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BANKS – Beggin For Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)

Posted on October 23 2014 by zacheser
Beggin For Thread Cover Art

One of the biggest breakthroughs this year was BANKS, a Los Angeles singer/songwriter who has built a foundation on electronic infused R&B. So of course it makes sense that two other acts on the rise, Gryffin and Hotel Garuda, would collaborate on the stellar track “Beggin For Thread.”

Their collaboration on this track makes for an interesting fusion of each of their respective strengths: it retains the 90s dance essence that Hotel Garuda delivers so well while capitalizing on Gryffin’s nudisco sensibilities which, when combined, creates an incredibly focused thumper of a track to delicious effect. And with the addition of BANKS’ already sensational, the production here is exquisite and wonderfully complements each other in the most harmonic ways possible.

Check out the remix after the jump and get it while it’s still a free download.

denitia & sene – Side FX

Posted on October 22 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.37.28 PM

This duo based out of Brooklyn has the slow burning soul going strong.

Coming off of Red Bull’s Sound Select label in November, “Side FX” is  a progressive head nodding piece of electronic funk that lays the vibes down in thick, slathering portions. The track is driven by a series of synths that punctuate the groove with bewitching and provocative results that call upon similar pieces of spaced out electronica such as Freezepop’s “Less Talk More Rokk” and early work by Shiny Toy Guns. The real star here, however, is the sultry delivery by vocalist denitia. When she croons about the mistakes she makes on the regular with a self-aware angst reminiscent of other songstresses like Fiona Apple et al., it’s heartfelt and believable and confessed with an utmost empathy. It’s as if the words pouring through the soundscape are an apologetic precursor to anything bad that’s bound to happen. And because it’s so vibrant and emotive, this is the kind of song that will have you humming in your car on your commute to work, on your morning jogs, or in the bathroom doing your personal business. This is an earworm that deserves to be heard.

Check out “Side FX” after the jump and be sure to grab your copy of denitia & seine’s EP when it’s released in November.

Penguin Prison – Calling Out

Posted on October 14 2014 by zacheser

Penguin Prison has been on the rise for a few years now having had support by artists like RAC, Keljet, and the Knocks in addition to putting out countless remixes of artists like Lana Del Rey and Kimbra. But what really sets Penguin Prison apart from other artists in the indie dance scene is Chris Glover’s apparent love of popular music from all circles of the musical stratosphere.

His most recent single, “Calling Out,” plays out like the kind of Hall & Oates track that we listened to on the radio in the backseat of our parents’ cars as children. It has indelible synths, a bassline that hops around like a kid on a pogo stick, and vibrant guitar licks sunnier than a beach in Miami. The wow factor of this track, however, is Glover’s vocal delivery. He channels the modest sensibility of Lionel Richie and the determined howl of Daryl Hall in ways that make him a pop singer without laying waste to his indie cred. And it’s this air of honest vulnerability that steals the show because while his latest is injected with familiar themes to make it accessible to mainstream listeners, he maintains an unfathomable quality that professes that he is only here to make music that feels right.

And luckily for Chris Glover, this is right in all the best ways.

Miguel — Sure Thing (Bishiclet Rework)

Posted on October 10 2014 by Shawn G
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.45.13 AM

I’m seriously in love with this track — housed out R&B is always the genre of choice these days. Bishiclet is from Brooklyn and man, I’m excited to hear more from this guy. This production is really well done, clean vocals with a sensual,funky feel that just makes you want to boogie.

Dirty South – Unbreakable (SNBRN Remix)

Posted on October 9 2014 by zacheser

One of the biggest up and comers in the independent dance music community, SNBRN, is back on the scene once again with a chilled out take on Dirty South and Sam Martin’s progressive house tune, “Unbreakable.”

Featuring shakers, a tropical bassline that sounds the way rum and pineapple tastes, and theatrical chord progressions that ramp up the emotional energy in ways similar to his remix of Indiana’s “Heart On Fire,” SNBRN doles out another impressive remix that is effectively light, airy, and contagious. This is the kind of tune that cleanses the soul of everything lackluster and monotonous and replaces those chords with warm, fuzzy feels.

You can stream it below and pick up the remix for free via SoundCloud.

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