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By now, Hotel Garuda‘s imprint is on everyone’s radar. Between continually lighting up the internet and featured sets at renowned cultural epicenters┬álike Coachella, the duo, which is comprised of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, continues to mystify with their blend of the old and the new. Which is why their

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Taking a cue from his recent travels and the perspective gained from rising through the ranks of the independent dance scene, Jamie Prado, hot on the heels of revealing his label Midnight in Paris, is back in 2016. With a new project entitled Return to Indio, no doubt a reference to

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This past weekend marked a benchmark for the indie dance music community. Five years ago, LCD Soundsystem made their final swan song under the roof of New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden during an epic, four hour long journey through the band’s trajectory. Tears trickled. Joy soared. And in a

Ofelia K
Recently released through independent label South By Sea, pop artist Ofelia K‘s first official release of 2016 is making the rounds through the indie dance blogosphere. The track, a playful game of language entitled “Cinco,” is a light, indie-electro pop number which swaps out typical 4/4 structure for something more

After featured spots on Beats 1 Radio and Triple J, Sydney indie soul voice Ross Henry is making the rounds with his recent rework of ambient, escapist post-rock staples Explosions in the Sky. Free from pretense other than a need to express himself through making something which feels otherworldly, Ross