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Too Funk Tuesday #25

Posted on September 1 2015 by Shawn G

In Bliss, there is Too Funk Tuesday. This week’s selections are premium dance tracks with ultimate grooviness and funk that could last a lifetime (or at least until next #TFT). Enjoy!

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne – Real Love (Blaklyte & ALMOND Remix)

A fun, energetic mix to a beautiful indie track, ALMOND does a tremendous job in adding some much needed oomph for dancefloors around the world. This song has an uplifting, summertime vibe that is sure to rock anything from a pool party to the mid-to-late night set.


Aeroplane – Page One is Love EP

Reminiscent of early 90′s dance tracks, the two original productions on this EP are super sexy, highly danceable and a lock to get the crowd going. “Page One is Love” hits deep grooves with its piano chords and kicking bass, while “Dancing With Each Other” has a galactic synths that are the truth. Must listen!


Tobtok – Shelter ft. Alex Mills

Made for the hot and sunny, this song is perfect for a summer outro and a muggy September. Deep, engaging and innovative, Tobtok takes his Swedish innovation to next levels with lovely vocals from Alex Mills. A dance track with serious pop crossover appeal, this is nearly impossible to not jam out to!


Midnight City – Sexy Lady

Touching up Modjo’s infamous “Lady,” Midnight City gives this track a kick that makes it worthy of a revisit in any set. Not the biggest fan of progressive house, but this track moves beyond the plain and regular by keeping this a head-shaking, 90′s Le Click-esque monster.


MIX OF THE WEEK: The Magician - Magic Tape 54

This guy is a God among men. Enough said, 54 is FIRE.

Baskerville – Times

Posted on August 28 2015 by Chris Kennedy

A little late on this one, but it deserves a post nonetheless. Dutch producer Baskerville released this bomb on MTA last month and has been gaining support from people such as Pete Tong, Tensnake, and The Magician, to name a few. It starts out as what seems to be an indie track, going half-time with some echoing anthemic vocals. Then Baskerville flips a switch as the breaks slowly enter and the acid (synth) kicks in. It eventually develops into an epic jackin’ style house track, similar to that of Boys Noize‘s productions. It may be classified as electro house, but it definitely can have its place in all sorts of situations. Get it while it’s hot!

INTERVIEW: The Jane Doze

Posted on August 24 2015 by Blisspop
Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.53.07 PM

Claire Schlissel and Jen Mozenter are young, crazy, and want to rule the world. It helps that these two ladies, known to the dance music community as The Jane Doze, happen to be practically made of energy in case you haven’t been paying attention to their trajectory. Starting off as worker bees in the hustle and bustle of the music industry, the duo quickly found a calling as DJs and producers after discovering a shared love of EDM. Fast forward to 2015, they’ve crushed the remix game time and time again delivering high-octane, *wink-wink* edits that’ve consistently made them a major draw in both the dance music blogosphere and the club circuit.

Following their recent stream of quality singles, I took a moment to chat with the duo about their past, their future, the state of dance music, and whether 90′s Britney is better than 2000′s Britney.

First off, I would like to begin the interview by saying thank you for taking the time to speak with us and, also, I’m a huge fan of your work and have been since the start. So, congratulations on your success. Super happy to see that you two are getting your dues. My first question is this: who are the Jane Doze and, if you could create a custom emoji to describe yourself, what would it be?

We are a DJ/production duo from NYC. We do have an emoji! It’s this: }:) (ANTLERS UP).

There’s been multiple interviews detailing your past i.e. how you met at a show in New York and how you each left jobs in the music industry to pursue careers in dance music. I have yet to see an interview, however, where you were asked about what your 5 year old self would think if they knew this is where you’d be. What would 5 year old Claire and Jen say if they knew this was their future? Do you think they’d be stoked? 

Claire: If you had asked me at age 5 where I’d be 20 years later, I probably would have said married with kids and working as a paleontologist. Suffice to say, I never saw this coming. It wasn’t until midway through college that I even considered music as a career path.

Jen: I started playing instruments at an early age, so I think even at 5 years old I would have told you that I wanted to do something that involved music.

In 2011, you two started out making mash-ups and now you’re working on original productions. As far as your music taste goes, it’s pretty eclectic having stretched from trap to deep house and everything in between. Since you started, has your taste influenced the way you produce? Or would you say it’s the other way around? Because you seem to fall into a broad spectrum. 

We started out in more of the hip-hop/pop space, but soon after we started DJing, our production style changed. We wanted to make things that we could play in our sets which were becoming increasingly more electronic. We started seeing what people react to at a live show and that heavily influenced how we approached production. 

And you guys also seem to have discovered this signature, tongue-in-cheek self – awareness when it comes to your music. Is that a byproduct of having experienced the music industry as insiders? 

Yes, we think so. Maybe we’re jaded because we spent so many years on the other side. It’s almost like we know too much – we’ve see labels manufacture bands. We know what takes place on the back end. We try not to take ourselves too seriously because even though this is our life, it’s fun. 

When it comes to traveling to gigs, what do you find is the secret ingredient to making your life easier? Red Bull? Neck pillows? Harry Potter toothbrush? 

Good question. Our biggest splurge is probably Ubers to the airport here in NYC instead of lugging suitcases on the subway. The best investment we ever made in travel was applying for Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check. It saves us so much time at airports and we don’t have to take our shoes off. 

