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Posted on November 23 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

DC based DJ Lisa Frank (a.k.a. Morgan Tepper) is at again with another spectacular mix. Since we did a Spotlight feature on her in April, Morgan was able to go to the iconic Berlin club, Berghain. Morgan had this to say about Berghain:

“It changed the way I viewed techno, and dance music culture as a whole. It helped me gain a deeper love and understanding for something I already felt so passionately about.”

The sounds Morgan heard at Berghain were the inspiration for the “DC HOUSE GROOVES MEET THE LOCALS #21″ mix. The mix gives the listener an aural journey they will not forget, building energy as many good mixes do. DJ Lisa Frank guides the listener through the netherworld of techno effortlessly, imparting her knowledge of the music to them. Solid through the finish line, “DC HOUSE GROOVES MEET THE LOCALS #21″ will not disappoint. Listen here:

DE$IGNATED – “Cyrus The Great”

Posted on November 19 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Featuring an eerie vocal sample, beautiful synth strikes, and a grounding bass, DE$IGNATED’s new track on Undr The Radr will please any listener’s ears. The London/Hampshire based duo composed of Nima Bazrcar and Rory Bowyer made “Cyrus The Great” solid all the way through. Expect shivers when you press play on this one:

Aoud – “I (One)”

Posted on November 15 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

US based artist(s) Aoud recently put out a left-field techno track with The Revera Corporation that is almost as mysterious as Aoud’s identity. With a combination of a relentless kick drum and a piercing white noise synth, “I (One)” is part industrial, part techno. At any rate, we dig this “I (One)” and we think you will too. Check it out:

Bordertown, “What”

Posted on November 11 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.35.08 PM

The UK’s Bordertown, a duo whose remix of Toto’s “Africa” we’ve been loving since last year, has fired back with “What.” A track that climbs until it teeters on absolute, deep house insanity, “What” is a percussive treat featuring winding interludes and spacey detours that feel and sound like a night of stumbling in and out of hidden dance parties in the catacombs of a mythic cathedral or enchanting city. Bordertown’s style, a refined take on classic trance like the kind made by Armin van Buuren or Oakenfold, is interesting because it’s current and fresh, but makes good use of sounds from big room records in the early 2000s without sounding overly referential or kitschy. This is what we’d see now from contemporaries like Lane 8 or Matt Lange, but instead of sweeping melodies or darkened mystique, we’re treated to hard-hitting, peak hour, dancefloor pounding goodness in its purest form.

Lee Van Dowski – Quasar 27.3 EP

Posted on November 4 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

The French-born, Geneva-based artist Lee Van Dowski released his Quasar 27.3 EP on October 22 with the English label Crosstown Rebels’ sub-label, Rebellion. The four tracks on the EP are well-produced and eclectic, offering the listener that perfect balance between house and techno. The tracks on the EP have both a groove and a drive, a happy medium that can be hard to strike. My top pick from the EP, “Bango Bango,” has drive in the form of an unforgiving kick drum and groove with the vocal sample:

Listen to the rest of the EP here: