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Julius Jetson & P.Keys, “Richard”

Posted on November 25 2015 by Zach
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G-house is a crowded market littered with blasé future house remixes marketed towards blasé top 40 dance parties. But there are a few in the game who aim to be better than that nonsense. Julius Jetson is one of those people. Julius Jetson’s G-house antics are on point.

His newest dancefloor heater, a collaboration with P.Keys titled “Richard,” is a bizarrely delectable tech house groove that dabbles in eccentricity much like the recent releases on Redlight’s Lobster Boy label or Tiga’s “Bugatti.” With a vocal hook that will have ravers shouting in unison with the edit’s four-on-the-floor rhythm, “Richard” is a bass heavy, fun, insane detour into Jetson and P.Keys’ twisted little playground of synths and booty pops.

You can stream “Richard” below and pick it up for free on SoundCloud.


Posted on November 23 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

DC based DJ Lisa Frank (a.k.a. Morgan Tepper) is at again with another spectacular mix. Since we did a Spotlight feature on her in April, Morgan was able to go to the iconic Berlin club, Berghain. Morgan had this to say about Berghain:

“It changed the way I viewed techno, and dance music culture as a whole. It helped me gain a deeper love and understanding for something I already felt so passionately about.”

The sounds Morgan heard at Berghain were the inspiration for the “DC HOUSE GROOVES MEET THE LOCALS #21″ mix. The mix gives the listener an aural journey they will not forget, building energy as many good mixes do. DJ Lisa Frank guides the listener through the netherworld of techno effortlessly, imparting her knowledge of the music to them. Solid through the finish line, “DC HOUSE GROOVES MEET THE LOCALS #21″ will not disappoint. Listen here:

KMLN – “Walam”

Posted on October 30 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
KMLN – Alhambra

The DJ/Producer duo KMLN is releasing their first EP with Sol Selectas. The EP, titled Alhambra, is KMLN’s reflection on their “mutual love for culture, real musicianship, syncopated beats, organic instruments, and modern electronic richness. The music paints a picture of their love for travel and the excitement of physically diving into a different country’s culture.” Alhambra features two KMLN original tracks and two remixes of the title track by Nico Stojan, but I’m going to highlight “Walam.” The combination of percussion, exotic instrumentation, and beautiful samples of a man speaking in Arabic make “Walam” unique and intriguing. “Walam” was inspired by what the duo experienced on a trip to Bali, Indonesia. Listen to a preview of “Walam” here:

Justin Timberlake, “My Love (Cerulean City)”

Posted on October 29 2015 by Zach
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Bisbeaux and Wave Age, who together form the DJ duo known as Cerulean City, had a massive debut earlier this year after releasing their remixes of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” and Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction.” Following the tried and true model of flipping Top 40 darlings into dance-heavy bangers, Cerulean City’s most recent edit, an indie dance/nudisco treatment of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love,” shows that not only do these boys have a soft spot for straightforward pop, but also a penchant for remodeling it.

With a heavy kick, interstellar synths, and a hidden arpeggio that drives deeper than a drill looking for oil, Cerulean City’s take on Timberlake’s classic reaches for the stars with moments of inspired indie dance lunacy and respectful treatment of the sentiment attached to such a recognizable track.  It’s as if Wave Age and Bisbeaux not only understand that people will have an attachment to the original, but they took it into consideration as they crafted each bar of their remix; the soundscape is a pillow that comforts and adds warmth to Timberlake’s vocals providing an updated feel which doesn’t feel out of touch.

Check out Cerulean City’s remix below and be sure to see them when they make their live debut on Saturday night at The Black Cat as part of Blisspop’s SLICE event alongside other local talents like Nick Garcia, Julius Jetson, and Yomimbi.

Kiiara, “Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)”

Posted on October 27 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.43.45 AM

Hotel Garuda, a DJ act whose upbeat remixes have garnered them support by acts like EDX, Sam Feldt, Thomas Jack, and Felix Cartal, is young and hungry. Comprised of Moving Castle royalty Manila Killa and Candle Weather, Hotel Garuda has been burning up the college EDM scene with left-field drops, sugary sweet melodies, and their energetic presence behind the decks.

Their most recent remix, a luscious, ethereal, hands in the air take on Kiiara’s “Feels,” elicits the kind of butterflies in your stomach that are reminiscent of falling in love. It’s a somersaulting, nimble work of art layered with vocal harmonies that float, arpeggios that bubble, and a use of headspace that boosts the track’s omniscience without sacrificing its electric intimacy. Hotel Garuda literally wants you to sway and swoon and feel feelings. And after witnessing this track’s debut back in August during their most recent stop in D.C., I can honestly say they’ve succeeded in spades.

Thank goodness this is now available to the people.