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Blisspop Daily News, 7/22/2015

Posted on July 22 2015 by zacheser
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This is what happened in dance and electronic music today, Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

  1. Spotify struck a deal with Beatport to gain access to its library of music and videos which, from the looks of it, will also grant access to multiple festivals co-sponsored by Beatport’s parent company, SFX Entertainment. Don’t be shocked if you see your mom blaring “Oi Oi Oi” by Boys Noize in the minivan this time next year (via New York Times).
  2. Inspired by the events earlier this year in Baltimore, Prince has released the lyric video for his latest song, “Baltimore.” While the funk is in full effect, the most important thing about this track is the message that it’s up to us to change the world. Now we wait to see if Prince will finally stop beating around the bush and reveal that he’s an alien sent from the planet Blee-borp 12 to unite the human race through funk (via Mashable).

    And that’s when Prince floated in and saved the day.

  3. Indie/dance rock jam band Battles released an in-depth documentary about the making of their upcoming album La Di Da Di due out in September. The psychedelic group discusses their process, showcases new music, and made us realize that their rabid fan base of 6 hipsters who stumbled on them at SXSW will be incredibly excited (via Pitchfork).
  4. Flying Lotus is now the in-house entertainment on Hannibal Burress’ talk show on Comedy Central. This is cool because it means potheads who like Hannibal Burress have something in common with potheads who like Flying Lotus (via Pigeons & Planes).
  5. Electronic-R&B singer Lion Babe made it public that she’s disappointed that there’s no lion emoji. We’re disappointed in the existence of emojis in general. What happened to good ol’ fashioned words, people.*

    Screw a lion emoji. Get this girl a bouncy hair emoji! Or, at the very least, a sponsorship from Garnier Fructis.


(*DISCLAIMER: Taco emojis would be dope as hell, though.)

Lane 8 ft. Lulu James, “Loving You (Moon Boots Remix)”

Posted on July 17 2015 by zacheser

Loving You,” the latest single by deep house darling Lane 8 featuring vocals from Lulu James, just got the refix from another producer currently killing the game right now. Fresh off the track “Magic” which premiered recently through Annie Mac, Moon Boots has elevated his game on the remix of “Loving You” by extending his reach as a producer via the inclusion of more atmospheric pads, shuffling hi-hats, and balearic bass than we’ve come to expect from the French Express hotshot.

Ultimately, the edit culminates into an expression of longing and driving perseverance with a beat that is gentle as much as it is pushy. His take, in this sense, mixes the best of progressive trance and deep house has to offer almost taking on an early Deadmau5 vibe. It’ll leave your imagination winding through haunted corridors if you close your eyes while listening to it in a club and, for that, we say to Moon Boots: bravo.

Stream his remix of Lane 8′s “Loving You” featuring Lulu James below and make sure you RSVP to his upcoming show at Flash in August.

MONAKR – “Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)”

Posted on July 14 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

You may have seen our post about MONAKR last week. Well, I’m sorry, but I have to bring this stellar Chicago-based collaboration to your attention once more. You see, they were whetting our palate with their previous releases – today MONAKR uploaded a spectacular rendition of Massive Attack’s classic “Teardrop.” So sit back, relax, but brace yourself – MONAKR’s gonna rock you to wonderland! Listen to and download for free here:

IN THE MIX: Jacq Jill, “Melted Chocolate Mix”

Posted on July 9 2015 by zacheser
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Lauren Wright, whom some of you from the D.C. dance scene might know better as Jacq Jill, is having a really solid summer in our nation’s capital. After playing a dynamite set to a massive crowd at the Howard Theater during DC Pride in conjunction with a residency at DuPont hotspot, Science Club, the young DJ/producer from Texas has slowly been firming her grip in the underground dance scene with her diverse blend of chilled out house vibes and R&B grooves.

This afternoon she released a new mix, titled Melted Chocolate, which exemplifies the aesthetic she’s been exhibiting. The mix is a variety of soundscapes that, together, can only be described as calculated tension covered in sexy playfulness. This approach to mixing is a breath of fresh air in a room brimming with house mixes, a welcome diversion from high-energy drops in favor for laid-back, summery purity. Featuring cuts like Sophie’s “Lemonade” and The Cool Kids’ “Gold and a Pager” swirled together with loungey, atmospheric beats, this is a 20-minute detour worthy of your time.

Stream the mix below and be sure to check out Jacq Jill’s other sounds on SoundCloud.

BLISS 5: Jus Nowhere

Posted on June 25 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.03.58 PM copy

BLISS 5 is a recurring series where we ask respected DJs and producers to contribute a 5-track playlist of tracks that they are currently drawn to and/or have been playing out. Dancing then ensues.

Silence in Metropolis badboy and shenanigan master Justin Nouhra, better known to most as Jus Nowhere,  just got back from some international shows in Spain and Iceland with fellow D.C. producer Jackson Ryland. Having cemented himself in D.C.’s dance scene by never being afraid to get deep and by always having crazy, hard-to-access records on hand, we had to capitalize on the opportunity to get his 5 picks. And sure enough, he didn’t disappoint. This is Jus Nowhere’s BLISS 5.

1. Jack J, “Thirstin’/Atmosphere” 

Perfect summer vibes – exactly what I want to hear when the sun is out.”

2. Galcher Lustwerk, “Parlay”

Sound design is awesome. Loved this one since I heard it in 100% Galcher mix.”

3. Alex Falk, “What Is Free”

Textbook on how to make a total groover. Love the call and response and the overall simplicity of it, but it never stops pumping.”

4. Taras van de Voorde & David Vunk, “Need You Tonight (Alden Tyrell Remix)”

Absolutely love the synths in this one – you can’t help but groove to it.”

5. Person of Interest, “What You Think You Want”

Chunky, distorted. Arps get me every time.”

For a complete playlist, check out Jus Nowhere’s BLISS 5 on our SoundCloud.