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Jamie Prado – Songs to Dream In EP

Posted on January 26 2015 by zacheser
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Jamie Prado‘s talent is something to behold. Having only been on the scene for a short while, Prado leaves an indelible mark through his pop-infused, lounge ready brand of house music. This is made even clearer in his newest EP, ‘Songs to Dream In,’ which came out today via indie label Vibewithit.

Featuring 5 all-star tracks including Hold You, which we wrote about in October, the EP brilliantly breathes life into a jam-packed indie dance and house marketplace. Following the opening track is Don’t Wanna Wait, an old school, groovy, funky organ ridden number with a bassline that bops like a kid without Adderall. The next song, the deeper Work It Out, is a flashy, 90′s house-inspired piece that is smooth, suave, and ready for the “skinny tie/club” types. After Work It Out is the track which inspired the title of the EP. Prado’s A Song to Dream In is without a doubt the lightest track in this release showcasing a flirty conga groove combined with arpeggiated synth lines that scream Ibiza beach party. The finale, Extrasoular, is reminiscent of some of the lesser known tracks on Disclosure’s debut ‘Settle’: piano stabs matched with tight, percussive kicks and hi-hats on a consistent level that is on trend and exhilarating.

On the whole, Jamie Prado’s steady stream of persistently high quality content has been a blessing and his latest EP is no exception. Balanced, fun, and concise, ‘Songs to Dream In’ is admirably entertaining and further proof that post-EDM house is vibrant and stronger than ever.

Visit Vibewithit for the free download of this EP and stream it in full after the jump.

Sarah P – Moving On

Posted on January 25 2015 by Chris Kennedy

So I was scrolling through my SoundCloud stream when I stumbled across this song reposted by Sun Glitters. Sarah P, a singer/songwriter from Greece, recently teamed up with fellow Greek producer Nteibint to come out with “Moving On.” It has a very interesting indie/electro/80s feel, sort of like something that you would expect from Kavinsky. She is only getting started as she has plans to put more tunes out this year, which includes singing on an EP from Sun Glitters next month. You can also check out the music video for this song here!


Posted on January 15 2015 by zacheser
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Toronto’s Chris De Minico – better known by his alter-ego HRMXNY - is on the fast track to becoming a major player in the underground dance music community at large. Having already shared DJ booths with superstars Kaytranada and STWO, De Minico has gravitated towards a sound that is complex, enigmatic, and colorful while being intrinsically sublime.

You, one of the tracks from his recently released EP entitled “In Time,” is undeniably his most deft creation to date. Demonstrating an adroit understanding in production, You bounces and glides through shimmering layers of ambient vocal samples and lavish, rich, full kicks and snares. Overall, the track comes off as incredibly sensual and personal meaning the stakes here are high and, arguably, worth the risk. In fact, it feels so fine that it wouldn’t be crazy to believe that it’s titled You because it was originally made as a labor of love for a forlorn lover: a confirmation, in earnest, of how stunning and idiosyncratic HRMXNY’s latest happens to be.

Listen to You after the jump and be sure to pick up HRMXNY’s ‘In Time’ EP via Bandcamp.

Purity Ring – Begin Again

Posted on January 15 2015 by zacheser
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Trap music’s manic pixie dream girlfriend, a subgenre sometimes referred to as “witch house,” started appearing a few years ago as artists like Grimes and Giraffage began to slip into the mainstream consciousness as indie electronica experimented more heavily with aspects of 80′s goth-rock and shoegaze. As a result, the Canadian duo Purity Ring, had an expedited rise to prominence during this period: they earned praise from Pitchfork, NPR, and the New York Times; they toured extensively at sold out shows across North America including appearances at major festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo; and their experimentation with stage design earned them “must see” status as their live set-up quickly went viral amongst music aficionados.

Set to release their sophomore effort this March, Purity Ring has given the electronic music community a treat in the form of a new track from their upcoming album. Titled Begin Again, the track opens with the soundscapes we’ve grown accustomed to with Purity Ring as Megan James’ swooning vocals pan into a flurry of deep synth stabs and intricate percussion. And while their previous album, ‘Shrines,’ was incredibly concise, their updated sound definitely shows some maturity as the atmosphere feels more extravagant and full. If Begin Again is an inkling of what we can expect in March, then indie electronica is going to have a field day with what evidently appears to be a major player for “Best Of” lists in 2015.

You can listen to Begin Again after the jump.

Robb – Four By Four (MOUNT Remix)

Posted on January 13 2015 by zacheser
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Newcomer MOUNT hailing from Austria is new to the scene, but if this remix is any indication of his potential, then we may have a hit machine on our hands. The track is a re-tooling of Robb’s Four By Four: a track that has slid under the radar, but navigates the same waters as other soulful contemporaries like John Legend. The remix by MOUNT, however, flips the super sultry, coffeeshop-jazz-compilation feel of the original into an ephemeral dose of rapture that pulsates purity and goodness. Culminating into a deep, tactile, atmospheric piece of house music worthy of a release on a label like Anjunadeep, MOUNT has made something that truly encapsulates the notion of feeling ten feet tall. And if it hasn’t already, it sure as hell deserves heavy rotation from club DJs.

Check out the track below and visit MOUNT’s SoundCloud page for the free download.