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Golden Coast, “Futurist (Eau Claire Remix)”

Posted on April 23 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.34.58 AM

“Everybody knows I’m a futurist.” The hook of Golden Coast‘s “Futurist” suggests a certain respect for the future or, at the very least, looking forward without trying to get bogged down in the present. This mentality is very interesting given the state of indie dance now as it begins to be overshadowed by deep house, techno, and tropical. So what does it take to go beyond and reach further than the competition in a landscape such as this? Find the talent that will be there in the future after the dust settles; find the kids that want to push through the artifice.

It makes sense that D.C. DJ/Producer Eau Claire is on the remix for Golden Coast’s “Futurist.” Having already established a very forward thinking production style which is seen on her remixes of Pink Feathers, Marvin Gaye, and her work as half of Man & Woman, Eau Claire breathes a particular panache that elevates the tropes of indie dance to something which oozes style. Evident in her work on “Futurist,” she sews together the signature piano patterns, fluffy pads, and touches of tropical house that have defined her edits thus far. The vocals – upbeat and pop without being too sugary – work wonderfully in this setup as they complement the instrumental in a familiar, warm manner which invites one to daydream. Simply put, this remix transcends boundaries and defies indie dance expectations: a trait that, if enough producers follow suit, may move the subgenre forward as artists begin to take notice of the newer trends in dance music.

Listen to Eau Claire’s remix of Golden Coast’s “Futurist” below.

Too Funk Tuesday #11

Posted on April 21 2015 by Shawn G

Too Funk Tuesday is back to help welcome Spring! Check out the five tracks below:

Slow Knights – Candy Sugar Rush (Louis La Roche Remix)

Oh man…it’s good to hear LLR back and in action! This remix of Slow Knights is simply melodic bliss with its incorporation of crazy synth break downs and gorgeous soul vocals. This man brings the heat any time he touches a track and this is a real treat.

Imaani – Found My Light (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)

Disco lovers are rejoicing everywhere. Go Go always deliver the best in nu disco and their remix of Imaani is one of their best yet. This song is french touch at its finest and keeps a BPM that’s meant for pool parties and sunsets. Enjoy!

Aeroplane – Let’s Get Slow

It’s like all of my favorite artists decided to drop new tracks this week…Aeroplane is back again with an original production that further brandishes him as one of the best in the indie/disco house game. This song has a simple 808 feel with awesome funk vocals, reminiscent of the latter years of Daft Punk. Definitely take this one out for a ride, its sensual and speaks to the night.

Daniel Johns – Aerial Love (Naderi Remix)

They say slow and steady wins the race and this track is a winner! Super chill and deeply romantic, Naderi brings magic to “Aerial Love” with a totally new feel and deep bass drops. Experimental in its break, yet pop in its chorus — this track is a dream. Take a listen!

MIX OF THE WEEK: The Magician live at Ultra

STRAIGHT KILLS IT…here’s the tracklist:

01. Feder : Goodbye (Hugel remix)
02. Clean Bandit : Rather Be (The Magician remix)
03. Twin Shadow : Old Love/New Love (Armand Van Helden remix)
04. Spada : Sun Sun Sun 
05. Blonde : All Cried out (The Magician remix)
06. Arches : New Love (Stripped Mix)
07. Philip George : Wish You Were Mine
08. Kideko : The Jam
09. Zonderling : Telraam
10. Watermat & Tai : Frequency
11. Martin Solveig & GTA : Intoxicated
12. ID : Red Roses
13. Oliver $ : Pushing On (Tchami remix)
14. ID : The Party
15. The Magician : Sunlight
16. Lykke Li : I Follow Rivers (The Magician remix)

Too Funk Tuesday #10

Posted on April 14 2015 by Shawn G

Too Funk Tuesday is back again and this time, Spring is in session. The tracks pulled together below are meant to warm your soul and help bloom the love and perspective that comes from the heat of summer. Please enjoy!

