Nothing amps my week more than to premiere THE WARHORSE’s glorious redux of the 2011 The Weeknd’s hit, “High for This.” For this Los Angeles based synthwave/electroclash band, it is nothing short of courageous to successfully make a banger rendition of one of the top pop songs of this decade. Their rendition sounds completely fresh and different from the original: wrangling in their influences of 80s party pop, thrashy garage

Follow Your Stupid Heart Album Art
Blocktreat’s single, “Follow Your Stupid Heart,” is an experimental piece by Vancouver producer/artist Brandon Hoffman. One can anticipate layers of looped vocals, field recordings, and bluegrass music pulsing to a syncopated beat. The music video, directed by Sam Tudor, imparts a sense of wanderlust and daydreaming. The escaped fantasies depicted in the music video are triggered by unconventional syncopation. “Follow Your Stupid Heart” is from the recently released album, Exciting Adventures

Metropole des anges
Transport yourself to another world by listening to the premiere of Metropole Des Anges Pt. 1 by EH46, a musical group based in Southern California. Founded in 2009 by J. Schweitzer, their drone-based compositions use a variety of electric and acoustic instruments to explore the effects of melodic and harmonic structures on human emotional perception. Although there is a constant cycle of droning tones in this piece, it shifts between dissonance

Leonce has been having a pretty good year. Since signing to Kingdom’s ultra-cool Fade to Mind label, the young producer has enjoyed a string of successes including an electrifying mix for Thump with the inimitable Helix, a feature mix and interview with Truants, and a new club night, Morph, getting started in Atlanta and LA featuring some of the coolest names in forward-thinking dance music – LSDXOXO, Nguzunguzu, Rizzla, Manara,

Club Cheval at U Street Music Hall 7/27
Learn more about Club Cheval before their show tonight at U Street Music Hall. RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets. Take-no-prisoners party starters of the highest order, Paris-based Club Cheval is a collective/supergroup comprised of four producers already established in their own right: Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba and Panteros666. Originally surfacing via releases on Top Billin’ and Bromance Records, the ubiquitous Frenchmen effortlessly fuse R&B, house, and Underground Resistance-style electronics to create their trademark