Your average DJ mix is not typically only 7 minutes and 4 seconds long, but then again, EASYFUN (PC Music) is not your average DJ/producer. EASY THIS EASY THAT is his second mix for PC Music, and this one clocks in at an entire three seconds shorter than his last. Luckily, EASYFUN, real name Finn Keane, included that little tidbit as the only information accompanying the release on SoundCloud.  

The latest single from Jawwbone, “The Dreams (Single Mix),” was recently released on Martyr//Muse Records. The beauty of listening to this chillout piece is that it affords me a few peaceful moments to open my mind and wander to another realm that’s distant, yet familiar, like déjà vu. The Wisconsin-based producer, Jamie Christopher Kerwin, effectively uses samples from double tracked guitars, field recordings, analog synths, and bass guitar in a

The date is February 25, 2016. The members of Autograf are playing U Street Music Hall. At the moment, they’re test driving their live setup. Autograf had utilized marimba in the past, something I’ve mockingly called “mallethaüs,” but this is their first real turn into adding a variety of live elements to their show. For the crowd of twenty-somethings in attendance, this is a strange notion. Most of the people

New Single from Bete Noire
Uh oh. Did the funkiest dudes in the District just drop another one on us? Blisspop is proud to share with you an exclusive look at the latest mix from DC-based duo Bête Noire. An uplifting, french touch to a classic pop track from JT featuring Jay-Z, their mix of “Suit & Tie” is unparalleled in its ability to get your shoulders shaking and feet pumping — whether at work or

For better or worse, synthwave music catapulted into the pop culture limelight in 2016 thanks to the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. It’s safe to assert that artists such as Com Truise, Anoraak, and others are established staples in the electronic music scene that are crossing the threshold into massively popular electronic music. In light of this phenomenon, my guilty pleasure is listening to a newcomer on the synthwave scene known as Mono