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Jackson Ryland – Time Alone

Posted on July 1 2015 by Chris Kennedy

The DC local Jackson Ryland has been dropping quite a few tracks on an array of record labels over the past year. On that list he’s got Italy’s Dabit, UK’s Sccucci Manucci, and DC’s own Silence In Metropolis, just to name a few.  This time, however, Jackson put out an unaffiliated track that you get to listen to the entirety of.

“Time Alone” is a deep one, and I mean that figuratively, but also literally. This sub rattling track boasts a super low kick and a sub bass line that mesh really well together. With hi-hats and claps that seem to have been through filters and flangers and some atmospheric sounds thrown in, this track has a deep and ethereal sort of sound. Check it out and peep the rest of his SoundCloud while you’re at it!

Tiga vs. Boys Noize – 100

Posted on July 1 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.12.42 AM

Metaphorically speaking, surf’s up for the Montreal-based artist, Tiga: still riding the wave of success he caught from his tracks “Bugatti” and “Let’s Go Dancing,” he shows no sign of slowing down with “100,” his new collaboration with German DJ/producer Boys Noize. The Turbo Recordings release consists of two versions of the “100″ track (an original and a dub mix) alongside a track titled “Jam#1.” Similar to Tiga’s track, “Bugatti,” a vocal sample in “100″ lists luxury items (cars, shoes, my wheels, my rings, my Moogs, gold chain says ‘Romeo,’ etc.). Are Tiga and Boys Noize using “100″ to point out how Western society’s focus on material goods is shallow? We’ll leave that for the listener to decide. What we do know is that this collaboration will be played extensively at clubs and rooftops the world over this summer.

Listen to the “100″ release below and be sure to check out Tiga when he plays in D.C. at Flash at the end of July.

Masters at Work, “When You Touch Me (PHILCO Remix)”

Posted on June 29 2015 by zacheser

Masters at Work, when it comes to classic house music, are responsible for some of the biggest heaters of the day like “I Can’t Get No Sleep” and “The Ha Dance.” With that respect in mind, it’s a no-brainer that Blisspop’s own PHILCO would be the one to remix a MAW track. With PHILCO on the remix, the track gets a slick, stylistic touch up which bangs out like some of the hottest records we’ve being seeing recently on labels like Defected or Hot Creations. The bass and kick punch with furious intensity while the shifty hi-hats move like a hot knife through butter; ultimately, the track is silky smooth and it moves.

It’s a nice touch to keep India’s vocals from the MAW original in tact seeing as “When You Touch Me” is arguably a house music staple. With a little added reverb, the remix brings a bit of a jolt and finesse to the sample which will let this edit live on its own in the headspace of the ravers still going strong at 4 a.m. As far as remixes go, it’s the job of the producer to make something unique without overstepping the source material and PHILCO, known for the ample respect he pays to the house music Gods, seems to have been a proper fit for this edit. In other words, it pays due to Masters at Work’s legacy while introducing a classic to a new generation of ravers. It’ll touch you.

Listen to PHILCO’s remix of “When You Touch Me” and be sure to visit his SoundCloud for the free download.

Blisspop Mix Series #20: Nick Garcia

Posted on June 26 2015 by Blisspop
blisspop mix BLUE 15 copy

D.C. implant Nick Garcia has been a growing blip on our radar after the release of his EP, ‘Stereosoul,’ as well as his recent contribution to the District Summer compilation which dropped earlier this month. When we asked him to be a part of the Blisspop Mix Series, he delivered a sensationally deep mix that treaded into the far reaches of techno and deep house. Here’s what he had to say about his mix:

“When I set out to create this mix, I wanted to showcase lots of unreleased stuff I’ve either been working on or have helped with – I’m always mixing, mastering, or remixing tracks for my friends, so there’s a lot of material sitting around that either isn’t out or is being promo’d.  Two of my own unreleased tunes are featured here, a remix of “Let’s Pretend,” a track off my label mate Adam Johan’s EP of the same name, and “Floatnumb,” an experimental house tune I put together for Lifted Contingency.  I also started the mix with a little mashup of “Unt6,” by my friend Dumka, and “Gossip,” something I mastered recently for label mates, Shaedes. They went together so perfectly I had to edit them into one track.

In addition to friends, I tried to showcase a lot of what inspires me, including releases from some of my favorite labels including Warp, Eglo, and Numbers. You’ll hear a recently released composition by Aphex Twin float in and out; he’s probably the biggest inspiration to me of anyone making music today.  Daniel Avery, Floating Points, Dominik Eulberg, and Pangaea make appearances, as well as the mysterious Deejay Deer and Innervisions heavyweights AME.  I also had to put in this edit of “She Can’t Love You,” a classic by Chemise.  A bit of the odd tune out, but it’s a funk banger that I’ve been listening to for years.

To close out, “Nylah/Koda,” a tune off my recently released ‘Stereosoul’ EP, was the obvious choice.  Thanks to the Blisspop crew for having me and to all the listeners for tuning in.”

You can stream Nick Garcia’s entry in the Blisspop Mix Series below.

1. Dumka, “Unt6″
2. Shaedes, “Gossip”
3. Internet Daughter, “Pass Dat”
4. Dominik Eulberg, “Meerjungfrauenportemonnaie”
5. Chemise, “She Can’t Love You (Kenflow Version)”
6. Adam Johan, “Let’s Pretend (Nick Garcia Remix)”
7. Deejay Deer, “Natural”
8. Aphex Twin, “MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b”
9. Nick Garcia, “Floatnumb”
10. Daniel Avery, “Water Jump”
11. Yonkers Tale, “Seductive”
12. Nick Garcia, “Alone”
13. Pangaea, “Stimulant Dub”
14. Bodhi, “Polysizer”
15. Sunju Hargun & Forrest, “Palace”
16. Floating Points, “ARP3″
17. AME, “Tatischeff”
18. Nick Garcia, “Nylah/Koda”

BLISS 5: Jus Nowhere

Posted on June 25 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.03.58 PM copy

BLISS 5 is a recurring series where we ask respected DJs and producers to contribute a 5-track playlist of tracks that they are currently drawn to and/or have been playing out. Dancing then ensues.

Silence in Metropolis badboy and shenanigan master Justin Nouhra, better known to most as Jus Nowhere,  just got back from some international shows in Spain and Iceland with fellow D.C. producer Jackson Ryland. Having cemented himself in D.C.’s dance scene by never being afraid to get deep and by always having crazy, hard-to-access records on hand, we had to capitalize on the opportunity to get his 5 picks. And sure enough, he didn’t disappoint. This is Jus Nowhere’s BLISS 5.

1. Jack J, “Thirstin’/Atmosphere” 

Perfect summer vibes – exactly what I want to hear when the sun is out.”

2. Galcher Lustwerk, “Parlay”

Sound design is awesome. Loved this one since I heard it in 100% Galcher mix.”

3. Alex Falk, “What Is Free”

Textbook on how to make a total groover. Love the call and response and the overall simplicity of it, but it never stops pumping.”

4. Taras van de Voorde & David Vunk, “Need You Tonight (Alden Tyrell Remix)”

Absolutely love the synths in this one – you can’t help but groove to it.”

5. Person of Interest, “What You Think You Want”

Chunky, distorted. Arps get me every time.”

For a complete playlist, check out Jus Nowhere’s BLISS 5 on our SoundCloud.