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Friend Within – The Holiday

Posted on October 22 2014 by Caleb

Friend Within throws us a curve ball with his latest track, blending his signature bass heavy house sound with a strong 90s house vibe. The piano top line and r&b vocals give it an incredibly upbeat feel that combine with his low end heroics to make a surprisingly well balanced and incredibly fun house track. Take a listen below and keep an eye out soon for the release on Friend Within’s label, He Loves You.


Posted on October 21 2014 by Caleb
Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.07.06 PM

I’ve had this track on repeat straight for the last several hours. Nu disco savant on the rise, Colour Vision, just released his rework of Ten Walls’s epic “Walking With Elephants,” and it’s essentially everything I wish the original was and more. He keeps the central hook of the track, layering it with the perfect amount of tropical flair and steel drums. The energy gets bumped t0o, making it nearly irresistible to groove to. You can take a listen below and grab the free DL over at Colourvision’s Facebook:


Posted on October 17 2014 by Caleb

We’re starting a new installment called the “Blisscap.” While we wish we had time to cover all the amazing music that comes out each week, we aren’t always able, so this post is meant to give you all the tracks that we’re loving but didn’t have time to put into words. Remixes, originals, mixes, etc. it’s all the quality music that the Blisspop fam is jamming behind the scenes. Happy listening!

Pleasure Curses – Burn (M.O.T.M. Remix)

Posted on October 16 2014 by Caleb

DC heavyweight’s, Mysteries of The Mind, have teamed up with up and coming synth wavers, Pleasure Curses, for a slow burning remix of the latter’s latest single. “Burn” is a dreamy mix of late night vibes and skittering percussion with a deep groove that keeps it going. The duo of Chris Burns and Gavin Holland never fails to disappoint. Take a listen below and grab the single on iTunes now:

Outputmessage – Goldilocks Zone (DJ Lisa Frank’s Pulsar Remix)

Posted on October 15 2014 by Caleb

Long time Blisspop favorite (and this month’s guest), DJ Lisa Frank makes her production debut with a rework of Outputmessage’s “Goldilocks Zone.” She puts a completely new twist on the original, working it into a dark, techy landscape with throbbing lows and clattering percussion. It’s hypnotic and spacey, sounding like a black hole pulling you in. Listen below and grab the exclusive over at Bandcamp:

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