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The Knocks – Classic (Le Youth Remix)

Posted on September 30 2014 by zacheser
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90′s inspired house music seems to be the big trend for Fall 2014, but we’re in very good hands considering the amount of talent coming forth in the current dance scene is spectacular. One such DJ/Producer, LA’s Le Youth, is riding this wave with precision and class having masterfully remixed the likes of Disclosure and RAC in addition to producing gems such as “C O O L” and “Feel Your Love.”

His newest remix, an edit of the nudisco smasher “Classic” by New York’s The Knocks, is indisputable evidence of Le Youth’s abilities as he orchestrates piano stabs, pads, and uplifting breaks the same way a magician weaves in and out of magic tricks with expert precision. Which is truly saying something: in the onslaught of deep house tracks and songs inspired by the dance anthems we used to listen to as children, there’s a certain joy that can be cultivated from free flowing, carefree house music. It just so happens that Le Youth manages to keep it fresh and consistent making this specific remix one that everyone needs to download when it’s finally available on Beatport on October 6.

Stream the remix below via SoundCloud.

DiRTY RADiO – Is It Cool

Posted on September 30 2014 by zacheser
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Coming from Vancouver, DiRTY RADiO is a project inspired by beats, bass, grooves, and paying respect to one’s idols. Taking notable producers’ beats and laying on original vocals, this groupĀ is making bootleg edits that keep the essence of the original tracks alive while supplying a thick, sexy, light R&B flair that’s sweeter than confectionary sugar.

Their latest mix, a take on Kaytranada’s spirited “246,” is a grand example of this bootleg ethic. While maintaining Kaytranada’s production, the vocals on this track have the slickness we expect from artists like Pharrell, but the feel of The Knocks; this is in the sense that there’s an indie/alternative edge as opposed to the very commercial touch that’s become indicative of the pop R&B market as of late. This is no doubt the result of their very DIY approach to music making which will more than likely lead to some guest vocal spots for DiRTY RADiO in the future. And one can only hope: these guys have a natural knack for what sounds good.

Listen to their latest rework below and hit up DiRTY RADiO’s Facebook page for the free download.

Glass Animals – Gooey (Klaves Bootleg)

Posted on September 29 2014 by zacheser
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At just 21 years old, Polish DJ/Producer Klaves is getting support from XLR8R and BBC Radio One and is on the fast track to becoming a star in the current house music landscape. With production that tiptoes the fine lines between deep and groovy and fresh and funky, he has already released an EP with a full record on the way and, by the looks of things, he is set to be in the same company as musicians like Kaytranada and Kygo.

His newest rework, which dropped today courtesy of Annie Mac’s Free Music Mondays, is a tweaked version of the poppy, sultry goodness of Glass Animals’ “Gooey.” Whereas the original track is a slow-moving, sexy escapade that runs through your mind the same way fingers run through your hair, Klaves pushes the tempo and turns it into a stripped down, percussion heavy lounge piece. The vocals, as a result, have evolved from coos and sweet whispers into a slick, buttery delivery that earns well-deserved toe taps. There’s also a great use of space in this track as with soothing pads and dreamy bells weaving their way throughout which coalesce into something both transient and organic: something incredibly hard to achieve with electronic music.

Make sure you grab this via Annie Mac’s SoundCloud. It’s really freaking good.

Ben Macklin – Dare

Posted on September 16 2014 by zacheser
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London’s Ben Macklin, who is part of the duo Cassette Club, is going to make waves with his latest single. A tropical piece with an irresistible nudisco shimmer, “Dare” is the kind of music that transcends house and aims straight for the sugary goodness that’s not just easy to consume, but impossible not to love. Featuring an enchanting vocal by relative newcomer Emma Brammer, Macklin’s newest single writes a love letter to balearic, new wave-y, 80′s synthpop with a pen dipped in bass and dripping with sweet, sweet airiness; the effect is a starry eyed self-awareness that makes the track more than a novelty. Instead, Macklin is giving us an earnest expression of love for a very specific era of dance music that often gets overlooked in favor of whatever the newest hard hitting bass drop is. It’s a devout love of a simpler moment in dance music. And it’s the love that makes this track so beautiful.

You can pick up “Dare” on all major music platforms now.

London Grammar – If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)

Posted on September 15 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.43.37 PM

London’s Riva Starr has been having a busy 2014. So it only makes sense that he would remix the equally as busy – and exceptionally talented – indie act London Grammar. Taking the ethereal, cinematic “If You Wait” and using Hannah Reid’s powerful vocals as his backbone, the remix offers up a UK garage sound that blends itself so beautifully into the spiritual, divine coffeehouse electronica that London Grammar has made a niche with. What truly stands out here is Riva Starr’s use of ambience to his advantage to create something more than a run-of-the-mill deep house banger: he takes moody piano, spacious reverb, and even an escalated orchestral part and infuses it with a space time continuum – the bass and the treble in the 4/4 time signature – which builds itself up into a work that we as the ravers, the lovers, the star-kissed dreamers can truly lose our heads in.

Listen to this hypnotic masterpiece below and check out London Grammar when they hit up the 9:30 Club on November 7.


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