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Outputmessage – Pillars (Music Video)

Posted on September 29 2014 by Caleb

Outputmessage has just released the first video in support of The Infinite Void. One of our favorite tracks for the album, “Pillars” is a sprawling sci-fi flavored house trip that manages to make you dance while feeling the way deep space would sound. It’s an impressive track in itself, but when paired with a visual companion, it takes on a whole new life. Consisting of a series of constantly evolving motifs, the video plays with light and images to draw you in to a seemingly dark and sensual landscape that fits the track perfectly. Hit play before and keep an eye out for the Infinite Void remix package coming this October!

Disko Matique – Alpha Beta EP

Posted on September 29 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.08.48 PM

The “Alpha Beta” EP by Netherlanders Disko Matique, coming off their label UMPH, is chock full of unwavering electro beats by way of Justice making this particular release a neat find. While the original track and the subsequent Disko Matique rework are both wonderful examples of how to produce hard electro without going 100% commercial, there are remarkably intriguing track choices on the EP’s B-side.

The first, a remix by Tesla 55, has a certain quality that harnesses a cheery complextro   aura and uses that impulse to channel a drive that seems to be on a continual incline. And, like the Little Engine That Could, it reaches a precipice that grooves its way into a satisfying free-fall leading to a nifty, glitchy specimen of house music similar to artists like Oliver or Alex Metric. Overall, this track is the electro-hop to the A-side’s electro-edge.

The second remix, the Moustache Machine Gamma Sigma mix, stands out amongst the pack as it takes the skeleton of the original and injects it with an altogether new flavor. This remix channels “Homework” era Daft Punk with a synth progression reminiscent of “Da Funk” and floating arpeggios light enough for a low-calorie diet. This edit quickly turns into the kind of nudisco track that late night dancefloors crave as it slows things down, but bumps the bass just enough to keep the party alive making this a low BPM heater.

As a whole, this debut on the new UMPH label makes for a sick pack of house tracks worthy of peak hour play and also establishes a promising path ahead for indie producers Disko Matique.

You can download the “Alpha Beta” EP via Juno Downloads and Beatport.

Shiva – Dark Moon

Posted on September 22 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.05.32 PM

Sarah Shivarani could be one of the next big things. Going by the stage name Shiva, the LA based DJ/Producer is bound to skyrocket with the chilled out magnetism that is “Dark Moon,” the title track of her EP which just saw a release through indie label Unspeakable Records. “Dark Moon” is a winding road of floating synths and dizzying percussion leading to a spirited epitaph that take this track into the loving company of artists like Flume or Gang Gang Dance. Designed for late nights and shadowy nooks, Shiva has delivered a sexy little gem perfect for those of you looking to lose yourself amongst the most ambient of vibes.

Hear it below via SoundCloud and you can download the “Dark Moon” EP on iTunes.

Hunt for the Breeze — Aquanaut

Posted on September 19 2014 by Shawn G

My man Faysal Matin, aka Hunt for the Breeze, is absolutely killing the game right now, and his original production “Aquanaut” is getting rave reviews from producers throughout the game — including Diplo among others. A D.C. native, Matin has been dropping bass-heavy bangers for a minute, via remixes and a new batch of originals that have been showing people his skills. A very futuristic sound, his production reminds you of a Flume meets Cashmere Cat kind of vibe that is becoming a major sound in the dance game today. This track is synth heaven, with a driving bassline that makes you want to jam. It’s smooth and simple, with a really great vibe, until the talkbox comes in and just kills it! Super track, definitely a must listen.

Oliver – Fast Forward

Posted on September 18 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.51.13 AM

As Fool’s Gold Records starts to blend into the mainstream after being on the periphery for the past few years, many of the lesser known artists on the label have started to leak into the pop consciousness. And Oliver, the nudisco duo known for their 8o’s inspired hooks impregnated with an electro flair, is set out to prove themselves as the next big thing behind Fool’s Gold mainstays A-Trak, his side project Duck Sauce, and the college party incarnate Danny Brown.

Oliver’s latest EP, “Light Years Away,” features a B-side called “Fast Forward” which is evident of this. While the title track vocodes its way through an intoxicating series of builds and drops, “Fast Forward” takes the rock ‘n’ roll route: brash, take no prisoners, and super techno funkified. This track recalls memories of “Human After All” Daft Punk slamming a “Brainwasher” style beat drop in a way that demands to be heard on a club sound system and elements of complextro that flitter its way through the track without sacrificing Oliver’s indie nudisco roots; this is an unwavering dance tune that hits hard and hits home with harmonious lifts and shin-splinting, futuristic beatbreaks worthy of the next 2manydjs set.

Listen to “Fast Forward” below and grab the “Light Years Away” EP today.

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