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Justin Timberlake, “My Love (Cerulean City)”

Posted on October 29 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.32.21 AM

Bisbeaux and Wave Age, who together form the DJ duo known as Cerulean City, had a massive debut earlier this year after releasing their remixes of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” and Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction.” Following the tried and true model of flipping Top 40 darlings into dance-heavy bangers, Cerulean City’s most recent edit, an indie dance/nudisco treatment of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love,” shows that not only do these boys have a soft spot for straightforward pop, but also a penchant for remodeling it.

With a heavy kick, interstellar synths, and a hidden arpeggio that drives deeper than a drill looking for oil, Cerulean City’s take on Timberlake’s classic reaches for the stars with moments of inspired indie dance lunacy and respectful treatment of the sentiment attached to such a recognizable track.  It’s as if Wave Age and Bisbeaux not only understand that people will have an attachment to the original, but they took it into consideration as they crafted each bar of their remix; the soundscape is a pillow that comforts and adds warmth to Timberlake’s vocals providing an updated feel which doesn’t feel out of touch.

Check out Cerulean City’s remix below and be sure to see them when they make their live debut on Saturday night at The Black Cat as part of Blisspop’s SLICE event alongside other local talents like Nick Garcia, Julius Jetson, and Yomimbi.

The Blinkhorn Batch #4

Posted on October 22 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
The Blinkhorn Batch

The Blinkhorn Batch is a deliberate and meticulous selection of new dark, deep, and occasionally sinister sounds followed by a classic production of the same style. This ongoing series of posts is curated by Blisspop author Patrick Blinkhorn. 

After a brief hiatus, I present the next installment of The Blinkhorn Batch. It’s been a little more than a month since The Blinkhorn #3, so as you can imagine, I have a bunch of great new jams for you. Grab your favorite pair of headphones or speakers and settle in for this musical journey.

I’m going to start off a little differently – I normally write about dark/sinister techno and deep house, but I’m starting this post off with an indie dance slow burner – this one was simply too good to leave out. Last month, Leipzig based artist, Luvless, put out “Castles In The Sky” on Razor-N-Tape. Luvless sampled a classic, “Just The Two Of Us:”

No, no – not that version. While Will Smith’s “Just The Two Of Us” from his 1997 album Big Willie Style is a classic in its own right, Luvless got the sample from somewhere else:

NO! Luvless didn’t sample the Dr. Evil and Mini-Me “Just The Two Of Us” duet from the 1999 movie, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. I’ll stop playin’ now. He sampled the original “Just The Two Of Us,” which was recorded by Grover Washington, Jr. and Bill Withers in 1980. Listen to this smooth jazz gem here:

And listen to what Luvless did with it here:

Veering back to my usual techno and deep house, I’m going to point your attention to German DJ/Producer duo, Pan-Pot. I wrote about their The Other One EP back in July. Pan-Pot recently released a brilliant and eclectic selection of tracks in The Other LP. My top picks off of the LP (besides “808 Nirvana” and “Pina,” which I already wrote about) are “Optimistic Grey,” “Sleepless Feat. L.O.U,” “Riot,” “Broken Engine,” and “Twelve.”  Listen to The Other LP here:

Milan based artists Hunter/Game put out “Adaptation” on Kompakt Extra’s SPEICHER 87 release. This track is a percussive powerhouse:

Suara is probably my favorite label this year because they put out compilations such as Kitties On Trance. If you enjoy “deep, vigorous, acid, dark, fun, [and] mellow” house and techno, this is for you. Every track on this compilation is gold. Listen:

I’ll lighten the mood for a second with this next one. Desert Hearts artists Mikey Lion and Bengal teamed up for a bouncy, tech house jam titled “Like That:”

Spanish duo Animal Picnic recently released an ethereal techno EP on Steyoyoke. Once again, all four tracks on Sinopsia are fantastic, but my two favorites are “Kraftika (Original Mix)” and “Ethorica (Original Mix).” Listen to the EP in its entirety:

Henry Saiz, another Spaniard, is known for the magic that comes out of his studio. And his remix of Groove Armada’s “Call Me” is no different – it’s guaranteed to cast a spell on you. The remix is forthcoming on Moda Black. Listen to it here:

On October 16, Argentine producer Shall Ocin released this techno heater on Hotflush. The track features a particularly dark vibe that is set by a trumpet-sounding synth:

Spanish artist Dennis Cruz put out some house fire with “Guetto (Original Mix).” He makes good use of samples and demonstrates his mastery in bass line creation in this track. “Guetto (Original Mix)” will be released on October 26:

Another Spain based duo, BLOND:ISH, uploaded the second track off of their forthcoming album, Welcome to the Present. The track, titled “Jupiter & Jaguar,” gets weird with some chanting samples, but that’s just how we like it here at Blisspop. Listen:

We’re closing in on the finish line – I promise.

