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Jackson Ryland and Rhythm Operator “Primal Mind” EP

Posted on May 12 2015 by Philco
Jackson EP

A staple in the District’s House culture, Jackson Ryland is further cementing his place the DC Underground scene with the release of his upcoming EP “Primal Mind” – a collaboration between himself and Rhythm Operator. Coming out on the DC-based label “Silence in Metropolis,” the EP’s title gives no secret to what its content embodies: elements of traditional Chicago House and Detroit Techno with Jackson’s unique spin intertwined. Title tracks “Prime” and “Ignite Your Mind” make up the A-side, while a punchy Rhythm Operator remix of the former and Jackson’s thumping edit, aptly labeled a “Tuff Mix,” of the latter make up the B-side. Certainly a refreshing release for the no frills, get on the floor and dance House heads out there.

Definitely check out the EP on its May 18 release and be on the lookout for Jackson in the future. The Blisspop crew anticipates big things from him going forward. Have a listen to the EP preview below.

Outkast – Roses (PLS&TY Remix)

Posted on May 6 2015 by Jordan Farley

This remix is out of this w o r l d. PLS&TY takes future bass to the extreme. This track has everything: grungy synth, killer percussion, a bright melody over an already undeniably great song. He accents André 3000 and Big Boi’s lyrics with dancey future bass and fills this throwback with the most stellar vibes. His Outcast remix is a follow up to his equally as brilliant Nelly Furtado and Baby Bash remixes and shows just what classic, but elevated taste the young 19 year-old has developed.

Bruno Furlan – Moogye

Posted on May 6 2015 by Chris Kennedy

I first discovered Bruno Furlan through his release, “Blow Minutes”, on the Dirtybird 10 compilation. The Brazilian producer has a taste for creating tech house that is a bit out there, and he didn’t disappoint with “Moogye”. He incorporated some bongos to give it a sort of tribal vibe at times, followed by a high pitched falling synth that helps bring the weirdness of the track to light. This track just dropped on Maze Records the other day so head over to Beatport and pick it up!

Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t That Peculiar (Beshken Remix)”

Posted on May 4 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.49.01 PM

Beshken doesn’t mess around. Positivity flows through his incomparable soundscapes like water comes out of a tap and while many of his indie/future bass peers strike a common path, the Santa Monica based producer goes out of his way to venture into the woods without a map. This mentality strikes a chord as each remix and original he’s released to date has had a magnetic quality based on the element of surprise; a trait often seen from his choices to suddenly drop into detours that sample from an eclectic array of sub genres.

His newest remix, a hang-gliding, carefree take on Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar,” is a triumph that punctures and blips as much as the floating synths raise the track much like yeast rises in freshly baked bread. The remix is soft and pillowy allowing listeners to allow themselves to feel warm and cozy as the ambient pads envelop the interstitial space between dreams and reality. It’s as chill as summer vibes go, perfecting the fine balance between indie electronica and fratboy house, and it pairs well with a mojito. Surprising, lusty, and spirited, Beshken’s version of “Ain’t That Peculiar” goes above and beyond straight for the clouds.

You can stream the track below and visit Beshken’s SoundCloud page for a free download.

Klokk – The Dome

Posted on April 28 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Wooo Perfect Driver is back with another freebie! This one comes from a producer out of Budapest named Klokk. This is his first release on the label, hopefully with more to come. Klokk seems to specialize in tech house with a funky vibe, and “The Dome” fits that description. The track journeys into some weird techno-ish territory in a couple parts, but it adds a bit of that European flavor to the song. Best of all this track is free, just click the “Like to Download” button on the SoundCloud link!