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Le Visiteur – Stand Up (feat. Loleatta Holloway)

Posted on August 27 2014 by zacheser

UK based DJ and Producer Le Visiteur has become somewhat renowned for his funky grooves, penchant for throwback melodies, and love of disco. His most recent track, “Stand Up,” is no exception to any of these three characteristics. Borrowing the vocals to Loleatta Holloway’s 1976 dancefloor heater, “Dreamin’,” Le Visiteur has made a deep cut in his own right that builds on a minimal bassline reminiscent of 90s house, snares sharp enough to cut glass, and a crescendo that builds to a euphoric peak which makes your heart beat to the rhythm. And the fact that it weighs heavily on the sample of Ms. Holloway is genius: as she yells “stand up and tell everybody I got him,” you can’t help but feel like your soul is lifting up out of your body and into the spinning mirror balls overhead.

Check out this disco smasher below and grab it: it’s a free download.

Tobtok – Higher (JackLNDN remix)

Posted on August 27 2014 by Caleb

JackLNDN does it again, this time taking on rising Swedish star Tobtok’s “Higher.” The result is a perfectly breezy goodbye to summer that’s both relaxing and groovy. It’s tropical house without any of the cheesiness and really pristine production. Take a listen:

Purple Velvet – Cosmos

Posted on August 27 2014 by zacheser

Purple Velvet, also known as Chris James, who is part of Coat of Arms with Eats Everything, is a Birmingham based producer and DJ who knows not just how to lounge, but to lounge with effortless style and grace. His most recent release, Cosmos, takes his easy going, bouncy vibes and technical expertise and slams it up against minimalist synths to provide a fantastic backdrop that is guaranteed to make everyone in general vicinity to at least bob their head. The track is rounded off with an acapella of an anonymous individual telling us we are “the art form,” we’re “just our own universe,” and to “represent” ourselves; this acapella essentially cajoles us into not just settling into the vibes, but to let go entirely. This is a breezy, lounge tech house groove that everyone needs to get their hands on.

Check out Purple Velvet’s track below and get your free download.

Ponty Mython – Movin’ On

Posted on August 27 2014 by Caleb

Dirt Crew is responsible for some of our favorite releases of the last few years, and it seems that the labels roster just gets stronger and stronger. The latest export is Lithuanian producer Ponty Mython, whose “Movin’ On” is featured on the label’s Deep Love 10 compilation. “Movin’ On” is a laid back house track perfect for the last days of summer. It’s filled with just the right amount of soul, chilled out pads and spacey leads all built around a chopped up sample chanting the title phrase. You can grab the track for free now over at XLR8R, but make sure to check out the rest of the comp while you’re at it as it features new materials from the likes of Edit Murphy, Tigerskin, and more:

I Am Oak – On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix)

Posted on August 26 2014 by zacheser

Amsterdam based producer Sam Feldt, who is recently coming off the hot, vibey remix of Naxxos’ “New Orleans,” is back at it again with a slick remix of folk group I Am Oak’s “On Trees and Birds and Fire.” This is Feldt’s second collaboration with Bloombox – also out of Amsterdam – after they dropped a wickedly addicting remix of Mumford and Sons’ “I Will Wait” this past February.

Their most recent collab features lots of soul, lots of horns, and a deep melodic groove while keeping the haunting core of the source material at the heart of the track which, when combined, creates a track that not only rests on its laurels as a piece of whimsical deep house, but also as a piece of free flowing, anthemic bliss. This is a must have track that will set the dance floor into a starry eyed, uplifting trance. Make sure you get it when it drops on Spinnin’ Deep on September 8.



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