Sometimes when you’re heading from gig to gig, the only meals you get around to having are late night eats. What are the most memorable late night eats you’ve had in recent memory after a show? 

Oh man. Every now and then we go hard in the room service game. Most recently we were in Anaheim for VidCon: we finished our set around midnight, and nothing was open, so we ordered almost everything the hotel had in their kitchen. When we’re in NYC, and need to eat after a gig, we always go to Bubby’s in Tribeca. Best 24 hour food in the city.

So, as a DJ myself, I’ve come to find that I’m constantly chasing some kind of  feeling during a set. When you two play a set, are you searching for something? And if so, what are you guys trying to chase? Find? Elicit? 

The connection with a crowd: that moment early in a set when the audience sort of surrenders to you and decides they’re going to let you take them on a journey. 

This question is going to be a little more political. You’ve said before that EDM can be “a boys club” which is a sentiment I think many of us agree with. I would also say, however, that EDM has also become a bit of a “white, heterosexual, middle class club” as it became more popularized in mainstream culture. Do you think it’s important to preserve the cultural roots of dance music and, if so, what’s your take on what we can do to preserve the history? 

This is true. And absolutely. It’s sort of two-fold. One: Dance music needs greater diversity. A lot of this responsibility falls on the people who book festivals, who A&R records at dance labels, etc. Two: Part of preserving history is repurposing the old and making it new; what we love about a lot of tech and deep house are the references to the ‘Chicago House’ scene of the 80′s. More of this please!

Change of topic. These are going to be a series of rapid fire questions. Go with your gut instinct. First rapid fire question: fries or tots? 

Both. Sorry, too close to call.

DJ set at MTV Spring Break or in Ibiza? 

MTV Spring Break.

Halloween or Christmas?


90′s Britney or 2000′s Britney?


Throwback hip-hop or throwback pop/rock? 


Being young in America can be tricky. I feel like it can be hard for some to take the leap of faith, like you guys did, because we’re raised in a culture that tells us to follow our dreams, but to also follow the formula of going to school, getting a job, etc. in order to live a happier life. What advice do you have for the kids out there who struggle to tackle the fear of failure in order to be who we want to be? 

We always encourage people to pursue their dreams. We understand, often times, that is easier said than done, but if you have the resources, there is no reason not to go after what you’ve always wanted to do. What’s the worst that can happen? Better to try and fail than regret never trying.

Since you’ve been teasing glimpses of original work with the releases of “Give You Up” and “Lights Go Down,” does that mean we can expect an EP or full-length in the near future? And as far as that goes, do you have any artists or producers on a bucket list that you’d kill to work with? 

We’ll probably continue releasing singles. There are a bunch of producers and artists we would love to work with: Robyn, Alison Wonderland, Anna Lunoe, Gorgon City to name a few.

So can we expect to see you in D.C. again soon? These jumbo pizza slices aren’t gonna eat themselves. 

We love DC. Hope to get back soon. 




TICKET GIVEAWAY | REV 909: Daft Punk / French House Tribute w/ Will Eastman & Ozker at 9:30 Club, 8/7

Posted on August 4 2015 by Zach

Who likes to “Get Lucky”? Terrible pun aside, we want to make you a lucky son-of-a-gun and give you free tickets to this month’s REV 909 party! For those of you unfamiliar with REV 909, it’s a party hosted by D.C. dance music legends Will Eastman and Ozker that celebrates the sounds of French electronica and classic indie dance while slaying the house with crowd pleasing drops and grin inducing surprises. Yeah – it’s that kind of party. After countless sold out shows at U Street Music Hall, high demand for a bigger venue, and a need to feed the vibes for more people, this will be the first REV 909 show at the 9:30 Club.

Needless to say, this is the place to be on Friday night. And that’s why we want to give you the chance to be there. All you have to do is the following:

  1. ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page.
  2. Send an e-mail to Blisspop@gmail.com with the subject header ‘Rev 909′ with your name and a clever caption for this dorky photo of Will Eastman:

The winner will be announced on Thursday afternoon. Good luck and don’t forget to #DanceInsanely.

Midnight Pool Party, “Disease (Eau Claire Remix)”

Posted on July 29 2015 by Zach
MPP_Disease Artwork

By now, Eau Claire has become synonymous with indie synthpop after multiple, high-charting remixes on Hype Machine, featured spots at Firefly and the upcoming Splash House, and opening duties for names like Flight Facilities and Alle Farben. The D.C. producer/DJ continues to impress as her skills begin to hone and show newer, more intricate sides to her personality; this is made very clear in her new remix of Midnight Pool Party’s “Disease.”

Opening up with her staple chord progressions and synth stabs paired with MPP’s vocals, the track develops into a panned out, chopped vocal wonderland with interwoven melodies and harmonies that are slicker than oil on water. This showcases the more electro-funk side of Eau Claire’s work we saw in her remixes of Pink Feathers and Mike Posner: an aspect of her production style which, as of late, has been scant in favor of her much more poppy, almost tropical sensibilities (her remix of Saint Motel’s “My Type” comes to mind). Her choice to revisit some older themes and structures in this remix is a reminder of what made us fall in love with her edits in the first place. They’re fun. They’re not short on energy. And they just make us want to throw our hands in the air.

Stream Eau Claire’s remix of “Disease” below.