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Penguin Prison, “Never Gets Old (Colour Vision Remix)”

Posted on March 24 2015 by zacheser
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Priming us for all of the sun, pineapple, and colorful Ray-Bans on the horizon, the Palm Springs Purveyor of Positivity, Corey Hurley aka Colour Vision, remixed indie dance vibe superstar Penguin Prison to full effect. Kicking off with a conga groove before letting a series of marimbas carry us away to the Caribbean, Hurley complements Chris Glover’s vocals with spacious reverb and additional percussion that dazzles and grooves while a very minimal, bouncy bass bumps in the background. Anything that feels this good should be considered sinful, but thankfully, Colour Vision makes the journey irresistible and pure. Nothing to worry about.

Listen to the Colour Vision remix of Penguin Prison’s “Never Gets Old” below.

Too Funk Tuesday #8

Posted on March 17 2015 by Shawn G

Days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter…Spring is in the air and that means tropical vibes are blooming in dance, house and Too Funk Tuesday. Whether the jamz are in your #SpringBreak2015 playlist, latest mix or DJ set, the dancefloor is ready for some upbeat, energetic romance to get them warm and moving again. Check out some top picks for mid-March!


Austrailia-native, Airwolf, has been an absolute gem in the dance scene with groundbreaking tracks that are one-of-a-kind each and everytime. This track fits the mold of his beachy, feel-good vibe that mixes the nu disco and indie house generes to create this jumping disco track that is sure to make any festival-goer put their hands up.

Tove Stryke — Ego (Bearson Remix)

What a song! Bearson mixes some Norwegian magic in this track. Synths are strong with this one and the whimsical vocals are highly intoxicating. The beat then utterly blows your sensual senses away once it drops and becomes this energetic, exciting dance track that just makes you want to jiggy. “Ego” is humbled with this beauty.

Dance Cult — Anything Tonight

If this track isn’t in your dance set yet, then you need to get on the bandwagon. This song was made for the dancefloor and is sure to make any crowd move their feet. “Anything Tonight” is riding the deep, dancey, uplifting vocals sound that has once again propelled dance music to the forefront of pop electronica. Dance Cult embraces the success of peers Duke Dumont and Jax Jones on this one and no wonder is highly addictive. A repeat listen for sure!

Sailors — Feels So Good

Now this is poolside, lounge-ready music! Sailors bring coconuts, sand and tropical weather with “Feels So Good” and incorporate an aural symphony that uses a variety of melodies that feed off one another. Synths and xylophones always make for an exciting dance track. Take a listen!

Solé Fixtape Vol. 32 | SNBRN + CRSSD Festival

This is the thirty second installment of the Fixtapes and who better to do it than LA-based, summertime-shine man himself, SNBRN. Mixing some of the hottest dance tracks in the game right now with some typical SNBRN throwbacks, this mixtape is on fire. Couldn’t find the tracklist but still worth the amazing 45 minutes of music greatness!


Blisspop Mix Series #18: Citizen Select

Posted on March 11 2015 by Blisspop

Listeners beware: the latest mix in our Blisspop Mix Series emphasizes that idea of ‘feel good.’ This is an auditory delivery of intercourse for your earbuds. Mixed by Washington, D.C. nudisco and indie dance purveyors of funk, Citizen Select, the latest mix was put together with the idea of ‘Sunshine’ as its main thematic element. What results is a vibrant, lighthearted, upbeat mix that picks up tempo before going into a bass lined sweet spot that will make you bounce, nod, and wish you were in a sweaty room filled to the brim with attractive people. This mix is essentially summer incarnate. Featuring tracks by the likes of Bit Funk, Moon Boots, Sharam Jey, Gigamesh, and Tippy Toes, this entry in the Blisspop Mix Series is not one to pass up.

Be sure to download the mix via SoundCloud.


