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Posted on November 14 2014 by Caleb

The Blisscap is back and bringing you plenty of bedroom dancing to help you hide from the impending cold. There’s some choice cuts by Doc Daneeka, Late Night Tuff Guy, Human Life, Tobtok and more, so hit play and get down

Elderbrook – Could (Official Video)

Posted on November 7 2014 by Caleb

New Black Butter signee, Elderbrook, has just released the official video for his debut single “Could.” The video is nothing short of stunning, consisting of a series of animated oil paintings against textural background. New York artist Lauren Gregory is the genius behind the visuals and the video definitely speaks for itself. Check it out:

Vincenzo & Florian Kruse feat. Lisa Shaw – All About You

Posted on November 6 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.53.43 PM

After “Just Like Heaven” was met with overwhelming support by Pete Tong and Dusky, among many others, Vincenzo had quite the task of choosing which track was going to be the follow-up from his upcoming release on Anjunadeep in December. The latest track from “The Vanishing Years,” a collaboration with his brother titled “All About You,” is filling those shoes and could possibly reach epic levels of popularity.

A down-tempo heater that sounds as if it had late nights in dark, sweaty clubs in mind, “All About You” is an elegant – and almost otherworldly – piece of deep house wrapped in sexiness and dipped into a fondue pot boiling with climactic euphoria. It should be noted, however, this is the kind of track designed to be played out in the club: each beat and whirring synth note is one step closer to the elating warm fuzzies that are found near the end of the track’s close to 7 minute runtime meaning that Vincenzo and company truly believe in the idea that good things come to those who wait. But it’s alright. The almost trance-like atmosphere comforts and consoles and erases the weariest of minds with each synth note and cleansing bassline. Solace isn’t lost here. At all.

Listen to this lovely piece of lovely after the jump and look out for Vincenzo’s album due out for release via Anjunadeep in early December.

Quentin – You Can Do It

Posted on November 4 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.55.43 AM

Good luck trying to get your hands on this, crate diggers.

Coming off of Barcelona’s Hivern Discs label is “You Can Do It”: the A-side on a limited edition 7″ (100 copies) which is to be distributed at London’s Oval Spaces on November 8. The track is a melodic joyride through the more ethereal, transient side of techno music that is light on heavy hits and heavy on light, airy pads producing a space age odyssey fit for long night drives on roads that wind like a Copperhead. It’s a suspenseful track that straddles the rift between a soundscape and a dreamscape before culminating into a blissful wash for the senses. Let’s just hope that the track sees a digital release following the limited print in November.

Listen to Quentin’s “You Can Do It” after the jump.

DSF – Madness of Cactus

Posted on October 28 2014 by zacheser

This was a find.

Coming out of Athens, Greece is DSF: a DJ, producer, and head of indie label Break the Rule who has a sound that defies genre expectations in favor of something that’s expressive, different, and fresh. His newest release, a track called “Madness of Cactus,” plays on these strengths as it traverses through the dark catacombs of dance music’s underbelly delivering an audio non-sequitur that bounces and floats with childish glee. It’s as if a mad scientist of H.P. Lovecraft’s design discovered a Moog and a Roland drum machine and started experimenting to recreate the voices in his head. The result is a hot, tribal, dusky retreat into a soundscape that is so easy to get lost in that you need a trail of breadcrumbs to find a way out.

In other words, it looks like the only cure for the “Madness of Cactus” is lots of dancing.

You can pick this up on all major digital music platforms.

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