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Pentamon – The Afterworld EP

Posted on April 17 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
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Tuesdays can be overwhelming, especially for those of us searching through the new releases that are all put out (in the U.S. at least) on Tuesdays, but DC-based DJ/producer Pentamon’s forthcoming release, The Afterworld EP, made my Tuesday search for music worthwhile. The EP consists of two tracks, “Virgil” and “The Afterworld.”  The dark mood set by The Afterworld EP will haunt you, but this is the type of haunting that techno-enthusiasts crave. In February, we featured “Virgil” on Blisspop. Here is “Virgil:”

Similar to “Virgil,” “The Afterworld” fuses acid and techno. Listen to “The Afterworld” below:

On Tuesday, April 28th, be sure to check out this gem among all the other music released that day. The Afterworld EP will be released on Teenage Riot Records.

Ying Yang Twins, “Whisper Song (Julius Jetson Remix)”

Posted on April 14 2015 by zacheser
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D.C. based producer Julius Jetson lit a serious fire under the ass of multiple blogs a few weeks ago after he unleashed a monster edit of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” onto the internet. After charting on Hype Machine and getting the support of talent like Sweekuh, Hotel Garuda, and Dr. Fresch, Jetson is making a power play with his latest remix. Following in the vein as his last mix which experimented with the g-house aesthetic, his newest piece is a flip of the Ying Yang Twins’ “Whisper Song.”

Going for a darker, more menacing feel than his remix of “SexyBack,” Julius Jetson connects dots that are embalmed with the juices of techno and future house giving us an odd crossbreed that would fit on Tiga’s Turbo label. It’s definitely a weapon that plenty of DJs will keep in their bag of tricks as the summer months approach; the use of contrasting hi-hats, tambourines, and kicks alone will drive the dancefloor off a cliff into a dizzying state of euphoric ecstasy. This is the kind of thrifty remixing that makes a night out into a night of throwing inhibitions out the window. Be careful.

Listen to the Julius Jetson remix below and be sure to look for more from this young producer in the coming months.

The Spotlight: DJ Lisa Frank

Posted on April 10 2015 by zacheser
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This is ‘The Spotlight.’ Many artists pass through D.C. on a weekly basis, but this column highlights one specific artist who happens to be playing in the district during the week so that you may join their journey in influencing the house music landscape.

It can be hard being a female DJ in the house music world, but that hasn’t stopped Morgan Tepper – better known by her alias DJ Lisa Frank – from quickly moving up through the community at large. As a vocal supporter of D.C.’s burgeoning electronica scene and one of the most dynamic DJs to take stage in the district, she is swiftly establishing herself as one of the driving forces in Washington’s underground music circles after cutting her teeth in clubs like U Street Music Hall, Flash, Heist, and NYC’s Verboten in addition to being featured at events like the yearly H Street Festival or last year’s Union BBQ.

With a penchant for excellent selections as a curator developed from osmosis via working at U Street Music Hall and spending time back-to-back with many of the world’s most renowned DJs, Tepper has also been credited with co-creating the successful semi-frequent party ROAM with DJs Chris Nitti and Sami Y. ROAM, a somewhat new venture for Tepper, celebrates local talent and the heyday of rave culture when people would meet at secret locales and dance until the break of dawn.

Furthering her relationship with the music, and her love for the community, she is also a very outspoken individual for the organization DanceSafe: a non-profit that provides education about safe recreational drug use within the dance music community. And, knowing her position within the community, Tepper works fervently to ensure that her audiences are in a safe space with positive vibes.

Her attitude, passion for the music, and constant state of routinely killing the game on the decks has earned DJ Lisa Frank a considerable amount of attention in Washington, D.C.’s scene and an insurmountable level of respect by her peers and other DJs from abroad. She’s definitely a DJ’s DJ, a master manipulator, and a total crowd pleaser through and through making her one of D.C.’s top talents to see.

This week, you can see her at U Street Music Hall with Bil Todd, Refugee, and Posers on Saturday.

Arjun Vagale – Black Strobe

Posted on April 9 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
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Indian DJ/producer Arjun Vagale’s productions are very distinct: driving bass lines, atmospheric sounds, and a masterful use of effects combine to make his music intense. Yesterday, Arjun uploaded a sample of his forthcoming release on Suara, “Black Strobe” – this track may be his most potent yet. Whether “Black Strobe” is played in a sweaty warehouse rave, a club, or a festival, it’s sure to get people moving. The track even features a provocative vocal sample! Check it out here:



Keep an eye on Arjun – he’s a rising star in the techno scene and should have plenty of new releases coming soon.

“Black Strobe” will be released as part of Suara Showroom 025 on April 12.

Petite Meller, “Baby Love (Todd Terry & Ant LaRock Remix)”

Posted on April 8 2015 by zacheser
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Petite Meller‘s French synthpop aesthetic is incurably infectious. Slam that vibe into some of the hardest hitting veterans in house music and you’re in for a treat. On the most recent remix train for Meller’s Baby Love – a smile inducing banger in its own right – is none other than the legendary Todd Terry and his InHouse protégé Ant LaRock. They’ve managed to rework the inner child of Meller’s disco inspired, free-spirit anthem into a certified synthcapade that benefits from heavy bass, layered pads, and plenty of 80′s electro elements that would make John Carpenter fist-pump like a champ.

It’s a difficult feat making something as bright and poppy as the original Baby Love into a darkness dwelling, underground, black box-centric slammer, but the masters at work here succeed beautifully transforming Meller’s work into a feverish bouncy castle of beats and bass.

Listen to the remix below. As of now, there only seems to be plans to release the Baby Love Remixes EP in the UK, but we will be sure to be the first ones on it when the EP finally sees a release here stateside.