Fight Club vs. Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot and Fight Club: semi-spoiler alert. People lose their minds. It happens every day. But when TV or movie characters go off the deep end, Hollywood often embellishes this common occurrence of life. Hollywood enhances mental illness by curating a soundtrack that represents instability. One song that has appeared multiple times on these “insanity soundtracks” is “Where is My Mind” by the band Pixies. After the unnamed protagonist of

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“Can’t Do Without You” is a slow burner of a track that mounts into a euphoric exploration of emotion, youth, and beauty. It’s a palatial soundscape which folds and flows endlessly to the very nerve endings in our toes, fingertips, and the hairs on the nape of our necks. Caribou, upon its release, redefined his career as an IDM staple with the track becoming one of the dark horses of

You may have seen our post about MONAKR last week. Well, I’m sorry, but I have to bring this stellar Chicago-based collaboration to your attention once more. You see, they were whetting our palate with their previous releases – today MONAKR uploaded a spectacular rendition of Massive Attack’s classic “Teardrop.” So sit back, relax, but brace yourself – MONAKR’s gonna rock you to wonderland! Listen to and download for free

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Brooklyn duo Brasstracks has been s l a y i n g, creating their own genre of extravagant future brass. Their live action horns and percussion are out of this world. They’ve worked with everyone from Moving Castle to Film Noir to every other über cool producer and collective taking over Soundcloud. i.e. They dropped this phenomenal trapsterpiece with KRNE and Alexander

Being a longtime Nirvana fan, I have a hard time listening to covers of their songs. Like many Beatles fans, I believe you should leave perfection be. Pigeons and Planes had other plans. In celebrating Kurt Cobain’s birthday (February 20), Pigeons and Planes will be releasing a free covers compilation titled Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well. The first of many covers was released last week but the entire album