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Blisspop Mix Series #12: DJ Lisa Frank

Posted on October 24 2014 by Caleb
Morgan at SGS

There are very few DJs that we have more love and respect for than DC’s DJ Lisa Frank. She’s quickly become one of the hottest names in the scene with her penchant for seamless blends of deep house and techno, she heads one of the most innovative and fun parties DC’s seen in awhile with ROAM, and she’s recently stepped in to the production game, blowing us out of the water with only one track. Frank is this month’s guest at BLISS, manning the decks alongside Blisspop’s Will Eastman, and she was nice enough to drop the next installment of the Blisspop Mix Series as a teaser. Check the mix out below and make sure to catch her at Bliss this Saturday!!

Sam Gellaitry – Waiting So Long

Posted on October 23 2014 by zacheser

When you go crate digging, sometimes you come upon a strange record you’ve never seen or heard before, but after you play it for the first time, you know you’ve come across a well kept secret. Such is the case with the track “Waiting So Long” by Scotland’s Sam Gellaitry.

Sporting a very minimalist production that ranks with producers like Kaytranada and Sweater Beats, “Waiting So Long” is a refreshing edit balanced by hip-hop production and attention paid to stirring, evocative details that pronounce a deep love for both the lounge and DIY coffee house music scenes. The synths here stab with a lightness normally reserved for melodic piano and the beats – which hit with surgical precision – are velvety and almost cascade over the ambient strings and bassline like a waterfall.

You can listen to “Waiting So Long” after the jump and be sure to hit up Sam Gellaitry’s SoundCloud for a download of the track.

BANKS – Beggin For Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)

Posted on October 23 2014 by zacheser
Beggin For Thread Cover Art

One of the biggest breakthroughs this year was BANKS, a Los Angeles singer/songwriter who has built a foundation on electronic infused R&B. So of course it makes sense that two other acts on the rise, Gryffin and Hotel Garuda, would collaborate on the stellar track “Beggin For Thread.”

Their collaboration on this track makes for an interesting fusion of each of their respective strengths: it retains the 90s dance essence that Hotel Garuda delivers so well while capitalizing on Gryffin’s nudisco sensibilities which, when combined, creates an incredibly focused thumper of a track to delicious effect. And with the addition of BANKS’ already sensational, the production here is exquisite and wonderfully complements each other in the most harmonic ways possible.

Check out the remix after the jump and get it while it’s still a free download.

Quell – The Middle Class EP

Posted on October 23 2014 by Caleb

Let’s Play House have started a new label called Room Service, and the debut EP comes courtesy of recent favorite Quell. The Middle Class is a four track ep of no bs deep house perfect for late night raves and basement parties anywhere. “La Sapeur” is a hypnotic groove anchored by revolving synth rises and ticking hi hats. “M.O.G.A.N.I.Z.” has a classic house feel, barely teasing the vocal sample enough to work you into a frenzy. “Spinning The Wheels” chills things slightly for a bouncy set opener, and “Machete” closes the record on a high with a high energy house burner. Listen below and keep an eye out for Quell in the coming months:

Friend Within – The Holiday

Posted on October 22 2014 by Caleb

Friend Within throws us a curve ball with his latest track, blending his signature bass heavy house sound with a strong 90s house vibe. The piano top line and r&b vocals give it an incredibly upbeat feel that combine with his low end heroics to make a surprisingly well balanced and incredibly fun house track. Take a listen below and keep an eye out soon for the release on Friend Within’s label, He Loves You.

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