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IN THE MIX: PHILCO & DJ Meegs, “Meegsco 001″

Posted on February 2 2016 by Chris Kennedy
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Hometown house heroes DJ Meegs and Philco have teamed up to bring us a monthly mix series aptly named “Meegsco”. This is the first one of hopefully many to come and it goes deep. They start it out with an anthem from Carl Craig and keep the tribal vibe going with the following track, “Ixchel” by Doza. The rest of the mix is filled with top quality tracks from names such as Pezzner, Dan Beaumont, and plenty more. Needless to say, all of these were strung together seamlessly, providing you with a nice one-hour journey through the world of underground house and techno.

IN THE MIX: “Philco Mix For One Love Massive”

Posted on December 30 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Philco is no stranger to house music. With his new mix for One Love Massive, Philco demonstrates his vast knowledge of the genre. The mix starts off with an original Philco production that samples a YouTube video about the Classical Greek Philosopher, Plato. From there, Philco moves into tech house territory. While some believe that the tech house sound is limited, Philco proves the contrary: tech house is a diverse subgenre. Over the course of the mix, Philco traverses a wide selection of tech house. From tracks with a cosmic aesthetic to productions with tribal roots, Philco covers a lot ground. At the mix’s conclusion, the listener will find an ethereal Philco-produced outro. Philco, you have done house music justice. Listen to the mix here:


Posted on November 23 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

DC based DJ Lisa Frank (a.k.a. Morgan Tepper) is at again with another spectacular mix. Since we did a Spotlight feature on her in April, Morgan was able to go to the iconic Berlin club, Berghain. Morgan had this to say about Berghain:

“It changed the way I viewed techno, and dance music culture as a whole. It helped me gain a deeper love and understanding for something I already felt so passionately about.”

The sounds Morgan heard at Berghain were the inspiration for the “DC HOUSE GROOVES MEET THE LOCALS #21″ mix. The mix gives the listener an aural journey they will not forget, building energy as many good mixes do. DJ Lisa Frank guides the listener through the netherworld of techno effortlessly, imparting her knowledge of the music to them. Solid through the finish line, “DC HOUSE GROOVES MEET THE LOCALS #21″ will not disappoint. Listen here:

The Blinkhorn Batch #4

Posted on October 22 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
The Blinkhorn Batch

The Blinkhorn Batch is a deliberate and meticulous selection of new dark, deep, and occasionally sinister sounds followed by a classic production of the same style. This ongoing series of posts is curated by Blisspop author Patrick Blinkhorn. 

After a brief hiatus, I present the next installment of The Blinkhorn Batch. It’s been a little more than a month since The Blinkhorn #3, so as you can imagine, I have a bunch of great new jams for you. Grab your favorite pair of headphones or speakers and settle in for this musical journey.

I’m going to start off a little differently – I normally write about dark/sinister techno and deep house, but I’m starting this post off with an indie dance slow burner – this one was simply too good to leave out. Last month, Leipzig based artist, Luvless, put out “Castles In The Sky” on Razor-N-Tape. Luvless sampled a classic, “Just The Two Of Us:”

No, no – not that version. While Will Smith’s “Just The Two Of Us” from his 1997 album Big Willie Style is a classic in its own right, Luvless got the sample from somewhere else:

NO! Luvless didn’t sample the Dr. Evil and Mini-Me “Just The Two Of Us” duet from the 1999 movie, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. I’ll stop playin’ now. He sampled the original “Just The Two Of Us,” which was recorded by Grover Washington, Jr. and Bill Withers in 1980. Listen to this smooth jazz gem here:

And listen to what Luvless did with it here:

Veering back to my usual techno and deep house, I’m going to point your attention to German DJ/Producer duo, Pan-Pot. I wrote about their The Other One EP back in July. Pan-Pot recently released a brilliant and eclectic selection of tracks in The Other LP. My top picks off of the LP (besides “808 Nirvana” and “Pina,” which I already wrote about) are “Optimistic Grey,” “Sleepless Feat. L.O.U,” “Riot,” “Broken Engine,” and “Twelve.”  Listen to The Other LP here:

Milan based artists Hunter/Game put out “Adaptation” on Kompakt Extra’s SPEICHER 87 release. This track is a percussive powerhouse:

Suara is probably my favorite label this year because they put out compilations such as Kitties On Trance. If you enjoy “deep, vigorous, acid, dark, fun, [and] mellow” house and techno, this is for you. Every track on this compilation is gold. Listen:

I’ll lighten the mood for a second with this next one. Desert Hearts artists Mikey Lion and Bengal teamed up for a bouncy, tech house jam titled “Like That:”

Spanish duo Animal Picnic recently released an ethereal techno EP on Steyoyoke. Once again, all four tracks on Sinopsia are fantastic, but my two favorites are “Kraftika (Original Mix)” and “Ethorica (Original Mix).” Listen to the EP in its entirety:

Henry Saiz, another Spaniard, is known for the magic that comes out of his studio. And his remix of Groove Armada’s “Call Me” is no different – it’s guaranteed to cast a spell on you. The remix is forthcoming on Moda Black. Listen to it here:

On October 16, Argentine producer Shall Ocin released this techno heater on Hotflush. The track features a particularly dark vibe that is set by a trumpet-sounding synth:

Spanish artist Dennis Cruz put out some house fire with “Guetto (Original Mix).” He makes good use of samples and demonstrates his mastery in bass line creation in this track. “Guetto (Original Mix)” will be released on October 26:

Another Spain based duo, BLOND:ISH, uploaded the second track off of their forthcoming album, Welcome to the Present. The track, titled “Jupiter & Jaguar,” gets weird with some chanting samples, but that’s just how we like it here at Blisspop. Listen:

We’re closing in on the finish line – I promise.

I’ve written up every recent Tale Of Us release for one reason: their unique productions reign over all new music currently on my radar. The duo is not afraid to experiment, and no matter what they do, their music hits the spot every time. Listen to their upcoming release on R & S Records, “Silent Space:”

Oona Dahl has become a key name in the deep house/techno community. Whether its Lee Burridge singing her praises or one of her mixes or productions popping up in your social media, she’s everywhere. The Hallucienda / All Day I Dream affiliated and Berlin based artist is making all of these waves in the dance music community primarily because her talent lives up to the hype that artists such as Lee Burridge have surrounded her with. But don’t take my word for it – listen to her Burning Man 2015 Robot Heart set and hear for yourself why everyone’s talking about her:

And that concludes this week’s new music section of The Blinkhorn Batch. I normally end with a classic, but I’m going to change things up this week. Instead of looking to the past for new music, let’s look to the future.

Tale of Us has done a decent job of keeping their unreleased remix of Jamie xx’s “Gosh” under wraps – I haven’t seen them mention it on social media, they haven’t put it up on their Soundcloud, etc. Perhaps they know that they are sitting on what might be their best production yet and they are trying to build more hype around it as they play it out at select shows. Whatever their reason is for keeping it on the down low, several people ripped it from sets Tale of Us played the remix in and posted the rip to Soundcloud. Listen to this forthcoming fire from Tale of Us:

[Seeing that this is an unreleased remix, this Soundcloud track may be taken down. If that happens, search for "Jamie xx – Gosh (Tale of Us Remix)" on Soundcloud to find another recording.]








IN THE MIX: Chris Burns, “Perry Place Studio Mix”

Posted on September 4 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.27.36 PM

Chris Burns is one of Washington, D.C.’s bright spots in the underground dance community. Having been a presence in the scene since the early 2000′s, Burns has established a relationship with partygoers which has been driven by experimental detours, deep cuts, and a focus on enriching the community. He’s worked with D.C. labels like Future Times and Silence in Metropolis, he’s been an avid supporter of Deep Sugar and Paradox in Baltimore, and he’s constantly on the move – digging for sounds and feels which are rich, fresh, and vibrant.

In his latest mix, compiled for the D.C. collective Extended Family founded by Zem Su Yung, Burns ventures into time-travel lifting tracks and soundscapes from dance music’s roots. Going from spaced out oddities to Italo disco to synth driven shifts that feel like a summery night on the freeway in an ’86 Porsche, he manages to stretch his mix into a diverse foray of ideas and daydreams that are wholly pleasant, satisfying, and distinctly unique for both casual listeners and die-hard crate diggers.

You can listen to Chris Burns’ mix below which is currently available as a free download.