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Prince Club and Poupon – Treat Me Right

Posted on September 16 2014 by zacheser
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Montreal duo Prince Club has teamed up once again with fellow Canadian – and killer producer – Poupon for another epic underground hit called “Treat Me Right.” Coming out on Mark Knight’s Toolroom label, their latest outing is a dark, cycling deep house track worthy of the most insane rave environment you can think of. The moody pads add a layer of calculated grimace while the sample for the vocal track, which is no doubt touched with reverbs and echoes fit for the creepiest of caverns, has a siren call effect that will without a doubt get stuck in your head for days. Ultimately this track is designed to make the thoughts in your head run in circles until the only thing you have left are your impulses and it succeeds on multiple levels. That said, hopefully your impulse is to dance because when this track is finally released, it’s gonna be one hell of a bomb to drop in the middle of a set.

You can preview it below before it’s finally released on the next Toolroom Selector Series on October 5.

Forbes – Let’s Go Somewhere

Posted on September 11 2014 by zacheser

The UK powerhouse producer Forbes has been a blip on the radar for a while now following remixes of artists like Sigma and Calvin Harris. His newest track, however, is set to make him skyrocket straight onto center stage. Sampling Montell Jordan’s smooth operator single “Get It On Tonite,” Forbes’ latest – the aptly named “Let’s Go Somewhere” – has everything we as dance music fanatics want in a house heater: a smoky, atmospheric base with a sultry, and scarily inviting, lead vocal processed together with an enduring, loving, ever so warm bassline that pounds to a systematic backbeat which glows and ingrains itself into the very fiber of your being. It’s as if Forbes’ idea of saying “Let’s Go Somewhere” is persuading us to follow him into the strange, yet familiar nameless club that foggy memories are made of. And to him we are obviously screaming a resounding, “YES. PLEASE.”

No word yet as to when this is going to be made available, but it needs to be soon. This track is just too blessed to be under lock and key.

Indiana – Heart On Fire (SNBRN Remix)

Posted on September 9 2014 by zacheser

The LA based SNBRN has been on a roll this summer. With stellar remixes of artists like Mark Morrison, Ace of Base, and 50 Cent, he has made a name for himself by combining an undying love of throwback anthems with a knack for very deep, very 90s inspired dance grooves which has made him a producer that’s quick on the rise (and a darling of the dance music blogosphere). His newest remix, a string-laden, piano riddled rendition of songstress Indiana’s “Heart On Fire” doesn’t disappoint.

SNBRN’s latest maintains the summery keenness of his style, but this track adds a more theatrical – and almost vulnerable – approach that hasn’t been seen by him as of yet. As a consequence, his take on “Heart On Fire” is a heightened, and powerfully perceptive, nugget of house music with a huge heart and an unrelenting, gripping emotive through line designed to make us feel something more than the pulsing beat of his past remixes. What seals the deal here is the choice of strings and piano in correlation with Indiana’s heartfelt – and heart aching – vocals. With these simple ingredients, SNBRN allows our vulnerability to turn into determined, warm embrace of what could possibly be; it gives us the sparkle that causes us to feel the music instead of simply dancing to it under some false pretense.

With support by BBC Radio One and Ministry of Sound, be expecting to hear this track more often in the coming months.

Check out the SNBRN remix below and download it for free via his SoundCloud.


Dooqu – Breathe EP

Posted on September 9 2014 by zacheser

2014 has been a big year for talented producers under the age of 21. Danish born Dooqu, at just 17 years old, is one of the latest members of this Under 21 club and, from the looks of his first EP, he appears to be one of the most interesting.

His first EP, “Breathe,” which was released by indie label Heroic Recordings, is such a rich debut, which infuses so many well-picked elements of house music, that Dooqu comes off as less of a producer and more of an incredibly precise curator: choosing the rights bits and pieces for his latest exhibit. And this particular exhibit has all of the pop, the flair, and educated precision necessary to make it worth the price of admission.

The first cut, “Breathe It In,” at its core is fundamentally an indulgent piece of melodic house pop which borrows heavily from the breezier, yacht rockier side of house music that has become increasingly popular amongst dance blogs and music enthusiasts in the past year. But where this single differs is the direction of the melody: it does rely heavily on an airiness reminiscent of the slew of Ibiza-inspired house anthems we’ve heard this summer, but he mixes in doses of funk in the form of chic guitar licks, an uplifting vocal that is sensationally harmonic and soulful, and a finger snapping energy that is unreasonably addicting. This being the opening track of his EP is no mistake: “Breathe It In” actually is a breath of fresh air that gives you and idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Track number two, “At the Crossroads,” is a fantastic bait and switch. Starting out as a smooth, sensitive number perfect for lounging by the pool and nursing a hangover, it soon careens into a chaotic piece of hip jive that spearheads right into a deep house sensibility thereby transitioning it into a Frankensteinian mash-up of epic proportions. By keeping the energy light, however, this specific track’s flavor is more in line with an indie dance aesthetic than the unadulterated deep house edit you’re led into believing it’s going to be. As a result, we’re left with a well-layered, complex production with fascinatingly swell builds and an edgy touch that engages with a more carefree – and subsequently – pure spirit.

The last track on his debut, “Falling Stars,” picks up with an easy going vitality and an animated tenacity that is dead set on leaving an impression. Simply put: it succeeds. It’s the proper climax that we deserve and operates on level where the sole intent is to provide a cleansing wave of catharsis. The backbone is an aria of sorts composed of floating horns, fluttering piano stabs, and an overall cheery atmosphere that acts like a constant; it’s always aiming incredibly high and takes you with it the same way wings took Icarus to the sun except, in this instance, there’s nothing horrific in the end. It’s all good vibes.

Dooqu’s “Breathe” is available now on iTunes and Beatport.

KMRT – Runnin’

Posted on September 5 2014 by zacheser

Kristian Martinez, who goes by the name KMRT, is an exciting new find. About to release his first EP through by renowned DJ and producer Tommie Sunshine via his label Brooklyn Fire, KMRT trades in the increasingly popular deep grooves that are turning heads in the dance music scene for pure, unadulterated techno music that’s both fresh and stimulating.

“Runnin’,” one of the singles on his upcoming EP (the appropriately titled “Excavation”), is  a champion in the making. Taking a very simple percussive approach with a very trippy, chopped up vocal, this track is an eargasmic example of how exercising basic song structure can stand for itself; you won’t hear any unnecessary filters or echoes to give this track a false sense of build or tension because the groundwork – the very addition of each new beat – is the only build that’s needed. This track is a pedal to the metal hype machine which will without a doubt set the bar a little bit higher during a peak hour set.

Make sure you grab “Runnin’,” as well as the rest of KMRT’s EP, when it’s released on September 9.

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