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Isaac Tichauer – Changes / Questions (EP)

Posted on April 24 2014 by Caleb

French Express deep house heavyweight, Isaac Tichauer is back with his newest batch of original material in months. The Changes/Questions EP features the excellent “Changes” (which we previously featured here) and one new track called “Questions.” “Questions” takes a more laid back approach to Tichauer’s sound, building a slow and spacey groove underneath a spoken word sample. It’s driven by a massive low end, mechanical hi hat pattern, and spacey synth work. Take a listen below and grab them both for free for a limited time:

Leon Vynehall – Inside The Deku Tree (Athori Remix)

Posted on April 24 2014 by Caleb

Leon Vynehall’s Music For The Uninvited is easily one of our most played records so far this year. It’s a stunning collection of tracks ranging from jazzy house grooves to gorgeous instrumentals. “Inside The Deku Tree” opens the record with a jazzy string driven groove. It’s a great opening track but stops there usually because the lack of a beat. French producer Athori fixes that though by making turning in a simple and incredibly effective remix of the track, building it up with a 4/4 dance groove and funky bass line. It takes what was a really nice headphone track before and gives it just enough pep to get the floor moving. Take a listen below and make sure to check out Athori’s other remixes while you’re at it!

Announcement! Blisspop and The NeedlExchange Present Lane 8

Posted on April 24 2014 by Caleb

Blisspop is pleased to announce that this coming Wednesday, we’re teaming up with the NeedlExchange and U Street Music Hall to present one of our recent favorites, Lane 8. In case your unfamiliar, Lane 8 is a DJ and producer who has been making waves with a series of instantly memorable singles for Anjunadeep. He straddles the line between deep house and indie dance, and has a penchant for well-crafted melodic soundscapes and gorgeous atmospherics. Take a listen below and grab your tickets now for next Wednesday’s show!

M.O.T.M. – Aracari (Original Mix)

Posted on April 23 2014 by Caleb

The latest release of DC vinyl imprint, Mysteries Of The Mind, is a sexy house groover by label heads, Chris Burns and Gavin Holland. “Aracari” is a slow burner with tropical vibes to the teeth, wrapping a warm low end in kalimbas, jungle sounds, and the seductive vocals of Jane. This a great track by two individuals who have helped make the house scene as awesome as it is in the district. Grab it April 28th featuring a remix by Hot Creations’s Greg Pidock.

Sleazy McQueen Interview

Posted on April 22 2014 by Caleb

To anyone involved in the disco/nu-disco scene, Sleazy McQueen is a name synonymous with the genre. With over 100 releases to his name, ranging from singles, edits, and remixes, he’s also the head of influential label Whiskey Disco and a well traveled DJ, championing disco and house grooves throughout the world. We were lucky enough to have a quick chat in anticipation of his upcoming gig at Flash on April 27th, which is most certainly a night you won’t want to miss if you live anywhere near to the DC area. Check out the interview below and make sure to grab tickets to next Sunday before they’re gone!

You have some background in the DMV, correct? Are you excited to be back?

I attended GWU in the late-90s, raved every night of the week at Buzz, the Edge, Tracks, Fever, Ultraworld and so on. I still keep in touch with a lot of the rave fam, though there are a few peeps that I haven’t seen in years. I loved the DC area, it’s close to nature and the area has beaucoup culture.

Can you describe your musical background for us and how you got into dance music?

I started DJing at the turn of the millennia. I had obsessed over artists that brought a show to their music, like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Green Velvet as well as house vanguard Doc Martin, Mark Farina and any number of those West Coast house DJs. As soon as I started playing, I picked up a few weekly gigs. They didn’t want house music all night long, so I started buying disco out of necessity. After DJing for two years, I began editing disco. Here’s my first record that I made, it was signed in 2003 and finally released on Chicago label, Bumpin City in 2005.


I’m happy that I’ve always been consistent, 12 years later and I’m still editing disco.

How do you view your role as a producer and your role as a DJ in relation to each other? How does running your own label inform each?

I’ve run three labels. Whiskey Disco is by far the most successful. It’s been an amazing opportunity to connect with other like minded people and dancefloors the world over. It amazes me how many people are familiar with Whiskey Disco releases, I’m very humbled and honored. I’ve always tried to take an objective look at club-goers, IMO, people don’t want to be educated on the floor, they just want to have fun. That’s been my ethos for the 27 records I’ve released on WD. It’s just fun music for people to have a laugh or a boogie to. That’s effected my DJ selection too, at the end of the day, I want to hear dark depressing music and acid house, but people out partying want a soundtrack that fits their fun.

Can you tell us a bit about your new project Space Coast?

Space Coast was born out a need for a house outlet that was slightly distant from Sleazy McQueen. I’ve always flirted with house, but rarely did I allow my SMQ productions to really fit that mold. Space Coast is a collaboration with an Orlando based musician named Jorge Collazo. We have been working together quite intensely for the last few years and as a result have amassed a prolific body of work. We have an album out now on Glenview Records that includes a double LP & double CD, one of which is a DJ mix by yours truly. We have remixes on some of the finest house labels around the world and we have a wicked collection of synthesizers.

Have a listen to our album, Crystal Lake, here:

Pick up your copy here: http://www.pbvinyl.com/product/space-coast-crystal-lake-lp

What’s on the horizon this year for Whiskey Disco?

Well, this year we will turn 30. I’ve got a few things planned that have been really killing dancefloors for the last few months. I’m always cooking up new projects. If you aren’t familiar, the label is primarily based around editing disco to adhere to the modern dancefloor and soundsystems. Some edits are more involved, some tracks are completely original, but the main theme is that each track is fun and groovy.

Your blend of nu disco is more in line with a hybrid of disco edits with deep house tendencies. How do you view that in relation to the more recent pop disco/indie dance trend that is surfacing at the moment?

Widespread disco-centrism makes me happy. The key over the next few years to subtlety; we need to temper all of the disco output with a variety so we don’t oversaturate and cause another Disco Demolition.

What are your top five tracks to play out at the moment?

1. Olivier Boogie – Got To Have Lovin (coming out on Whiskey Disco in a few weeks)
2. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
3. Dynamicron – Phonkimental (on 2xLP Editors Kutz V2.)
4. Secret Squirrels 1 & 3. (I don’t know who made these. They are so good.)
5. SMQ – TTOF, Available on 7” on Atlanta based label, Smokecloud Records.

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