, is a remix that builds off the idea of catharsis and religious experiences shared by those who dance into the early hours of the morning. And for those needing a better excuse to crowd the dancefloor, they can look forward to a hard-hitting, resounding bassline as back up for the colossal piano and lush array of orchestral accompaniment. So as the sun rises and the dawn of a new day approaches, hopefully there will be a moment where the DJ knowingly looks out to the crowd as a children’s choir sings about exultation leading to a glorious wash in the basin we lovingly call “house music.” And this song will be the soundtrack at that very moment.

Reboot – “The Frenchie Thing”

Posted on February 26 2015 by Philco

German producer Reboot, AKA Frank Heinrich, is typically known to carry a darker, minimal techno feel in his production. However, his latest creation “The Frenchie Thing” – the title track on his upcoming three piece EP – steps out of the dungeon and takes on a much warmer approach.

The track is made up of glimmering percussion, a balmy rolling bass line, and a light, but soulful piano chord sequence. With its up-beat tempo, undoubtedly tropical vibe, slow build, and an all around happy mood, nostalgia of the summer dance season immediately creeps in when it hits your ears. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the track make a heavy influence on dance floors around the globe as warmer temperatures come knocking.

Heinrich seems to have stepped out of his comfort zone on this track, and one could argue he nailed it, judging by the fact House juggernaut Defected Records signed the EP. Look out for the release March 2nd, where “The Frenchie Thing” is subsequently joined by tracks “Hooks N Breaky” and “Lubricalifornia.”


Purity Ring – bodyache

Posted on February 26 2015 by Jordan Farley

Purity Ring dropped a new song called “bodyache” off their upcoming, severely anticipated album Another Eternity, out March 3rd (thank you finally!). I don’t think I need to tell you it’s magical.

Her voice is just stellar. The chorus is phenomenal. It’s so twinkly bus also bassy and nobody can pull that off the way Purity Ring does. I love that they created their own conjuncted term “bodyache” to convey that exact raw emotion. This song is devastatingly beautiful, much like most of the duo’s work.

But what is this music video? I have no idea but it is completely, utterly mesmerizing and I have no idea why. It’s weird af, for sure. This gold creature is stunning and simultaneously creepy and strangely emotionless, much unlike the song. Megan James sings with such power and conviction, which is why the creature is a bit displacing.

Regardless, song is cool, jury’s still out about the video.

But whatever. In the time it took me to write this, you can now just stream the whole album. I think this the first time I’ve ever seen anyone release a new song and then release the album stream within minutes of each other, never mind releasing the song on YouTube. Who uses YouTube anymore? Purity Ring makes up their own rules.

Kaya – Untitled

Posted on February 26 2015 by Jordan Farley

A good song is a good song but a good song produced by a refined, meticulous producer is just infinitely better.

blank body aka Bine created the perfect backing to let singer-songwriter Kaya’s blissful lyrics float at the front.

Kaya’s mystical, dreamy vocals lays perfectly over blank body’s gorgeous composition of echoing piano notes and legato snaps. She has the same sultriness as Lana Del Rey but is beautifully sleepy and lustrous.

Kaya will soon be putting out an EP but until then, just listen to “Untitled” and the rest of her equally dreamy, floating on a cloud-like tracks on soundcloud (“High Wire” is highly recommended).