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Jamie Prado – Songs to Dream In EP

Posted on January 26 2015 by zacheser
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Jamie Prado‘s talent is something to behold. Having only been on the scene for a short while, Prado leaves an indelible mark through his pop-infused, lounge ready brand of house music. This is made even clearer in his newest EP, ‘Songs to Dream In,’ which came out today via indie label Vibewithit.

Featuring 5 all-star tracks including Hold You, which we wrote about in October, the EP brilliantly breathes life into a jam-packed indie dance and house marketplace. Following the opening track is Don’t Wanna Wait, an old school, groovy, funky organ ridden number with a bassline that bops like a kid without Adderall. The next song, the deeper Work It Out, is a flashy, 90′s house-inspired piece that is smooth, suave, and ready for the “skinny tie/club” types. After Work It Out is the track which inspired the title of the EP. Prado’s A Song to Dream In is without a doubt the lightest track in this release showcasing a flirty conga groove combined with arpeggiated synth lines that scream Ibiza beach party. The finale, Extrasoular, is reminiscent of some of the lesser known tracks on Disclosure’s debut ‘Settle’: piano stabs matched with tight, percussive kicks and hi-hats on a consistent level that is on trend and exhilarating.

On the whole, Jamie Prado’s steady stream of persistently high quality content has been a blessing and his latest EP is no exception. Balanced, fun, and concise, ‘Songs to Dream In’ is admirably entertaining and further proof that post-EDM house is vibrant and stronger than ever.

Visit Vibewithit for the free download of this EP and stream it in full after the jump.

Basement Jaxx – Unicorn (Man & Woman Remix)

Posted on January 26 2015 by zacheser
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By now, the D.C. music scene knows that the nudisco duo Man & Woman are a force to be reckoned with. Comprised of DJ Provoke and Eau Claire, Man & Woman has played alongside Chris Malinchak, Tensnake, and Duke Dumont in addition to carving a niche for themselves through their bright, elevated sound that’s synonymous with catharsis.

Their first track of 2015 is a remix of Basement Jaxx’s juggernaut, Unicorn, off his 2014 release ‘Junto.’ This edit is a far step away from the original which was more in the style of a 90′s throwback, but that’s not to say this take Unicorn isn’t a bonafide treat. Made up of layered pads and bells, the soundscape provided by Man & Woman is mellow, inviting, and soothes the same way a mug of hot chocolate does after a day out in the snow. Built from the idea of ebb and flow, the remix practically floats and entrances as the transient melodies are set to seduce us into shuffled feet (and maybe the hope of locking eyes with a mysterious, attractive stranger).

Poet John Keats once said, “Beauty is truth.” So if this is an indication of what we can expect from Man & Woman in 2015, this is the unabashed truth: they’re going to be a duo to keep tabs on because this edit is beautiful as hell.

Stream Man & Woman’s remix of Unicorn after the jump and visit their Facebook page for a free download.

Ozker – Skeletons Mix #1

Posted on January 23 2015 by Blisspop

Blisspop resident Ozker is starting up a new mix series, and there’s plenty of reason to be excited for it. Hands down one of the best and most enjoyable DJs in the district, Ozker’s work is always a treat to experience. This most recent series, is aimed to be a little darker, harder, and to have more attitude than his previous mixes. The result is an hour’s worth of deep grooves ranging from heady and hypnotic to gritty and jackin.

It also serves as the perfect primer to tonight’s party featuring Ozker, Will Eastman, Baronhawk and Caleb L’Etoile. If you’re in DC tonight, head to Velvet Lounge for Blisspop’s Together!

1. Daniel Avery – All I Need (Original Mix)
2. Amirali – Just An Illusion (Appleblim’s Black Mirrorball Mix)
Crosstown Rebels
3. Aiby & The Noise – Keep Your Head Acid
Justified Cause Recorthings
4. Alci – Rope A Dope (Original Mix)
Robsoul Recordings
5. Bashtone – Flirt Orange (Yaaman Remix)
Kiez Beats
6. Manu P – Radames (Original Mix)
Finish Team Records
7. Yeray Herrera – Dance To Death (Original Mix)
Select Case
8. NiCe7 – Bassline Soldiers
Noir Music
9. Kreature, Sizeup – She Freaks (Original Mix)
Kumasi Music
10. German Brigante – Right Now
11. Andrew C. – Dream (The Wize Guys Remix)
Happy Day Records

Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)

Posted on January 21 2015 by Caleb

We definitely weren’t expecting this one. To celebrate their one year anniversary, Hotel Garuda have teamed up with Prince Fox for a cover of one of the most iconic songs of the last 10 years. Featuring Prince Fox’s vocals, the track bounds between smart melodic breaks and new school deep house drops. The result is huge and the perfect pep for the week. Listen here:

FKA twigs – Two Weeks (Playmode Edit)

Posted on January 14 2015 by zacheser

English singer/songwriter Tahliah Barnett, better known by her stage name FKA twigs, had a standout year in 2014 as she established herself as one of the hottest artists on the Billboard Chart, appearances in Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, and sold out shows worldwide. But with her cross-genre appeal as an alt-R&B and electronica artist, it was only a matter of time before the remixes started to pour in.

The newest remix to surface, however, may just be the critical FKA twigs remix for every house DJ’s repertoire. Tackling Two Weeks, which is arguably the biggest track on her debut album, ‘LP1,’ Sydney Producer/DJ duo Playmode has stripped away the transient, witchy nature of the original and fashioned the track into a heavy, synth-layered pressure cooker of a remix that produces a juicy, flavorful listening experience. Featuring tier upon tier of uplifting percussion samples that allow Barnett’s vocals to float weightlessly and a soundscape that envelops you like crêpe envelops its filling, Playmode’s managed to reel in the deep house aesthetic that grows increasingly popular each day without churning out something run-of-the-mill or safe. This remix is haunting, elegant, and a proper showcase for FKA twigs’ tour de force abilities as an artist.

Hear the Playmode remix of FKA twigs’ Two Weeks after the jump and visit Playmode’s SoundCloud for a free download of the track.