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Sam Feldt, “Show Me Love (The Rooftop Boys Remix)”

Posted on June 25 2015 by Joel
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.07.20 PM

The Rooftop Boys have released a remix of Sam Feldt’s cover of the Robin S standard “Show Me Love.” The Rooftop Boys remix brings back more of the house elements from the original 1993 version of the song while adding a more upbeat tempo and groove versus Sam Feldt’s laid back, atmospheric approach.  This is the tropical house kind of vibe perfect for all your summer parties and outdoor gatherings.

Listen to the Rooftop Boys’ remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love” below.

Saint Motel, “My Type (Eau Claire Remix)”

Posted on June 24 2015 by zacheser
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Another week, another Eau Claire remix. After a spectacular showing at Firefly this past weekend, the D.C. Queen of Feel Good is hitting the production game with a vengeance. Her newest remix, Saint Motel‘s “My Type,” gets the proper Eau Claire treatment. Instead of her signature keys, however, the remix is littered with fluttery, panned out, arpeggiated synth notes and cool use of tropical notes that will complement the current heatwave like ketchup complements french fries. It’s a very symphonic, bright, uplifting edit that brings to mind some other tropical producers at the top of their game right now like Sam Feldt or Nora En Pure: it can dominate during the sunset hours and ensnare after a long night of raving. It’s pure. It’s delicate. It’s dreamy. At this point, we know an Eau Claire track when we hear it and it’s always a cue to check your worries at the door.

Listen to Eau Claire’s remix of Saint Motel’s “My Type” below and be sure to check her out with Provoke – as Man & Woman – this Saturday at the Lodge at Red Rocks.

Fat Joe, “Lean Back (Julius Jetson & Ronzel Remix)”

Posted on June 24 2015 by zacheser
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People have been joking all summer asking what year it is. It’s remarkably surreal to see how brands and pop culture from our childhood have become repurposed in recent months. On the cusp of that tidal wave of renewed interest is G-house. Thankfully for us, we have producers like D.C.’s Julius Jetson to put us at ease and know our childhood memories are in good hands.

His most recent flip, Fat Joe’s rap classic “Lean Back,” flaunts the familiar playfulness Jetson likes to sprinkle into his work including his token use of snares, hi-hats, and moody atmospheres. On the remix, though, is a new collaborator, Ronzel, whose voice works phenomenally well with Jetson’s allowing his indie dance tendencies to become more transparent than usual. Together, the pairing have switched the formula and found a common ground in deep house that’s light, airy, and poppy without sacrificing the G-house attitude which will make all the millenials go hard.

Listen to the Julius Jetson and Ronzel remix of “Lean Back” below.

Betty Who, “All of You (Dave Edwards Remix)”

Posted on June 17 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.24.51 PM

Betty Who, an artist that continues to surprise listeners with her in-your-face brand of pop, is swiftly moving her way up the Top 40 food chain devouring any pop star that stands in her way. It comes to no shock, then, that NYC electro-pop producer, Dave Edwards, has manipulated and flipped Who’s “All of You” off 2014′s Take Me When You Leave into a progressive, piano laden banger that exudes pure joy. Edwards’ touch is hard to be missed in this remix as it is built entirely around his formula of injecting carefree, upbeat electro pop into an infectious hit that’s already sweet enough to make a dentist have a heart attack. Here, however, his touch is carefully implemented in a way that makes his use of piano aggressive, yet surprisingly delicate showing a softer side to the producer which is seldom seen.

This remix may very well be serious competition against tracks like Galantis’ “Runaway” for 2015′s Top 40 summer anthem, so be sure to go to Edwards’ SoundCloud page for details on the free download. Listen to his remix of Betty Who’s “All of You” below.

Husky, “Electric (Eau Claire Remix)”

Posted on June 3 2015 by zacheser

Eau Claire continues her prophetic rise into the dance music stratosphere. She’s lined up at Firefly in Delaware in addition to releasing more remixes which, so far, have all charted on Hype Machine’s top 10. Needless to say, Rachel Wong is slaying the game right now.

Yesterday, we saw the official release of Eau Claire’s remix of the ridiculously catchy, electro-pop anthem “Electric” by Husky and Erin Marshall. While the original has a softness that exudes brilliant pep, Wong has given the track a newfound deepness drawn from ample doses of reverb and entrancing bells. When mixed with her now signature bass structures, the track then becomes a pleasant, memory foam cushion that comforts and bobs while still maintaining the atmospheric heft which makes the remix stand alone from its peers. This is a prime example of not only Eau Claire’s maturity as a producer, but also how she’s been able to become one of the current stars of indie dance; a curiosity for, and the experience of, seeing something new runs deep in Wong’s music and her remix of “Electric” is no exception.

You can pick up Eau Claire’s remix on the “Electric” single via iTunes today.