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Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Wave Age Bootleg)

Posted on December 4 2014 by zacheser
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Washington’s enigmatic dance maestro Wave Age has been on a hot streak for a few months with stellar remixes of Danzig and Khia. And now it looks like the titanic producer is tackling a titanic track in its own right: Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”

Whereas the original has a very stripped down, rhythmic, low BPM approach, Wave Age unleashes a series of synth stabs and G-house beat production as a means of remastering he track into a feel good anthem. The result is a snappy, indulgent piece of electronic pop that stands alone in a tsunami of T-Swift house remixes by taking the road less traveled; for example, the vocals here are handpicked to maximum effect focusing on the revelation of being a “nightmare” and complemented with dreamy, plucky strings. And while the track cycles overhead, the optimism introduced by the bright patterns early on carries the track to soulful territory thereby overcoming the age old proposition: how does one carry on a legendary track’s legacy while maintaining artistic credibility and the want to make it fresh in a new light?

Listen to the remix below and hit up Wave Age’s SoundCloud for a free download.

Dirty South – With You (Jai Wolf Remix)

Posted on December 3 2014 by zacheser
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New York’s Sajeeb Saha – aka Jai Wolf – has been becoming a stronger signal on the indie dance transistor radio for a few months now with his unique take on traditional future bass and trap music styles. Glitchy, harmonic, and contagious, the DJ/Producer has been making electronic music since high school and with affiliations like OWLSA, Adventure Club, and Diplo, it looks like his presence is only gonna grow.

His newest remix, a sweet and snappy rendition of Dirty South’s “With You,” is a testament to his talents for thinking outside of the box and melding multiple sub-genres into a unique amalgamation of tastes. Building with elements reminiscent of complextro and piano driven house music, Sajeeb finds a groove in a cascading shower of synths and methodical bass notes which power the track into the stratosphere thereby taking us to the stars. It’s a track that pushes us into a journey and cajoles us into closing our eyes and just going with it. Dreamy and smooth, this is a go-to track for lifting the dancefloor to spiritual wellness.

Listen to the remix after the jump.

Little Boots – Business Pleasure

Posted on December 1 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.14.04 PM

Few pop musicians have been able to keep their essence like Little Boots. The English singer/songwriter and DJ has always been on trend and culturally on point even in the shadow of other artists like Robyn and Lady GaGa, but that has never kept her from being interesting and illuminating. Her newest release, “Business Pleasure,” is a totem of her commitment to quality pop music and it’s bound to get the kids going.

Synthy, techy, and infused with heavy doses of future bass, “Business Pleasure” is a transient, 1980′s sci-fi heater with a theatrical flair comparable to Bat for Lashes or St. Vincent. The pop aesthetic, therefore, is left on the sidelines to cheerlead while the soundscape evolves and culminates into an otherworldly soundtrack fit for a techno noir feature film. And as the sounds begin to escalate and arpeggiate into a trance backdrop, the track transcends into something beyond the cookie cutter pop music we’ve become accustomed to on the radio. This is new. This is encapsulating. And it sure as hell deserves any recognition it receives.

You can download Little Boots’ latest EP on all major digital media retailers and listen to the song after the jump.

Young Summer – Classless Kids (Caleb L’Etoile & Will Eastman Remix)

Posted on November 14 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.15.26 AM

Blisspop veterans Will Eastman and Caleb L’Etoile made some serious waves in the indie dance scene earlier this year after releasing their gorgeous Jean-Luc Godard inspired track “Breathless.” They have recently come back with a new collab in the form of a sparkling, electropop retooling of the already infectious track “Classless Kids” by indie upstarts Young Summer.

Hitting the ground running from the get-go, the track starts off with powerful synths and a great kick to complement the vocals before descending into sugary pads and basslines that are so energetic it could revive Mia Wallace faster than John Travolta with an adrenaline shot. The track, overall, has a light essence to it which suggests a certain accommodation for pop sensibility that is sometimes lost in the indie dance or deep house circles – both of which are places that both Mr. Eastman and Mr. L’Etoile have been known to reside and demonstrate their talents. But it’s this very element that makes their work unique: it’s as if their awareness of the scene informs them to take dynamite risks to achieve a sound they both love and share resulting in a sort of magnetism that sits below the surface of their collaborations.

Listen to Will Eastman and Caleb L’Etoile’s remix of “Classless Kids” and hit up the Blisspop SoundCloud page for a free download.

Blisspop Mix Series #13: Sammy Bananas

Posted on November 7 2014 by Caleb

We’re still running off the buzz of Fools Gold wizard, Sammy Bananas’s latest single “Money Time,” so we couldn’t be more excited to have him in for the next installment of the Blisspop Mix Series. Exploring his take on ‘Bliss-pop,’ Sammy churns out 50 minutes of slow and sticky grooves, trading back and forth between swoon-worthy indie dance, sensual R&B, and even some hidden gem pop gold. It’s feel good true and true and the perfect amuse-bouche for his set tomorrow night at U Street Music Hall alongside the enigmatic Magician and Blisspop resident, Baronhawk Poitier. Take a listen below and grab your tickets for tomorrow night HERE:


Kindness – World Restart
The Juan Maclean – Running Back To You
Chromeo – Old 45′s
Tinashe – All Hands On Deck
Cookies – July Seventeen
Prince – Breakfast Can Wait
Theophilus London – Get Me Right
Usher – Good Kisser
Wayne Snow – Under The Moon
Aphex Twin – Produk 29
Amy Douglas – In Real Life
Mapei – Blame It On Me
Jim-E-Stack – Without
Jessie Ware – Champagne Kisses
Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods

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