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Track Selector: Urulu

Posted on June 18 2014 by Caleb

Urulu’s been one of our favorite producers for awhile. The Amadeus label head and Let’s Play House playmate has been churning out some of our favorite house music of the last year, as well as some of our most played tracks around the city. His Moon Unit EP dropped yesterday on Let’s Play House and we can’t be more serious when we say get it now as we’ve been having a steady love affair with the record for the last few weeks.

Urulu was nice enough to sit down and choose 10 of his favorite tracks of the moment. Take a look below and don’t miss out on the Moon Unit EP.

1. Martyn – Two Leads And A Computer

Might be my pick of the litter from Marytns latest LP, The Air Between Words. Can’t get over that little toy machine snare.

2. Alicia Myers – I Want to Thank You (Earl Jeffers Edit)

Earl Jeffers re chuck of an Alicia Myers classic.

3. Youandewan – FM Jam

Always been a massive fan of this guy and his productions. His latest on AUS definitely doesn’t disappoint either. Andres mix on the flip is ace too.

4. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham – Road To Calabar (Beats Mix)

Old Ferrer and Sydenham tune I generally just forgot about and re-found it in Mosca’s Rinse mix a month or so ago. Have been banging this one around quite a bit lately. Big room pads wrapped around chugging hi hats and demented synth blips.

5. Loric – Under Sharer

Now this is a weird one I love to play out…. Pulsating percussion accompanied by a funk sample buried deep underneath the chaos of sequences. yup.

6. Cromie – Flan

Homie the Cromie on a new tip for the New York-based Peach label. Don’t underestimate this dude, this EP is pure four to the flour sauciness. So much respect for the dude, making Los Angeles proud.

7. Pablo – Roxy

The first release from this Berlin-based label, LACK, that’s really doing it for me at the moment. 606 hats and a sample and you’ve got me hooked, that easy. This one works nicely at an open-air, with a mojito in hand.

8. Oli Furness – Take Monday Off

Doof doof music to the max. Oli Furness done made a club banger your mother could dance to. Lad points to you sir.

9. Max Graef – Running (feat. Wayne Snow)

Easily my favorite track off Graef’s debut album, Rivers Of The Red Planet. This syrup-y two stepper puts your subconscious at rest, all while accompanied by vocals from the exquisite Wayne Snow.

10. Art Crimes – Release

Can’t go wrong with big piano house stabs and distorted percussion. This tune is euphoria wrapped in bacon.

Lost & Sound Charts

Posted on April 12 2012 by Blisspop
L&S Chart

With Blisspop’s Lost & Sound coming up this Saturday at Backbar, residents Chris Nitti and Lxsx Frxnk have put together a pair of charts to showcase some of the music they’ve been digging lately, including new material from Guy Gerber, Louie Fresco, Kate Simko and more.

Lxsx Frxnk’s Lost & Sound Chart

Chris Nitti’s Lost & Sound Chart

Don’t miss Blisspop’s Lost & Sound this Saturday (April 14) at 9:30 Club’s Backbar with special guests Gingy & Bordello of Turbo Records. More details here. Come get weird with us.

Alvin Risk: Hit Parade

Posted on July 27 2010 by Stephen

Painted Face – Undreamt (mp3)
One of my sisters debut tracks. The start of something great.

Zombies For Money – Sacanagem (mp3)
Gotta just pick one song at random cause I like all the stuff the
Zombies from portugal have been doing. Cannot loose.

Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien (mp3)
Hopefully this track inspires someone to create a video game based on
how good it is.

Uzi Octapus – Shantyman (mp3)
Cutting edge, fresh, musical AND street. Genius.

Four Four- The Eff We Do (mp3)
Why i LOVE soundcloud. Listen to this crazy shit!

The Radio Dept.  - Never Follow Suit (mp3)
Their latest album ‘Clinging to a Scheme’ is excellent from beginning
to end. Not one bad note.

Niki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett – Massive Attack (mp3)
Motion sick. So much swing it makes some people feel queazy. When the
bridge kicks in i do the rocky pose.

Computer Magic – Running (mp3)
The subtle sounds of a robot and her computer. Awesome.

I Crave Paris – Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities (mp3)
One day… i hope to be as cool as listening to this song makes me feel.

Polkadots 2010 – Oliver Twitz Remix (mp3)
Im putting this track in because it’s responsible for the whole top
row of keys on my laptop no longer working. Never play this late at
night in a dark crowded room full of people.


Posted on April 1 2010 by Stephen

Penguin Prison – Something I’m Not (mp3)

Dude’s got the voice of Justin Timberlake but the production chops of the DFA crew, absolutely the best thing to come out of NYC in a longgg minute. We just released this track last week and his full length is shaping up to be the best thing you’ve ever heard, definitely someone to keep a serious eye on this year.

Gypsy & The Cat – Jona Vark (mp3)

Australians seem to do breezy synth pop better than anyone else, and Gypsy & The Cat aren’t about to buck the trend. Summer never sounded so good.

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix ft. Theophilus London) (mp3)

Three of our favorite new talents in music, all together on the same track. It’s basically the Holy Trinity of AWESOME.

Mr Little Jeans – Angel (mp3)

Forget the fact that Mr. Little Jeans is actually a Ms, she’s one of the best new artists we’ve heard in 2010 and we fully expect “Angel” to be a bona fide underground hit by the end of the year.

Yeasayer – O.N.E (mp3)

We’re not sure when Yeasayer became the best pop band in the world, but somewhere between “Ambling Alp” and “ONE” it definitely happened.

Rihanna – Rude Boy (mp3)

Don’t know if this has been officially released as a single in the US yet, but it’s tearing up the UK and for damn good reason. Biggest radio pop jam of 2010 by FAR.

Mille – Crysteena (mp3)

I mean seriously, have you heard the synth riff in this song? It’s the stuff legends are made of.

Alphabeat – Hole In My Heart (The Sound Of Arrows Remix) (mp3)

We were barely even casual fans of Alphabeat when we saw them at SXSW but they absolutely blew every other band we’ve seen this year out of the water with their live show, and then did it again last week in NYC. Here our dudes in the Sound of Arrows take their best track and make it even better on our favorite remix of the year so far.

Marina And The Diamonds – Oh No! (mp3)

Homegirl’s album was already our favorite of the last few years when she turned it in to Atlantic last fall, then she went out to LA and recorded this smash with Greg Kurstin late last year. So good Atlantic went and repressed the album with “Oh No” included, and now it’s set to be one of the biggest UK radio hits of the year. Someone said it sounds like Ke$ha with a conscience and a brain, and we’re pretty down with that.

Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA (Yes Giantess Remix) (mp3)

Giantess went and took the most important song of our time and made it even more amazing, and we’ve been movin’ our hips like yeahhhh ever since.

All Things Go: Hit Parade Part 1 & 2

Posted on March 25 2010 by Stephen

Part 1

Cults – “Go Outside”

These guys are just starting to get some blog lovin’, and after listening to “Go Outside” it’s pretty clear the attention is deserved. Haunting, effortless, yet catchy, in the vein of Arcade Fire.

Two Door Cinema Club – “What You Know”

This song makes me do that goofy-white-guy-playing-drums-on-his-thighs-or-belly move, but I do so unashamedly.

Tanlines – “Real Life”

A grandiose cacophony of layered instrumentals. Yeah, I used a thesaurus.

Coeur De Pirate – “Printemps”

I love this short and sweet ballad despite not understanding a word of what she’s saying. In fact, I loved it enough that I put it on the latest edition of our Valentine’s Day Mixtape.

The Temper Trap – “Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)”

I heard this dropped in multiple clubs in Acapulco last week on my Spring Break, and it absolutely SLAYED the crowd. Rightfully so.

Part 2

Fang Island – “Daisy”

Apparently Fang Island was quite the buzz at this year’s SXSW festival.  Rightfully so.  Their latest self-titled album is more than solid and “Daisy” is a straight kick in the balls.

Foals – “Spanish Sahara”

I think most people did a double take the first time they heard this song.  It’s more than a bit different from their dancier tunes, but this epic track is probably my favorite Foals song yet.

Minus the Bear – “Into the Mirror”

Everything Minus the Bear touches is gold.  I am so god damn excited for their next album, and you should be too.  Thankfully, we don’t have to wait later than May.  In the meantime, wet your whistle with this baby-making jam.

Good Old War – “Texas Blues”

Crazy what three guys can do when armed with not much more than some acoustic guitars.  With “Texas Blues” Good Old War puts their magical pop touch on, well, the blues.  Their three-part harmonies make me melt inside.

Gorillaz – “Stylo”

It ain’t no “Clint Eastwood” or “Feel Good Inc.”, but it works.  I’ve come to like “Stylo” and the rest of Plastic Beach more and more with each listen.  Definitely one of those albums that works best when listened to in its entirety.

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