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Kaya – Untitled

Posted on February 26 2015 by Jordan Farley

A good song is a good song but a good song produced by a refined, meticulous producer is just infinitely better.

blank body aka Bine created the perfect backing to let singer-songwriter Kaya’s blissful lyrics float at the front.

Kaya’s mystical, dreamy vocals lays perfectly over blank body’s gorgeous composition of echoing piano notes and legato snaps. She has the same sultriness as Lana Del Rey but is beautifully sleepy and lustrous.

Kaya will soon be putting out an EP but until then, just listen to “Untitled” and the rest of her equally dreamy, floating on a cloud-like tracks on soundcloud (“High Wire” is highly recommended).

Prizm, “Perception”

Posted on February 19 2015 by zacheser

The French act Prizm has been on the Blisspop radar for a while now, but with a new EP on the horizon from this self-declared ‘future-disco’ duo, we couldn’t help but share the details of their latest tantalizing cut.

“Perception,” the second track off their upcoming Poly EP, washes the dancefloor with an indie dance glow recently seen by acts like JackLNDN and Keljet that combines elements of funk, 80′s synthpop, and light complextro. Featuring brassy keys, a menagerie of spaced out vocal samples, and graceful percussion, “Perception” might just be Prizm’s best track to date and another reason why we can’t wait for the release of Poly.

Listen to Prizm’s newest concoction below and be sure to give them a follow on Facebook for more details on their pending release.

Levon Vincent – Self-Titled

Posted on February 12 2015 by zacheser

It’s been a couple of days since the bomb dropped. In many ways, the smoke has cleared and we’ve been given a glimpse into the madness of Levon Vincent, but there is much left to decipher from the NYC-bred DJ’s recent self-titled LP. The whole experience plays like clockwork in an old, mysterious, dilapidated grandfather clock setting a mysterious tone over the whole project; the time ticks by and by until suddenly something springs to life. In this case, much like My Bloody Valentine’s return last year, Mr. Vincent took to social media and Resident Advisor to announce that his latest LP would be released digitally for a short period prior to the vinyl pressing’s release. And now that light has been shed onto his newest efforts, what is there to be said.

It’s grand in scale and ambitious. Much like the work of Hans Zimmer or John Williams, the scope is miraculous and ventures beyond borders of house music to invent something symphonic in nature. Instead of beats composed to work a dancefloor, Vincent has managed to make movements, suites, and overtures that work best as a whole piece of music. In its grimiest moments, the LP dips into a 1980s, John Carpenter-esque vibe as pads and throbbing, heavy synths challenge us to visit and accept the darker recesses of dance music (specifically on the track “Junkies on Herman Strasse”). There are a few tracks, however, that could perceivably work on their own: the winding “Launch Ramp to Tha Sky”; the Human After All-era beat machine of “Small Whole-Numbered Ratios”; and the moody, Blade Runner-esque synthscape of ‘The Beginning” all work on a singular level.

But the true experience lies in listening to the record from beginning to end. Much like Daft Punk’s opus Random Access Memories, this album’s beauty is derived from its work as a whole. It’s a calling to an older era of music where the journey was the entire point – not the drop.

You can download his self-titled album on Novel Sound here.

JMSN – Rape Me

Posted on February 10 2015 by Jordan Farley

Being a longtime Nirvana fan, I have a hard time listening to covers of their songs. Like many Beatles fans, I believe you should leave perfection be. Pigeons and Planes had other plans. In celebrating Kurt Cobain’s birthday (February 20), Pigeons and Planes will be releasing a free covers compilation titled Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well. The first of many covers was released last week but the entire album will be available to download on February 20th.

Electronic soul singer-songwriter JMSN flawlessly covered “Rape Me”. As opposed to Cobain’s very angry, tortured vocals, JMSN provides more devastating, distressed lyrics. The cover is beautifully produced and really allows JMSN’s yearning lyrics to be the main focus. JMSN adds his stylistic qualities while maintaining the integrity and overall vibe of the original. His down-tempo cover is very mindful and genuine, two qualities you don’t always find in an artist, let alone a cover. Suffice to say, this cover is breathtaking.

Shy Girls – Arrest Me (ft. Tei Shi)

Posted on February 10 2015 by Jordan Farley

Damn Shy Girls. This track is just too funky. He picks up all the right aspects of funk and r&b and combines it with modern electronic music. “Arrest Me”, released six days ago, was just one of thirteen tracks on Shy Girls’ latest free mixtape. Shy Girls worked with uber special artists like Junglepussy, but his song “Arrest Me” featuring pop’s mermaid Tei Shi is exceptionally amazing. Shy Girls is the perfect combination of a cooler, more mature Justin Bieber mixed with an equally intimate, but slightly less vulgar version of The Weeknd. I’m honestly surprised this song, in all its S&M glory, isn’t featured on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. Shy Girls and Tei Shi trade off vocals containing a filthy amount of bondage and dominance references. It’s a wonderfully produced song and it’s also sexy af.