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Hunter/Game – Adaptation

Posted on February 5 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Milanese duo Hunter/Game’s new album on Kompakt, Adaptation, is the hype of this week and my favorite LP of 2016 so far. Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bartola, the men behind Hunter/Game, have created an ethereal techno masterpiece laden with well designed sounds, complex percussion rhythms, and beautiful meandering melodies. Adaptation is another example of the Italo-German ethereal techno that we’ve seen a great deal of lately (Hunter/Game are Italians and Kompakt is based in Cologne, Germany). If any readers have insights as to why there is so much electronic music – especially ethereal techno – coming out of Germany and Italy, Blisspop would love to hear your thoughts.

I couldn’t pick one favorite from Adaptation, so here are my top three: “Declino,” “Adaptation,” and “Hexagon.” That said, every track on the album is worth listening to. Stream Adaptation here for a limited time:

Meegsco (001)

Posted on February 2 2016 by Chris Kennedy
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Hometown house heroes DJ Meegs and Philco have teamed up to bring us a monthly mix series aptly named “Meegsco”. This is the first one of hopefully many to come and it goes deep. They start it out with an anthem from Carl Craig and keep the tribal vibe going with the following track, “Ixchel” by Doza. The rest of the mix is filled with top quality tracks from names such as Pezzner, Dan Beaumont, and plenty more. Needless to say, all of these were strung together seamlessly, providing you with a nice one-hour journey through the world of underground house and techno.

Human Machine – 146 EP

Posted on January 30 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Human Machine is a Sicilian DJ/producer troupe composed of Musumeci and his friends Sisio, Simeone and Pavi. The group has a forthcoming release on Connaisseur Recordings titled 146 EP. The EP has already received support from Dixon, Âme, and Solomun, and it seems that the buzz surrounding 146 EP will only continue to grow – Human Machine produced top-notch work. The title track, “146,” has received the most support thus far, but “Drone” is my pick from the release. Listen to 146 EP here:

Transposon – Orionas

Posted on January 28 2016 by Chris Kennedy

The Cyprus producer Transposon recently gave us a journey of a track, premiered by Soundspace. The swirling techno production is filled with whirring synths that fall in and out of tune and is accompanied by an extremely pitched down vocal sample. Transposon takes you through some 4-to-the-floor techno then throws in some old-school breaks that ends up giving it a nostalgic feel. It’s out on Tessier-Ashpool Records so grab it up!

Undercatt – “Coral”

Posted on January 28 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn

The Italian artists Undercatt are at it again with their new ethereal techno slow burner, “Coral.” The Diynamic duo premiered “Coral” yesterday with When We Dip and it will be released on Sasha’s label Last Night On Earth tomorrow. With an acid-influenced sound that is present throughout the track and a mesmerizing breakdown that features spacious synthesized atmospheres alongside a melodious lead, “Coral” is not to be trifled with. Listen: