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BLEITCH – This Is Our Youth (Official Video)

Posted on October 21 2014 by Caleb

LA duo, Bleitch, just debuted the video for their single, “This Is Out Youth,” and the visual companion is equally as dreamy as the track itself. The video follows the duo through a series of vignettes ultimately resulting in a late night beach party. It shares a sense of epicness with the song that translates easily over the synthwave soundscape and indie pop vocals to make for an enjoyable view. Check it out below:

Caribou – Bowls (Gavin Russom’s Rework)

Posted on October 16 2014 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.02.02 PM

Gavin Russom is an artist whose work defies genre boundaries and expectations to create unique soundscapes and ambience unlike anything you’ve ever heard before leading him to rework and remix the likes of Cut Copy and Planningtorock in addition to putting together DFA’s The Crystal Ark.

His latest work, an edit of Caribou’s “Bowls” which is set for release through Merge Records in November, is nothing short of extravagant featuring an array of electronic styles during the enclave of sound that serves as an audio feast for your ears. And Russom intends for you to eat your heart out: the winding road that he has produced plays out like a magic carpet ride through transcendent and surreal soundscapes while maintaining a daunting focus on rhythm. The magic happens during the escapes into areas that are befitting for a “Tron” revival or when the track dips into a samba groove which allows the organic and inorganic to coalesce into a loving mixture of the grounded and the absurd.

Don’t get me wrong: clocking in at close to 11 minutes, his edit of “Bowls” is a marathon of a track, but it’s a marathon worth running as it’s proof that experimentation is an art form in and of itself.

Make sure you get Gavin Russom’s take on “Bowls” when Merge releases an album of “Swim” remixes in November.

Adrian Gia – Dark Chicago

Posted on October 16 2014 by zacheser

As the “Melbourne Bounce” subgenre continues its stranglehold on mainstream EDM, track after track continues to be churned out by the likes of TJR, Will Sparks, and Deorro. But with every emergence of a new category comes a few tracks that go against the grain in an attempt to take their niche in a different direction even if it’s only for the sake of amusement. This is “Dark Chicago” by Adrian Gia.

Coming off New York’s Brooklyn Fire label, the Australian producer decided to strip away the big room and main stage aesthetics that have made Melbourne Bounce so popular amongst Kandi beaded ravers and he’s replaced it with a minimalist techno vibe that is sure to turn a few heads. In a way, “Dark Chicago” is exactly what the name makes it sound like: a deeper, more sinister, edgier take on Chicago house music. And that stems out from every element of the track including the thumping bass that straddles a fine line between disco edit and main stage ragefest, a woodblock sample that keeps the tempo up, and a good use of ambience. There’s even the added novelty of a sample from the film “The Blues Brothers” to immerse it further in Chicago flavor (and even that has been deepened and darkened for the sake of solidarity).

In the end, Gia’s noodling around with the Melbourne format has produced a very tight, concise track which is much more rooted in the underground techno scene than the mainstream Ultra scene and that, my friends, is worth the full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, and wearing sunglasses.

A.J. — Don’t Rush [Side B]

Posted on October 16 2014 by Shawn G
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.55.56 AM

So vintage, so beautiful. This track is a real treat, especially if you’re into that west coast funk that permeated all the great 70s, 80s and 90s soul tracks and this one is truly something not to rush through. The perfectly percolated filtered samples combine with new age synths make this a song to really vibe to.

Banks — Beggin For Thread (Bag Raiders Remix)

Posted on October 10 2014 by Shawn G
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.47.17 AM

Austrailian OGs Bag Raiders are still coming out with unbelievable fire and this remix is no different. A simple dance tune that its turned inside out with the addition of a heavy deep cut that hits you with each drop. It also incorporates a Xylophone-esque instrumental that brings you back to reality each time it hits. They always do a really great job accentuating the vocals to match the beauty they blueprint it with.

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