Leipzig based O*RS is fancier – that is the word label bosses Filburt and Florian Seidel chose to describe their record label. What Filburt and Seidel mean when they say their label is “fancier” is open to interpretation. Are O*RS releases shinier and more stylish than average? Does every O*RS

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By now, Hotel Garuda‘s imprint is on everyone’s radar. Between continually lighting up the internet and featured sets at renowned cultural epicenters like Coachella, the duo, which is comprised of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, continues to mystify with their blend of the old and the new. Which is why their

Walker & Royce 2
The London based duo 12 Stories received proper remix treatment from our New York friends, Walker & Royce. Featuring a sensuous vocal sample from Digitaria’s Daniela Caldellas, a catchy synth hook, and a good bass groove, “Bright Lights (Walker & Royce Remix)” is an earworm that will get any dance

It’s extremely difficult to idolize your inspirations while trying to become the very type of person you’d typically look up to. Very few artists are able to find the line and tread it carefully without tiptoeing into kitsch or copycat territory. 909 Til Infinity seems to have found that line

MTA (More Than A Lot) Records, founded by Chase & Status, is often known for putting out choice cuts from every genre and sub-genre of dance music. The choice cut in question here is from the UK’s Braxton. Appropriately, it is a bit of a genre bender as I’m not sure