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Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover (esta. edit)

Posted on July 31 2014 by Caleb

California-based beatmaker esta. just offered up his edit of Sam Smith’s “Leave Your Lover” and it’s dripping in funk and lazy house grooves. The Sam Smith portion is relatively buried as heavily modulated vocals but the result sounds like a houseier Kaytranada, with saccharine stabs and a snaking sub bass. It’s the perfect sound track to 90 degree days:

Blisspop Bonus Tracks | Round-up #1

Posted on July 30 2014 by Robbie Metcalf
Blisspop Bonus Tracks | Round-up #1

Anyone who actively uses SoundCloud knows that there is simply too much good music being produced and released every single day to be able to catch it all. And if you’re like me and follow over 1,000 different great artists, forget about it. And don’t even get me started on that “Repost” button…

The purpose of these ‘Blisspop Bonus Tracks’ round-ups is pretty simple: A gathering of all the music that may have slipped through the cracks.

In this first round-up, we’ve got a lot of different kinds of sounds to offer. Highlights include an awesome new one from Finnish duo TJH87 featuring Gamble & Burke, an airy electronic EP from Distant Cousin, and a magnificent number from Sol Rising off his new album ‘Mystical Awakening’. There’s much more goodness than that of course as you’ll find… Enjoy everything below!

GOH vs Sugarstarr – I Used To Be (feat. Redman & Method Man)

Posted on July 17 2014 by Shawn G

I’m a huge fan of OG rap tracks on upbeat, house beats and this track is a testament to that entire sound (this isn’t just some shitty mashup). Collision of funkiness and musical generations, check out this awesome hybrid.

Mausi: My Friend Has a Swimming Pool

Posted on July 11 2014 by Wes Della Volla

It is that time of year again, when everyone is proclaiming their songs of the summer. There are some amazing contenders – RAC/Matthew Koma & Kiesza I am looking at you. They both have nearly all the elements the song of the summer needs, warm beats, irresistible rhythms, and hooks big enough to land Moby Dick, but they lack that reckless joie de vie that a summer song MUST have.

Thankfully MAUSI, Newcastle bred foursome of brother/sister duo Daisy and Thomas and their friends Ben & Benji, are here with their newest single “My Friend Has A Swimming Pool”. It blends nu-disco, rivera-pop, and house to make a song worthy of summer.

Blisspop Mix Series #10: Brett

Posted on June 26 2014 by Caleb

Hometown favorites, Brett, have been on the road for the past few days, teaming up with groups like Goldroom and The Black and The White to make the country swoon with their patented blend of indie pop wrapped up in dreamy 80s flavors. Lucky enough for us, the tour is coming through DC tonight at U Street Music Hall, bringing a grade A lineup with it of Brett, Goldroom, and local disco duo Man & Woman. If you’ve never seen Brett live, we really encourage not to miss your chance. They bring endless amounts of charm and energy to the stage that very few bands manage to accomplish. They’re also multi-faceted and were nice enough to make a mix of old and new favorites for the next installment of the Blisspop Mix Series. Take a listen below and grab tickets HERE if you haven’t yet:

01 Sabrina – Boys Boys Boys
02 Shannon – Let The Music Play
03 Hercules & Love Affair – Release Me (Andrew Butler & Mark Pistel Remix)
04 Prince – The Future
05 MOTM – Aracari (feat. Jane)
06 New Look – Teen Need (Hunter Game Re-Edit)
07 David Bowie – Fashion
08 Talking Heads – Found A Job
09 Brett – Chalon (Lemonade Remix)
10 Brett – Glass Hearts

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