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13 Free Downloads of the Week: 001

Posted on March 2 2015 by Jordan Farley

Every week we highlight the best free songs of the week. Here are this week’s 13 songs in no particular order.dotw1



1. Travi$ Scott ft. Young Thug – “Skyfall (RL Grime & Salva Remix)

Obviously any time RL Grime and Salva get together it’s going to be great. Their take on Travi$ Scott’s track is catchy and climactic, with major bass drops. It’s a completely different take on Scott’s original.


2. Kitty – “Miss You (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jai Wolf‘s remixes always do a fantastic job highlighting the vocals and he’s a master of showcasing one-liners. His future bass remix incorporates vibrant synth and colorful beats


3. Snakehips x Tory Lanez – “Dímelo”

As part of adidas and Yours Truly’s “Songs From Scratch” series, UK producer duo Snakehips and Toronto based rapper Tory Lanez came together to create this melodic hip-hop track. Snakehips combines their smooth funky style with Tory Lanez’s elaborate vocal structure over this beautiful violin sample.


4. Drake ft. Travi$ Scott – “Company (Sángo Remix)”

Sango‘s heavy future bass remix of Drake was one of few songs the Michigan based producer released this week. The remix, released only as a dropbox link tweeted out by Sángo himself, adds so much depth to the track.


5. XYLØ – “America”

XYLØ‘s blissed out dark wave single is just breathtaking. Their moody pop track teeters somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Broods with an explosion of synth magic.


6. Vance Joy – “Riptide (Kasbo Remix)”

Kasbo takes this track and just flips it on it’s head. This downtempo remix leaves no traces of the original ukulele beat and instead filled with dynamic, energetic synth.


7. Jai Paul – “BTSTU (Kource Remix)”

Kource gives Jai Paul’s slow and alluring “BTSTU” an uptempo twist. It’s echoey and very modern, following the latest future bass trend. This remix is equally intriguing as the beautifully produced original.


8. Justin Bieber – “All That Matters (LUCA LUSH Remix)

LUCA LUSH has been cranking out remixes. For this Bieber remix, he combines future garage with deep piano hits, creating a very whimsical remix that sounds like two distinguishable but cohesive songs. It’s so good you actually forget it’s a Justin Bieber mix.


9. Jhene Aiko – “Vapors (Madbliss Rework)”

Madbliss really lets Jhene Aiko’s float on top of the bright rhythm. He left vocals alone because they’re already flawless, and simply manipulated the surrounding sound, to accentuate rather than mask that beauty.


10. Tiara Thomas – “How It Is (XXYYXX Remix)”

XXYYXX touched it so obviously it’s going to be good. His clean r&b remix of Tiara Thomas’s acoustic track is sexy and not too over the top, truly highlighting the intricacies of Thomas’s vocals.


11. Cashmere Cat - “Mirror Marru (Kitsune Remix)”

The mysterious producer Kitsune take’s Cashy’s “Mirror Marru” and tweaks it just enough to add some sparkle and dazzle to places you didn’t even know needed it.


12. George Maple – “Talk Talk (Tails x Ta-ku Flip)

Of all the “Talk Talk” remixes, Tails’ flip of Ta-ku’s remix is probably the most variant from the original. There’s a lovely light beat over the deep bass and it’s just a good listen.


13. MAR CO – “Bridges”

Boston future pop duo MAR CO released their first single, sweet, twinkly dreampop with echoed vocals. The lyrics are catchy and soothing, while the synth is just mystical and draws you into a utopian euphoria.

Eyes Everywhere – No Wifey

Posted on February 28 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Main Course released another track this week via their “SNACKS” series, which consists of quality free tracks. This one comes from Buffalo duo Eyes Everywhere, who have been dropping quite a few songs lately on Anabatic and Perfect Driver . Much like their recent bootleg of Blaqstarr, “No Wifey” is a spin of a Baltimore club track, except this time they keep it housey. There are some big bass hits at the drop that also coincide with a four-to-the-floor beat and some spacey high-pitched synths that bring it all together.  This is one of their best tracks yet and it’s free for one month only, so grab it now!

