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Human Movement – Stranger

Posted on May 21 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Human Movement, the house duo out of Sydney, Australia just released a new original titled “Stranger” yesterday. These guys have a knack for having bass lines in their tracks that flow and sound so good and they showcase that in their most recent release. They also utilized some pitched down vocals and a synth that gives this house track some techno flavor. If you like this then you should check out the remix they put out last week: Sweetland – Solanum (Human Movement Remix)

Eric Prydz, “Generate (Kölsch Remix)”

Posted on May 18 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.57.27 PM

Eric Prydz has been on fire as of late between his killer remix of CHVRCHES, last year’s anthemic “Liberate,” and the powerhouse that’s his most recent outing, “Generate.” Now Kölsch, who is at the top of the game in his respective field, is on the remix of “Generate” which he has flipped into a constant build into the heavens conceived through the implementation of swirling, atmospheric pads and arpeggiated synthesizers along with the sampling of Prydz’s hook into what could only be described as an exercise in exultation. It’s spiritual cleansing in an audio format: the kind of music that evening raves into the early hours of the morning was made for or, at the very least, the pleasant reminder as to why we love dance music in the first place.

With a forthcoming release in the next few weeks, this is one you’re gonna want to get your hands on. Stream Kölsch’s remix of “Generate” by Eric Prydz below.

Patrice Bäumel – Speicher 85 EP

Posted on May 1 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Patrice Bäumel

While most people were sleeping Wednesday night/Thursday morning here on the East Coast of the USA, Speicher – the sub-label of Cologne, Germany-based Kompakt Records that is dedicated to putting out quality DJ-friendly techno – uploaded snippets from Patrice Bäumel’s new two-sided EP, Speicher 85. Patrice Bäumel is a Dutch DJ/Producer who describes his sound as “techno music for grown-ups.”

“Lowrider” has an effected sound that changes as the track progresses. This is definitely the weirder of the two tracks, but that’s just how we like it here at Blisspop:



“The Vanishing” takes an effected atmospheric vocal sample and pairs it beautifully with a powerful bass line progression and percussion to ground the track. Listen below:



Though the Speicher 85 EP snippet was uploaded in the middle of the night, don’t sleep on it! Expect both of these tracks to be played out at techno shows this Spring/Summer. The Speicher 85 EP will be released on May 3.


Nine Inch Nails, “Discipline (Matt Lange Remix)”

Posted on April 29 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.24.20 PM

Trent Reznor is the man he is today by cutting the cloth of industrial rock and dyeing it in one of the darker, subversive basins of electronica often creating new periods for himself with each subsequent release. Similarly, Matt Lange, who is more well known for his efforts on Mau5trap Records and Anjunadeep, consistently goes against the grain of dance music and often delivers tracks that lay eggs within the further corners of the subconscious; his work is intellectual, refined, and instinctual.

Matt Lange’s recent remix of “Discipline” off Nine Inch Nails’ The Slip is more in touch with his animal side, delving deep into the subterranean, dimly lit catacombs of dub and electro producing a slow-burn that glitches and throbs with sheer ferocity. Cerebral in its execution and delivering on NIN’s industrial edge, Lange transforms from techno connoisseur/ambient tastemaker to an electronic God – playing with our inner impulse to lash out and destroy the shackles that keep us binded.

Stream Matt Lange’s remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “Discipline” below.

Pentamon – The Afterworld EP

Posted on April 17 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.31.11 PM

Tuesdays can be overwhelming, especially for those of us searching through the new releases that are all put out (in the U.S. at least) on Tuesdays, but DC-based DJ/producer Pentamon’s forthcoming release, The Afterworld EP, made my Tuesday search for music worthwhile. The EP consists of two tracks, “Virgil” and “The Afterworld.”  The dark mood set by The Afterworld EP will haunt you, but this is the type of haunting that techno-enthusiasts crave. In February, we featured “Virgil” on Blisspop. Here is “Virgil:”

Similar to “Virgil,” “The Afterworld” fuses acid and techno. Listen to “The Afterworld” below:

On Tuesday, April 28th, be sure to check out this gem among all the other music released that day. The Afterworld EP will be released on Teenage Riot Records.