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Oliver – Fast Forward

Posted on September 18 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.51.13 AM

As Fool’s Gold Records starts to blend into the mainstream after being on the periphery for the past few years, many of the lesser known artists on the label have started to leak into the pop consciousness. And Oliver, the nudisco duo known for their 8o’s inspired hooks impregnated with an electro flair, is set out to prove themselves as the next big thing behind Fool’s Gold mainstays A-Trak, his side project Duck Sauce, and the college party incarnate Danny Brown.

Oliver’s latest EP, “Light Years Away,” features a B-side called “Fast Forward” which is evident of this. While the title track vocodes its way through an intoxicating series of builds and drops, “Fast Forward” takes the rock ‘n’ roll route: brash, take no prisoners, and super techno funkified. This track recalls memories of “Human After All” Daft Punk slamming a “Brainwasher” style beat drop in a way that demands to be heard on a club sound system and elements of complextro that flitter its way through the track without sacrificing Oliver’s indie nudisco roots; this is an unwavering dance tune that hits hard and hits home with harmonious lifts and shin-splinting, futuristic beatbreaks worthy of the next 2manydjs set.

Listen to “Fast Forward” below and grab the “Light Years Away” EP today.


Posted on September 18 2014 by Caleb

Jackson Ryland is gearing up to release his Crystal City EP for Italy’s Dabit Records this October. The result is a 4 track ep that does a nice job of balancing Ryland’s techno and deep house sensibilities. The title is a spacey analog work out, pairing mellow pads with a shuffling beat. “JP’s” takes a more raw approach focusing on an aggressive drum pattern accentuated by eerie chimes, and “Up The Shelf” goes deep with a distorted bass making for an easy groove. There’s also a remix courtesy of Steve Murphy that’s full of analog goodness. Check out the preview below and keep an eye out for the release next month:

Kraak and Smaak – Just Wanna Be Loved (Art of Tones Remix)

Posted on September 17 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.09.49 AM

The Netherlands’ Kraak and Smaak’s acid fueled house party continues with Art of Tones’ dimly lit, 70′s nightclub inspired remix of “Just Wanna Be Loved.” Like a hazy, drunken night through the city traversing from club to club, this single loops and skips with a feverish beat making the track an overly persuasive Machiavellian presence which cunningly inserts the groove into the very marrow of your legs. This feat is compounded with a tripped out vocal by 80′s R&B singer Joi Cardwell and a deep, lounge-y composition which keeps things strikingly laid-back and cool despite the almost sinister backbeat and synth stabs. The sense of balance here is inimitably wary and, for that, it could very well be a dark horse that creeps its way into house sets this Fall. After all, it’s crafty, sharp, and out to make you dance by any means necessary.

Download it now on Beatport or pick it up on September 29 when it hits other digital music platforms.

Karl Kling – Deep In The House Of Love (Jeffrey Brodsky Remix)

Posted on September 17 2014 by Caleb

Earlier this year, RAC’s Karl Kling dropped a fun jam groove aptly titled “Deep In the House Of Love.” It’s recently seen proper release on Mani/Pedi records, alongside an excellent remix from Jeffrey Brodsky (formerly Jeffrey Jerusalem). The resulting track is a deep techno groover that sounds like the original was filtered through a series of fun house mirrors, complete with acid-influenced synths and a completely addicting bass line. It’s playful and easily danceable, putting a nice spin on the track. Take a listen below:

KMRT – Runnin’

Posted on September 5 2014 by zacheser

Kristian Martinez, who goes by the name KMRT, is an exciting new find. About to release his first EP through by renowned DJ and producer Tommie Sunshine via his label Brooklyn Fire, KMRT trades in the increasingly popular deep grooves that are turning heads in the dance music scene for pure, unadulterated techno music that’s both fresh and stimulating.

“Runnin’,” one of the singles on his upcoming EP (the appropriately titled “Excavation”), is  a champion in the making. Taking a very simple percussive approach with a very trippy, chopped up vocal, this track is an eargasmic example of how exercising basic song structure can stand for itself; you won’t hear any unnecessary filters or echoes to give this track a false sense of build or tension because the groundwork – the very addition of each new beat – is the only build that’s needed. This track is a pedal to the metal hype machine which will without a doubt set the bar a little bit higher during a peak hour set.

Make sure you grab “Runnin’,” as well as the rest of KMRT’s EP, when it’s released on September 9.

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