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KMRT – Runnin’

Posted on September 5 2014 by zacheser

Kristian Martinez, who goes by the name KMRT, is an exciting new find. About to release his first EP through by renowned DJ and producer Tommie Sunshine via his label Brooklyn Fire, KMRT trades in the increasingly popular deep grooves that are turning heads in the dance music scene for pure, unadulterated techno music that’s both fresh and stimulating.

“Runnin’,” one of the singles on his upcoming EP (the appropriately titled “Excavation”), is  a champion in the making. Taking a very simple percussive approach with a very trippy, chopped up vocal, this track is an eargasmic example of how exercising basic song structure can stand for itself; you won’t hear any unnecessary filters or echoes to give this track a false sense of build or tension because the groundwork – the very addition of each new beat – is the only build that’s needed. This track is a pedal to the metal hype machine which will without a doubt set the bar a little bit higher during a peak hour set.

Make sure you grab “Runnin’,” as well as the rest of KMRT’s EP, when it’s released on September 9.

Bicep – Satisfy (John Talabot’s Alt Mix)

Posted on September 4 2014 by zacheser

Barcelona native John Talabot – who has released a string of exceptional remixes and original pieces over the duration of his career – is back on the map with a swirling alternate mix of the track he just recently remixed for Bicep.

While Talabot’s original remix of “Satisfy” is a gem in its own way, it’s the alternate mix of his remix that really steals the show. Arpeggios attack the track and elevate it to cosmic heights while the downbeat percussion, which is to be expected of Talabot’s production style, litters the ambience with a much needed sense of drive. The end result is a moody, mysterious hypnosis that slathers its techno sensibilities in rich velvet producing a novel contradiction that’s both infallibly organic and remarkably cybernetic in tone. This particular mix really does aim to “Satisfy.”

You can download the alternate mix for free via Bandcamp.

Ante Perry & Shimmer – Body and Soul (feat. Gia Mellish)

Posted on September 2 2014 by zacheser

Coming off the upcoming Toolroom Records compilation, “Poolside Croatia,” which dropped on August 31, “Body and Soul” by Ante Perry and Shimmer is quite possibly one of those tracks that escalates a DJ’s career into the stratosphere. A minimal house track with a pulsing bassline and very tight – and incredibly tense – wind-ups into cathartic bass drops, “Body and Soul” makes great use of ambience and a back to basics approach that really turns up the heat. This is the kind of track that creeps into the back of your mind; the kind that you hear in a dark club and you try to remember what it sounded like the next day, but you can’t for the life of you figure out what it actually was. This track is a dark horse.

Make sure you get it when it’s released as part of the “Poolside Compilation” on August 31 via Toolroom Records.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Feels Like (feat. Anna Lunoe)

Posted on August 14 2014 by Caleb

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is taking a break from writing his second album to debut his new label, Nice Age, with a hell of a track. “Feels Like” is a collaboration with Anna Lunoe and it’s one of the more sonically forward thinking tracks we’ve heard in awhile. The song’s driven by a muscular techy throb over a jackin beat and raw stabs and it’s irresistibly danceable. Lunoe and TEED both trade off on vocals too and manage to give the song a nice pop edge as well, which is hugely impressive in this context. We’ve always loved TEED but he’s upped his game significantly with this release and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. Listen below and grab the track now!

Interview: A/Jus/Ted

Posted on July 23 2014 by Caleb

New York’s A/Jus/Ted have been making some huge waves over the last year. With some massive singles and a steadily growing collection of killer remixes for the likes of Holy Ghost! and Blood Orange, they’ve coined a great sound that sits comfortably in the deep house pool but borrows easily from both techno and disco. The duo of vetran producer Justin Strauss and newcomer, Teddy “Eddie Mars” Stuart, are making their DC debut this Friday at Little Miss Whiskey’s, and they were nice enough to share a few words about themselves. Check out the interview below and make sure not to miss them with local favorites Man & Woman and newcomer Yomimbi.

Have you played in DC before as a duo? Any big plans for the weekend outside the show?

We have not, but are looking forward to it! We heard Joe’s Record Paradise is vinyl heaven so we’re definitely planning on hitting that up for some digging.

How did your recent MoMA set go?

Justin: The MOMA PS1 Warm Up parties are one of the best things about summer in New York and always been a dream to close the day out at one. An amazing day.

Teddy: Love the crowd – definitely an open minded group, which makes everything so much more enjoyable. Blood Orange came out as a surprise guest and we played our remix live with him, some synthesizers and stuff. So much fun.

With both having successful careers in your own right, how’d you come together to form a/jus/ted?

We were both into each other’s work and our mutual friend Charles Damga, who runs UNO NYC, which we had both done projects for, introduced us. We met a few times, had some coffees, and hit the studio pretty much immediately.

What’s your writing process like between the two of you? How does it translate when you DJ?

T: Our writing process is always changing to keep us inspired. Our latest approach is to jam for an hour with hardware drums and synths, record it and then edit it into a 3 – 4 track EP over the course of a couple months.

For DJing we just jam and take each track one at a time. It’s not like “2 records each”, we just play, and when one person takes off the headphones its a signal for the other to take over.

J: For me djing has always inspired my production work. And it’s been great djing with Teddy and inspiring each other with new and old tracks.

What’s your favorite part about the dance scene in New York?

J: That the scene is constantly reinventing itself. Just when you think it’s all stagnate something comes along and reignites it.

T: Going past 4 am!

We’re really loving the new Blood Orange remix! How’d you hook up with Dev?

J: Thanks! We met Dev through mutual friends and he told us he was a fan of the A/JUS/TED stuff he heard and we were big fans of his work. When I first heard “Uncle Ace” off his last album I knew it would be the perfect track of his for us remix and we were stoked he asked.

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve released “Stay Up Here” and “A Brighter Light”. What’s next for the project in 2014?

Both of our Holy Ghost! Remixes (Bridge & Tunnel and Okay) are coming out on a double sided 12″ on DFA sometime this summer. We’re also doing one more remix that we’re pretty pumped on. But above all else we’re concentrating on finishing as much original music as possible.

What are a few of your favorite tracks to play out at the moment?

T: I think we are both loving this Andre Bratten track Trommer Og Bass. It’s nuts!

J: Also love the new Genius of Time release “Juno Jam”

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