Snakehips x Tory Lanez – Dímelo

Posted on February 27 2015 by Jordan Farley

Same swag, different day, or at least that’s how I feel about UK duo Snakehips. They just teamed up with Toronto rapper Tory Lanez as part of Yours Truly’s Songs From Scratch series. The series is brilliant in itself, bringing artists together to construct a song from start to finish and documenting the entire process. The session allows fans to get a play-by-play of the artists’ songwriting process. Maybe it’s just a case of me geeking too hard but hearing an artist’s approach to their own song is so much cooler than any string of words I could come up with.

“Dímelo” has Snakehips’ signature funky smoothness to it. Just listen to that violin sample. Tory floats his confident words like liquid over the undeniably catchy beat. Tory is just suave. His lyricism on this track is what really elevates it. Dímelo may be slang for hello, but it’s intended as a feel good song about reaching success, noting the benefits that come with it, like pretty baes and stacks of cheddar. He’s not trying to inflate his ego; his approach is a small, gentle pat on the back.

It’s funny in a way because this track showcases the lighter side of Tory’s typical dark r&b while it reflects Snakehips’ hearty hip-hop side, almost as the collaboration brought out the best secret weapon in each.


Artist of the Week: 001 Sángo

Posted on February 25 2015 by Jordan Farley

I always commend artists who are consistently are producing tracks, releasing their own remixes or collaborating with other artists and ultimately sharing new music. Sángo, a hip-hop and soul beatsmaster, is known for his Drake, Aaliyah, and Kaytranada remixes but has also collaborated with artists SPZRKT and WALDO and produced track for artists like Tinashe’s debut album. It goes without saying that Sángo never stops.  Sángo takes rap and fuses his mellow-funk style, creating beautifully intricate beats.

Sángo is just cooler than cool. He’s part of the AGO music collective and has friends like Kaytranada and the rest of Soulection (i.e. Ta-Ku, Mr. Carmack, Sam Gellaitry). He built an environment that’s so creative and innovative and chill that it’d instantly put you in a musically induced coma.

As part of Relentless Records’ release of Joey Bada$$’s single “Teach Me ft. Kiesza”, Sángo put his own twist on Joey’s lyrical and rhythmic genius, slowing down the track and it’s flawless.

And because one remix isn’t enough, Sángo also tweeted, yes TWEETED, out a link to dropbox with a free download of his “Company ft. Travi$ Scott” remix. With Drake’s latest mixtape just dropping, it’s no surprise Sángo wanted to give it his golden touch.

Hopefully all this new music is a sign of an upcoming, patiently waited for followup to his 2013 debut album North. He leaked back in September that his new album will be titled In The Comfort Of and I expect it will be as beautifully smooth and meticulously constructed as his recent remixes.

And who is the mysterious Amom Abdallah? The unknown producer magically dropped out of the sky last night and landed four brilliantly produced cleverly titled tracks on soundcloud. Amom Abdallah has no digital footprint, besides his soundcloud, which is incredible in itself.

Right now many speculate Amom is a Sángo alias (and by that I mean I’m crossing my fingers hoping it’s true!). It wouldn’t be hard to believe considering Sango was the first to endorse the newcomer’s music.  Like I said, fingers crossed.

Drake – Preach (Lean Quatifah Flip)

Posted on February 25 2015 by Lotanna Obodozie
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.42.53 AM

All anyone seems to be talking about these days is the new Drake album/mixtape/release — myself included. It’s been out for almost two weeks, and this is one of the first remixes I’ve heard of any of the tracks. Proper Vibes’ Lean Quatifah dropped this subtle, yet bass-heavy flip of Drake’s “Preach” and his take on the track is great. It starts off simply enough — with a more understated opening than the original, sounding almost like you’re underwater. Then the bass kicks in. I’m a sucker for any song that’s big on the bass, and this track is no exception. It’s heavy, and carries the song the rest of the way through, guided by the bouncy beat and pitched vocals. I’d recommend listening to this through headphones on blast for the optimal experience.