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TICKET GIVEAWAY: Smallpools at 9:30 Club on 10/18

Posted on October 16 2015 by Zach

Some sunny California vibes are on the horizon in D.C. as L.A.’s indie-pop outfit Smallpools is coming to town delivering infectious pop to the masses. Their blissfully positive, upbeat jams have been remixed and flipped by the likes of Manila Killa, Monsieur Adi, and Captain Cuts, but many will come to find that their alt-rock meets bubbly indie dance aesthetic will make the hairs on their arms stand straight up. And Hell – they’ll probably start grooving like baby Groot at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Blisspop team wants to get you in to see this show which is guaranteed to rock your face with a grin you can’t shake. Wanna know how to score tickets? It’s really simple:

  1. Like the official Blisspop page on Facebook.
  2. Shoot us a tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #Smallpools930 and tell us what makes Smallpools so cool. Is it their hair? Their style? Do they know how to make the perfect bacon cheese tots?
  3. We’re gonna pick a winner tomorrow night and will contact them by 8 PM.

We wish you all the best of luck and we hope to see you there dancing insanely.

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Neon Indian at 9:30 Club on 10/13/15

Posted on October 9 2015 by Zach

Alan Palomo’s passion project, Neon Indian, has been a remarkable product of genius since its debut in 2009 successfully putting forth a sensational blend of pop, psychedelia, and electronica that feels both timely and timeless. Currently on tour promoting his latest album, a collection of dance-by-way-of-hipsterdom tracks called Vega Int’l. Night School, Neon Indian is set to make a stop in our nation’s capital at the 9:30 Club where he’s prepared to share his newest psychotropic dance visions with us. And guess what? We want you to be there with us!

We are giving away 2 tickets to see Neon Indian’s show next week at the 9:30 Club. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Give the Blisspop Facebook page a ‘LIKE.’
  2. Send a tweet to @Blisspop with a caption for the photo of Neon Indian below.
  3. We will contact the winner on the evening of October 12 (10/12/15). 

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Franz Ferdinand & Sparks at The Lincoln Theatre, 10/5

Posted on October 1 2015 by Blisspop

The sweet smell of an excellent show that you got into because of an excellent hook-up. And guess what: Blisspop is the ultimate hook-up. How would you like to check out the dance rock-alternative sounds of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks on October 5 at the Lincoln Theatre? “Take Me Out”? Is that what we hear? Alright, then. Let’s do this thing.

We are giving away two tickets to see Franz Ferdinand and Sparks for their upcoming show in D.C. and you could be the lucky guy or gal! It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Like our page on ‘Facebook’ and give us a follow on ‘Twitter.’
  2. Shoot us an e-mail at BLISSPOP@GMAIL.COM with the subject header ‘FFSLincoln.’ In the e-mail, tell us what you think the members of Franz Ferdinand do in their time off. Are they crime fighters? Basket weavers? Members of the U.N.? WE WANNA KNOW YOUR THEORIES!
  3. Last but not least, be on your toes: we will be selecting the winner tomorrow night, Fri. October 2, at 7 PM.

Best of luck. Have a picture of a kitten inside a sock.

TICKET GIVEAWAY | Viceroy at 9:30 Club on 9/18/15

Posted on September 14 2015 by Zach

Tropical house royalty is coming to town this weekend. Viceroy, one of the Kings of Summer Feels, is getting ready to beat up the 9:30 Club on Friday like a blender beats up pineapple smoothies. And guess what? We want you to be there.

We’re giving away a Viceroy Weekend Package featuring 2 tickets to the show on Friday, where the San Francisco native will be joined with Rainer & Grimm and Mr. Bonkerz, as well as some band merch so you can be all swaggered out while you celebrate the final days of summer. This is what you can do to score all this dope dopeness:

  1. Follow Blisspop on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  2. Submit an e-mail to us at BLISSPOP@GMAIL.COM with the subject header “Viceroy Tix.” In the e-mail, give us a caption for the following photo:
  3. Our favorite caption will be deemed the winner. Contest ends Thursday night (9/17) at 8:00 PM EST. We will contact the winner on Friday morning!

Good luck and be sure to check out Viceroy’s latest out now on Dim Mak Records!

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Trillectro 2015 at Merriweather Post Pavilion 7.29.15

Posted on August 21 2015 by Zach
Trillectro 2015 IG

A couple days ago, we covered the 5 tracks we expect to hear at Trillectro this year. Well – we have some big news for you. If you want to see a stacked line-up of artists ranging from Chance the Rapper and Masego to RL Grime and Cashmere Cat, but you wanna do it on the cheap, we’ve come to the rescue. We’re giving you the opportunity to score two General Admission tickets to one of the biggest dance parties in the DMV this summer.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Follow Blisspop and Trillectro on Twitter.
  2. Send an e-mail to blisspop@gmail.com with the header “Trillectro 2015.” In this e-mail, include a caption for the photo of Chance the Rapper we’ve provided below. The deadline is Friday, August 28 at noon EST. That’s a week from today, biddies!
  3. Be at the edge of your seat: we’ll contact the lucky winner on Friday, August 28.


Godspeed, children. We wish you the best of luck. And we expect to see you at Merriweather Post Pavilion on August 29!