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Alesso ft. Roy English – Cool (Autograf Remix)

Posted on April 24 2015 by Jordan Farley

Everything about this song is cool. It vibes with the same breezy, tropical feel trio Autograf consistently creates throughout their music. This song has some killer jazzy drums and is the perfect summer groove. It will 100% make you dance. I don’t know if I love the piano or the synth riffs more. As someone who doesn’t really like house music, I really like this remix because it’s just so happy and pure. It’s a song that make smile. And everything about this remix is 2 on because it’s also the most tropical of bangers.

Enjoy Autograf’s latest remix “Cool”:

& give it a ❤️ on hypem!

Taste Test 03

Posted on April 24 2015 by Kevin Capasso

April has been one crazy month, but it hasn’t fallen short on music releases by any means. We’ve had two great future bass compilations drop, Hebinomichi Vol. 2 and Filet Mignon III. Not to mention that Curren$y, Shlohmo, Brodinski, Scuba and Tyler the Creator have all also dropped flame albums. So this week I decided to share my favorite picks from the release avalanche and some other tunes for you to enjoy. First up is the Hebinomichi comp. As usual, collective founder SteLouse kills it with “Sunday Chords”, but my standout tracks have to be from the mysterious NRMN and then Chicago’s KR$CHN. “Secret Slide” is a funky mid-tempo collage of Michael Jackson samples and slappy bass, with plenty of bleeps and bloops thrown in. “Trunk Volume” is an out of this world banger, so get ready for the trunk rattling to commence. My favorite cuts off of Filet Mignon III have to be from L’homme aux 4 lettres, and the DMV’s very own Flybear. The comp starts off with the young DMV producer’s ambient piano tinkering, but quickly kicks things up with a great 50 Cent sample. Then you have the always-quirky frenchman with his techy take on breaks and club. It may sound unsettling at first, but believe me, it bangs.

The new Tyler album is a step forward for the Odd Future artist, as he pulled back his extravagant melodrama to make a rowdy, but musically and intellectually rich album. Its entitled Cherry Bomb and worth a cover-to-cover listen, but I wanted to highlight a standout artist featured on the track. “Perfect” is the second half of the nearly 7 minute “Fucking Young.” It slows things down with a R&B drenched future groove, but what makes the song is Kali Uchis. The Colombian singer from Virginia has a warm, retro tone to her crooning voice that adds a whole other layer to Tyler’s lyrics. Check out what her vocals can do to a track in Esta’s Remix of “Know What I Want.” Last up we have Manila Killa’s take on the newest M Machine EP. His remix of “Don’t Speak” goes from tropical house into what I would imagine one of Oliver’s nightmares would sound like. The remix pack is out today, it’s filled with great artists like Kazimer & CRNKN.

Ready Or Not (Flying Fortress X Micah Vellian Remix)

Posted on April 24 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Ready or not, here come DC-based DJ/Producers Flying Fortress and Micah Vellian with a new remix of the Fugees’ classic hit, “Ready or Not.” These two artists are no strangers to the spotlight – Flying Fortress (a.k.a. Canine Teeth, real name: Erik Anderson) and Micah Vellian (Miguel Lacsamana) have been crushing the DC music scene for a while now. Micah Vellian also is known for his role in the DJ/Producer troupe Volta Bureau. Volta Bureau, composed of Blisspop founder Will Eastman, Outputmessage, and Micah Vellian, topped the Beatport Indie Dance chart with this gem.

Flying Fortress is the founder of the DRKarts Collective (Flying Fortress a.k.a. Canine Teeth, Micah Vellian, and Yomimbi are the current members).

The arrangement and composition for the “Ready or Not” remix came to Flying Fortress in a dream. This is a remix most producers could only dream of making, but Flying Fortress and Micah Vellian made the dream into a reality. Listen to their take on “Ready or Not” below:


Keep an eye on Flying Fortress, Micah Vellian, and DRKarts – their sound and shows around town are not to be missed!

CDC – Bring It Down EP

Posted on April 23 2015 by Caleb

House masters on the rise, CDC, have been killing the game recently, and it looks like they’re gearing up to release their hottest set of tracks yet. The Bring It Down Ep is slated for May 18th in Under No Illusion, and it’s three absolute heaters guaranteed to get feet shuffling. Starting with the title track, we’re treated to a tight deep house groove with jackin drums and an easy to remember vocal sample. “That Beat” is a punchy tech house groove reminiscent of early Format:B work with a dash of Green Velvet thrown in. The Ep ends with “Tremor”closes the ep with a mid tempo groove that hits as hard as it drives. Take a listen to all three below:

CDC on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Jaga Jazzist, “Oban (Todd Terje Remix)”

Posted on April 23 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.59.14 AM

A proper disco edit is hard to come by these days in the mainstream circles of the dance music community which is why Norwegian producer Todd Terje is a godsend. With many notable edits in his repertoire that range from Chaka Khan and the Bee Gees to more contemporary artists like Lindstrøm in addition to his wildly monumental LP It’s Album Time from last year, Terje is the kind of producer that is firmly rooted in music from the past that spirals and traverses into winding, spaced out paths. For him, it’s all about the journey.

His take on Jaga Jazzist‘s “Oban,” which is out ahead of the release of their Starfire LP due in June on London’s Ninja Tune, is the kind of rush of blood to the head that Terje fans would expect from him. But where this edit differs from past work is the finesse applied to the latter portion of the track is it ventures further into the rabbit hole into a breakbeat, electronica fueled bender; a move, no doubt, taken from his experiences working on It’s Album Time. What results is something similar to Daft Punk’s “Giorgio By Moroder” off their Random Access Memories album as it seems to drive through multiple periods of dance music in the attempt to create an audio-erotic odyssey that masterfully stimulates the senses. This is the kind of diversion only Todd Terje could produce and for that he deserves a standing ovation.

Listen to Todd Terje’s remix of “Oban” below and look out for Jaga Jazzist’s album, Starfire, due for release in June via Ninja Tune.