Caroline Koch — Timeless (Tchami Remix)

No matter if you’re a fan of new school deep house or not, Tchami is by far one of the best producers in the game right now and this track is a measure of why. Something different than his usual dancefloor bangers, this track brings a garage house vibe that would rip up any UK disco. His remix of Caroline Koch is an eclectic mix of filtered vocals, simple breakbeats and heavy synths — a bit dark in melody but highly danceable. Take a listen:

Tinashe — All Hands on Deck (Giraffage Remix)

If you’re looking for a song that is popular on a mainstream level but needs a heavy bit of bass to match your latest mix’s BPM, well you’ve got one here. Giraffage blows up the spot with this piece of magic. Driving deep vibes with a beautiful transition into pop vocals, the bridges really stick out in this one and could really help a DJ set along.

Kid Ink — Be Real (Wax Motif & Gladiator)

Nero is the last dance artist that has truly incorporated dubstep or heavy electro in a way that can still appeal on a crossover way. This track from Wax Motif and Gladiator is on that same path with its mind-altering bassline and filtered, french touch-esque vocal from Kid Ink. I’m a big fan of this track because it represents how far dance music has come in its evolution of sound and incorporation of different sub-genres.

Arches ft. Karen Harding — New Love

Belgian producer Arches is back with a new, original track on The Magician’s latest imprint “Potion” which will be dropping soon. This song is a well-deserved inclusion with its infectious dance feel and energetic vibe, this song is made for the radio and when you’re getting ready to go to the club. Karen Harding kills it per usual with her dance-ready voice, backed by piano crescendos and a deep, driving bass.

Miguel — Do You (Robotaki Midnight Snack Edit)

If you’re made it this far in this week’s Too Funk Tuesday, I applaud and would like to thank you with this amazing edit from French Canadian Robotaki. This song is made for late summer nights with your girl or boy when you need something to spark some love. It’s got this amazingly unique feel with samples of live instrumentation soaked in, and an up and down melody that gives you time to pause, rest and repeat.

Petite Meller, “Baby Love (Todd Terry & Ant LaRock Remix)”

Posted on April 8 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.25.02 PM

Petite Meller‘s French synthpop aesthetic is incurably infectious. Slam that vibe into some of the hardest hitting veterans in house music and you’re in for a treat. On the most recent remix train for Meller’s Baby Love – a smile inducing banger in its own right – is none other than the legendary Todd Terry and his InHouse protégé Ant LaRock. They’ve managed to rework the inner child of Meller’s disco inspired, free-spirit anthem into a certified synthcapade that benefits from heavy bass, layered pads, and plenty of 80′s electro elements that would make John Carpenter fist-pump like a champ.

It’s a difficult feat making something as bright and poppy as the original Baby Love into a darkness dwelling, underground, black box-centric slammer, but the masters at work here succeed beautifully transforming Meller’s work into a feverish bouncy castle of beats and bass.

Listen to the remix below. As of now, there only seems to be plans to release the Baby Love Remixes EP in the UK, but we will be sure to be the first ones on it when the EP finally sees a release here stateside.

Jagged Edge, “Where the Party At (Viceroy ‘Jet Life’ Remix)”

Posted on April 6 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.02.27 PM

Viceroy is deadset on establishing summer just as spring is getting going. Well known for his ‘Jet Life’ series, the DJ/Producer’s latest flip involves the classic block party jam Where the Party At by Jagged Edge and Nelly and let’s just say that it’s gonna melt your face off like it’s a Ninja Turtles popsicle on a hot sidewalk.

Taking a future bass route on the remix, Viceroy lays down guitar licks straight from the stadium rock playbook and lays it over viscous synths thick enough to clog your arteries. Coupled with the relatively untouched vocals, which will undoubtedly bring back memories of hanging out in the back of the school bus in the early 2000s, this remix manages to update a house party classic while maintaining respect for the nostalgic quality of the original. This edit slams. It grooves. And it knows.

Listen to the Viceroy remix of Jagged Edge’s Where the Party At below and visit SoundCloud for details on the free download.