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Posted on October 21 2014 by Caleb
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I’ve had this track on repeat straight for the last several hours. Nu disco savant on the rise, Colour Vision, just released his rework of Ten Walls’s epic “Walking With Elephants,” and it’s essentially everything I wish the original was and more. He keeps the central hook of the track, layering it with the perfect amount of tropical flair and steel drums. The energy gets bumped t0o, making it nearly irresistible to groove to. You can take a listen below and grab the free DL over at Colourvision’s Facebook:

BLEITCH – This Is Our Youth (Official Video)

Posted on October 21 2014 by Caleb

LA duo, Bleitch, just debuted the video for their single, “This Is Out Youth,” and the visual companion is equally as dreamy as the track itself. The video follows the duo through a series of vignettes ultimately resulting in a late night beach party. It shares a sense of epicness with the song that translates easily over the synthwave soundscape and indie pop vocals to make for an enjoyable view. Check it out below:

Keljet x AYER – If It’s Not You

Posted on October 20 2014 by Caleb

The last time Dutch production geniuses, Keljet, teamed up with Ayer, the nu disco goodness was overpowering, resulting in a track that’s still smashing dance floors on the regular with their remix of “Circle Down.” This time, the two parties have teamed up for a proper original and the result is better than we could have hoped for. “If It’s Not You” is feel good through and through with cosmic synths swirling around Ayer’s delicate falsetto and a disco fueled indie dance groove. Take a listen below:

Tropicool — Indian Solstice

Posted on October 15 2014 by Shawn G

Tropicool’s mixes are superb, they are mood-fitting and highly sensual. “Indian Solstice” is no different and the vibe he brings with this set is one that resounds with the Fall feeling. A mix of indie, melodic house, shuttered between deep, dark fantasy tracks with french disco to bring you out of your funk. The track listing is on his Facebook page, where you can also download this mix for free! Enjoy!

Penguin Prison – Calling Out

Posted on October 14 2014 by zacheser

Penguin Prison has been on the rise for a few years now having had support by artists like RAC, Keljet, and the Knocks in addition to putting out countless remixes of artists like Lana Del Rey and Kimbra. But what really sets Penguin Prison apart from other artists in the indie dance scene is Chris Glover’s apparent love of popular music from all circles of the musical stratosphere.

His most recent single, “Calling Out,” plays out like the kind of Hall & Oates track that we listened to on the radio in the backseat of our parents’ cars as children. It has indelible synths, a bassline that hops around like a kid on a pogo stick, and vibrant guitar licks sunnier than a beach in Miami. The wow factor of this track, however, is Glover’s vocal delivery. He channels the modest sensibility of Lionel Richie and the determined howl of Daryl Hall in ways that make him a pop singer without laying waste to his indie cred. And it’s this air of honest vulnerability that steals the show because while his latest is injected with familiar themes to make it accessible to mainstream listeners, he maintains an unfathomable quality that professes that he is only here to make music that feels right.

And luckily for Chris Glover, this is right in all the best ways.

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