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Ante Perry & Shimmer – Body and Soul (feat. Gia Mellish)

Posted on September 2 2014 by zacheser

Coming off the upcoming Toolroom Records compilation, “Poolside Croatia,” which dropped on August 31, “Body and Soul” by Ante Perry and Shimmer is quite possibly one of those tracks that escalates a DJ’s career into the stratosphere. A minimal house track with a pulsing bassline and very tight – and incredibly tense – wind-ups into cathartic bass drops, “Body and Soul” makes great use of ambience and a back to basics approach that really turns up the heat. This is the kind of track that creeps into the back of your mind; the kind that you hear in a dark club and you try to remember what it sounded like the next day, but you can’t for the life of you figure out what it actually was. This track is a dark horse.

Make sure you get it when it’s released as part of the “Poolside Compilation” on August 31 via Toolroom Records.

The 2 Bears – Get Out

Posted on September 2 2014 by zacheser

The 2 Bears, also known as Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) and Raf Rundell (of the now defunct 1965 Records), have established a niche for themselves as champion remix artists over the past few years by tackling countless tracks by artists like Santigold, Death Cab for Cutie, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Their newest single, “Get Out,” coming off their album set to debut on Southern Fried Records in the fall, takes their experimental playfulness to new heights while delivering a single that is begging to be played on the best sounding sound system you can find. Starting off as a quiet, atmospheric pad piece, “Get Out” soon ascends into a big beat rhythm followed by a bass line that’s simple, but beautiful in said simplicity. The real game changer is in the last couple of minutes: the song drops into an acid fueled, dubbed out, tech house groove that not just bounces and weaves, but also leaves you blissed out by the song’s eventual choir led finale.

Pre-order their upcoming album ‘The Night is Young’ on iTunes and get ‘Get Out’ as a free download.

Hot Since 82 – Somebody Everybody (feat. Black Box)

Posted on September 1 2014 by zacheser

UK producer Daley Padley – the infamous Hot Since 82 – is having a massive 2014. He had a remix that reached legendary status (the floor crushing anthem “Bigger Than Prince”), he DJ’d a back to back set this summer with the one and only Pete Tong at BBC Radio One’s party in Ibiza, he opened up his own imprint label (Knee Deep in Sound), and now he’s started up a series of raves called “Taken” that have already gone viral. He also released a new single last week, “Somebody Everybody,” which will no doubt bring the dance scene to its knees in the coming weeks.

Coming off his Knee Deep in Sound imprint, “Somebody Everybody” is a whirlpool of dance music flavor. It has lush synths that envelop the track in a cocoon of warm vibes and a tight percussive stranglehold that makes the track bump and weave. This said, the real kicker here is the haunting vocal sample from Black Box’s deep cut, “Everybody, Everybody,” which churns and churns into an unstoppable feeling of escalated elation.

“Somebody Everybody” is available via Beatport on Knee Deep in Sound.

Resident Show Roundup: Week of 8/29

Posted on August 29 2014 by Blisspop
Resident Show Roundup: Week of 8/29 Photo

Labor Day weekend has finally made it’s way here, putting the official cap on summer days and beach parties and ushering in Fall in all it’s glory. If you’re looking to get down, our crew has you covered with a pretty massive weekend on the horizon!

Friday 8/29

ACTIVATE at Zeba Bar with Ozker, Martin Miguel, Remote Ctrl & Citizen Select

Saturday 8/30

Disco Made Me Do It at Zeba with Caleb L’Etoile, DJ Provoke, Ferdinand & The Ghost, and Ypset

Sunday 8/31

Labor Day Blow Out at Jimmy Valentine’s with Baronhawk, Caleb L’Etoile, and Tommy Cornelis
Sunday Sessions at The Lodge at Red Rocks with Ozker, James Nasty & Sharkey

And if that isn’t good enough, here’s a mix from resident Caleb L’Etoile to get you in the mood for the weekend!

Shannon Saunders – Sheets

Posted on August 29 2014 by Caleb

London based songstress Shannon Saunders is about to explode. Her latest single “Sheets” is one of the most addicting pop tracks of the year. The production (courtesy of Pablo Nouvelle) is tight and irresistible, laying a high energy house track underneath Saunders’ flawless vocals, and the hooks stick with you instantly. Even away from all the music though, Saunders has one of the most enjoyable voices we’ve heard in awhile. It’s beautiful but with plenty of character and mystery behind it. We can’t wait to hear more from this young talent:

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