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I Am Oak – On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix)

Posted on August 26 2014 by zacheser

Amsterdam based producer Sam Feldt, who is recently coming off the hot, vibey remix of Naxxos’ “New Orleans,” is back at it again with a slick remix of folk group I Am Oak’s “On Trees and Birds and Fire.” This is Feldt’s second collaboration with Bloombox – also out of Amsterdam – after they dropped a wickedly addicting remix of Mumford and Sons’ “I Will Wait” this past February.

Their most recent collab features lots of soul, lots of horns, and a deep melodic groove while keeping the haunting core of the source material at the heart of the track which, when combined, creates a track that not only rests on its laurels as a piece of whimsical deep house, but also as a piece of free flowing, anthemic bliss. This is a must have track that will set the dance floor into a starry eyed, uplifting trance. Make sure you get it when it drops on Spinnin’ Deep on September 8.



Boys Get Hurt – Sand in Hand

Posted on August 25 2014 by zacheser

This new release by Tokyo based producer Boys Get Hurt might be living proof that summertime might be extending through September and October this year. Coming off the Yunizon label out of Paris and London, “Sand in Hand” is everything you would expect out of a tropical house banger: free-flowing vocals; lighthearted synths and laidback percussion; and even a sample of the ocean waves crashing up against the shore. It’s almost as if Boys Get Hurt is begging us to keep our sandals on and crack open a couple more Coronas. With tracks like this one, Boys Get Hurt is an artist to keep an eye on (especially with other up and coming artists in the tropical house subgenre like Thomas Jack and Kygo).

You can check out the track below which, for now, is a free download:

Furniteur – Secret Plans

Posted on August 25 2014 by Caleb

DC synth poppers Furniteur are back with a new single on Prince George Records. “Secret Plans” is drenched in nostalgia, floating singer, Brittany Sims’s vocals in a warm bed of analog synths and mechanical beats. It’s darker than their previous offerings, but the change fits their sound well resulting in a cross between synthy shoegaze and late night italo disco. Take a listen below:

Chet Faker — I’m into You (Monkeyneck Remix)

Posted on August 22 2014 by Shawn G

Budapest’s very own Monkeyneck is taking a turn at bringing a new level to the house game, and this remix of Chet Faker is spot on. It’s vivid lyrics are spotlighted by a synthed-out, slowed down, deep dance track that makes you melt away. It’s simple cuts and subtle yet generous bass hits you for a nice summer cool down track especially as we head into fall. Take a listen!

Kilter – When You Walked In

Posted on August 21 2014 by Caleb

Australia is cranking out new talent non stop! The latest export is beatmaker, Kilter, who’s Shades EP was released recently on etcetc. The stand out track “When You Walked In” is a highly caffeinated cut of driving electronica built around tropical stabs and playful synths, interrupted by the occasional vocal snippet, that makes for one of the more enjoyable songs of the summer. Take a listen below and keep an eye out for Kilter who’s been crushing it on the remix front as well:

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