Full tracklist:

Gigamesh, ‘Back to Life’
Glenn Dale, ‘Wanna Be (Original Mix)’
Yeah Boy, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough (Sam Padrul Remix)’
Jafunk & 9th Floor Funk Apartment, ‘Up 2 U’
Ekkah, ‘Last Chance to Dance (Goldroom Remix)’
Little Daylight, ‘Overdose (Tippy Toes Remix)’
Hayden James, ‘Something About You (Original Remix)’
Pompeya, ‘Does (The Twelves Remix)’
Tesla55, ‘It’s You’
Moon Boots, ‘C.Y.S.’
Boehm, ‘Can You Feel It (Matvey Emerson Remix)’
KLP, ‘Medicine (Gold Fields Remix)’
Sharam Jey, ‘What’s Going On’
Siente, ‘Feel the Same (Sixth Avenue Express Remix)’
Boys Get Hurt, ‘Can’t Wait (Bit Funk Remix)’
Kav Verhouzer & Jengi Beats, ‘Do This Together (ft. Jamila) (Extended Mix)’
Grafton Primary, ‘One More Life (G Templeton Remix)’
Marvin Gaye, ‘How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)’


Too Funk Tuesday #7

Posted on March 10 2015 by Shawn G

Not sure what’s going on right now but there is an insane amount of good music being pushed out right now…it must be Spring :) new tunes for a much needed warmup. There are a couple of older tracks recently heard that deservedly needed to be included. Honestly, I know I’m only 7 in, but this may be the best Too Funk Tuesday yet. Check it out!

Blonde — All Cried Out

This track is special, one that has pop crossover appeal and can still make the house heads have a dance off. It has a slower vibe but Alex Newell’s vocals brings out an intense emotional appeal that Blonde truly capitalizes on with each drop. It has ringing piano bars, and deep synths that accentuate the driving bassline.

That’s Nice — Holiday (Keljet Remix)

If you didn’t know it already, Dutch producer Keljet is one of my favorites within the Nu Disco/Indie House genre and this track is a reason why. Taking the already energetic original and the beautiful vocals of Miami Horror’s Josh Moriarty, Keljet performs magic with this one. A very tropical feel, it exudes sunshine and dancing — one to play by the pool. If you’re in need of a feel good mood, this is the track to do it for you.

Breakbot — You Should Know (The Swiss Remix)

Now the funkiest man in dance music is easily Breakbot, and his album last year is the gospel for today’s Nu Disco. “You Should Know” was easily one of the best songs on the album and The Swiss have done something incredible with it — they made it even funkier. The BPM on this mix makes it dancefloor-ready and the incorporation of a kickslap, the piano solo and other background instrumentals makes it highly awesome, yet different. Definitely take a listen!

Marc Telein — Lights On (Doin It)

Although this came out about a year ago, this is definitely the track of the week. A deep-meets-Indie house track that is made for ears everywhere. It just makes you want to shimmy and shuffle your feet. Its naughty and romantic at the same time, a track made to bring the dancefloor to sensual levels — using the deep bass to incite massive love tremors. Enjoy!

Magic Tape 50 (Birthday Edition) — The Magician 

It’s magic, mofos! This man is becoming a god among men within the dance universe. This edition of his magic tape collection is beyond any description I could give. It encapsulates some of the hottest tracks in the game, its beautifully mixed and of course it has some of his magic (midas) touch. Here’s a live version of it too via MixmagTV –

Be prepared to have your mind blown for 55 minutes or so, here’s the tracklist:

1. Full Crate x Mar – Her Window
2. Feder (Feat. Lyse) – Goodbye
3. Jessie Ware – Champagne Kisses (TCTS Remix)
4. Spada – Sun Sun Sun
5. Blonde (Feat. Alex Newell) – All Cried Out
6. Dance Cult – Anything Tonight
7. The New Sins – Lights Down (Waze & Odyssey Remix)
8. Marshall F & LO’99 – Take Me Back
9. Years & Years – King (The Magician Remix)
10. N/A
11. Molotov – The Party
12. Sigma (Feat. Labrinth) – Higher (Grades Remix)
13. Zac Samuel – I’ll Be Pushin On


BLISS 5: Eau Claire

Posted on March 2 2015 by zacheser

BLISS 5 is a recurring series where we ask respected DJs and producers to contribute a 5-track playlist of tracks that they are currently drawn to and/or have been playing out. Dancing then ensues. 

Hot off a killer BLISS party with Will Eastman and PHILCO this past weekend, D.C.’s Eau Claire had a moment to share the 5 tracks that have been weaving in and out of her head as of late. A few of them have heavy roots in pop music – a recurring influence in Eau Claire’s sets for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to witness her jaw dropping, frenetic vibes behind the decks – but overall, her list is a melodic blend of indie dance for anyone who needs a bonafide pick-me-up. So without further ado, check out Eau Claire’s BLISS 5 below.