I’ve written up every recent Tale Of Us release for one reason: their unique productions reign over all new music currently on my radar. The duo is not afraid to experiment, and no matter what they do, their music hits the spot every time. Listen to their upcoming release on R & S Records, “Silent Space:”

Oona Dahl has become a key name in the deep house/techno community. Whether its Lee Burridge singing her praises or one of her mixes or productions popping up in your social media, she’s everywhere. The Hallucienda / All Day I Dream affiliated and Berlin based artist is making all of these waves in the dance music community primarily because her talent lives up to the hype that artists such as Lee Burridge have surrounded her with. But don’t take my word for it – listen to her Burning Man 2015 Robot Heart set and hear for yourself why everyone’s talking about her:

And that concludes this week’s new music section of The Blinkhorn Batch. I normally end with a classic, but I’m going to change things up this week. Instead of looking to the past for new music, let’s look to the future.

Tale of Us has done a decent job of keeping their unreleased remix of Jamie xx’s “Gosh” under wraps – I haven’t seen them mention it on social media, they haven’t put it up on their Soundcloud, etc. Perhaps they know that they are sitting on what might be their best production yet and they are trying to build more hype around it as they play it out at select shows. Whatever their reason is for keeping it on the down low, several people ripped it from sets Tale of Us played the remix in and posted the rip to Soundcloud. Listen to this forthcoming fire from Tale of Us:

[Seeing that this is an unreleased remix, this Soundcloud track may be taken down. If that happens, search for "Jamie xx – Gosh (Tale of Us Remix)" on Soundcloud to find another recording.]








TICKET GIVEAWAY: Smallpools at 9:30 Club on 10/18

Posted on October 16 2015 by Zach

Some sunny California vibes are on the horizon in D.C. as L.A.’s indie-pop outfit Smallpools is coming to town delivering infectious pop to the masses. Their blissfully positive, upbeat jams have been remixed and flipped by the likes of Manila Killa, Monsieur Adi, and Captain Cuts, but many will come to find that their alt-rock meets bubbly indie dance aesthetic will make the hairs on their arms stand straight up. And Hell – they’ll probably start grooving like baby Groot at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Blisspop team wants to get you in to see this show which is guaranteed to rock your face with a grin you can’t shake. Wanna know how to score tickets? It’s really simple:

  1. Like the official Blisspop page on Facebook.
  2. Shoot us a tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #Smallpools930 and tell us what makes Smallpools so cool. Is it their hair? Their style? Do they know how to make the perfect bacon cheese tots?
  3. We’re gonna pick a winner tomorrow night and will contact them by 8 PM.

We wish you all the best of luck and we hope to see you there dancing insanely.

Nicolas Haelg, “Mind Games”

Posted on September 23 2015 by Zach

It’s safe to assume that sunny aesthetics are here to stay in dance music. As artists like Sam Feldt and Robin Schulz continue to pave the way on Top 40 radio, shifting the dance music game away from big room, electro, and trap, the sax-mellow guitar trend is becoming more and more noticeable as frat brothers begin trading in their tribal pattern tank tops for Hawaiian shirts.

But while this particular subgenre of dance furthers its reach, there are some producers who are keeping it rootsy and tropical without going full on pop. Nicolas Haelg‘s recent original, “Mind Games,” is tropical, sweet, summery, pleasurable, but it never strays into the cliché territory of slammers like “Prayer in C.” This is due in part mostly to the choice of vocals for the track: Haelg forgoes ambient or sultry and instead ventures into gospel which gives the track an energetic lift and more of a house feel than the countless other tropical tracks which have debuted in the last few months (“Show Me Love,” as gorgeous as it is, still comes to mind). Combined with a bass that slaps harder than the sound of a fat man belly-flopping into a swimming pool, the track as a whole is proper house with elements of island vibes; this is not the kind of tropical house that’ll give you sunburn just from listening.

Listen to Nicolas Haelg’s “Mind Games” below and pick it up for a free download.

TICKET GIVEAWAY | Viceroy at 9:30 Club on 9/18/15

Posted on September 14 2015 by Zach

Tropical house royalty is coming to town this weekend. Viceroy, one of the Kings of Summer Feels, is getting ready to beat up the 9:30 Club on Friday like a blender beats up pineapple smoothies. And guess what? We want you to be there.

We’re giving away a Viceroy Weekend Package featuring 2 tickets to the show on Friday, where the San Francisco native will be joined with Rainer & Grimm and Mr. Bonkerz, as well as some band merch so you can be all swaggered out while you celebrate the final days of summer. This is what you can do to score all this dope dopeness:

  1. Follow Blisspop on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  2. Submit an e-mail to us at BLISSPOP@GMAIL.COM with the subject header “Viceroy Tix.” In the e-mail, give us a caption for the following photo:
  3. Our favorite caption will be deemed the winner. Contest ends Thursday night (9/17) at 8:00 PM EST. We will contact the winner on Friday morning!

Good luck and be sure to check out Viceroy’s latest out now on Dim Mak Records!