Meet GH, the most talented artist you don’t know about yet. GH (a.k.a. Geoffrey Huber) is a DJ/producer involved with Pittsburgh’s thriving scene and he has produced electronic music for over a decade. Huber helped put Pittsburgh on the map in the dance music community when he co-founded Stem &

Walker & Royce 2
The London based duo 12 Stories received proper remix treatment from our New York friends, Walker & Royce. Featuring a sensuous vocal sample from Digitaria’s Daniela Caldellas, a catchy synth hook, and a good bass groove, “Bright Lights (Walker & Royce Remix)” is an earworm that will get any dance

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Blisspop’s own zacheser put “Skippy” up on his Soundcloud for free download today. “Skippy” features a clean sound inspired by DFA Records and U.K. house artists such as Disclosure, Duke Dumont, and Fono. zacheser (a.k.a. Zach Eser) went for a weird, wonky, synth vibe with pads, percussion, and a pitched

How do you prepare for summer? Well, for me, it involves revamping my playlists with uptempo, feel good vibes. Loud sounds and summer nights — a feeling like none other. Golden Coast’s take on “IOU” is just that. An experimental, bassbreaker that perfectly melds into sensual, pitch-perfect vocals from Annabel

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Compilations are rough to conquer. As far as hand selecting and curating a unified soundscape while demonstrating a sense of diversity within the track selections themselves, it can be an arduous process – much like editing a film or a DJ trying to decide which black v-neck to wear (hint: