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Too Funk Tuesday #14

Posted on May 12 2015 by Shawn G

Back again…with more tracks and more funk. Too Funk Tuesday is an eclectic mix similar to an Utz party pack. Enjoy!

Childish Gambino — Sober (LeMarquis Cover)

First, LeMarquis is amazing — anytime I come across a new track of his, it’s usually a must listen. Second, HE SINGS THIS SONG. It’s got a cosmic feel that incorporates groovy bass kicks and out-of-this-world synths that perfectly match the subtle, filtered vocals.


Marvin Gaye – Ain’t That Peculiar (Beshken Remix)

So fine, so fine. Sensual in a way that only Marvin Gaye could provide, hopped on a modern-day, bass-jacking experimental house vibe. This track has massive breakdowns interspered with other-world synth bars that reimagine what disco could look like in a couple years.


3 Monkeyzz – Keep My Light

Yay for Nu Disco! If you’re in love with chilled-out, french touch, like me, then this is the song for you. Filtered vocals on an energetic BPM that could make your shoulders shake any day of the week. The soul vocal is perfectly accompanied by an upbeat, feel-good melody that is made for the summer!


Arches feat. Karen Harding  – New Love (Kokiri Remix)

I’m in love with the original, but Kokiri deserves the recognition for this superb remix. It brings a power-packed bassline and an extremely sexy saxophone that makes this once dancefloor shaker into a true, breakout banger.


MIX OF THE WEEK: The Magician — Magic Tape 52

52 mixes later and he still makes my heart flutter. Please enjoy this magical baby maker. No tracklist though :(

Too Funk Tuesday #13

Posted on May 5 2015 by Shawn G

April showers bring May….fire. This week’s Too Funk Tuesday brings some serious jamz to liven up the rest of your week! Check it out:

Saint Wknd x Saint Motel — My Type

Incredibly incredible…this track is the total package. Complete with sensual vocals, dramatic bass breakdowns, crescendoed melodies and one awesome synth bar, this will blow your mind. Kick it off with this!


Nero — The Thrill (TCTS Remix)

If you’ve never heard of TCTS before, now is the time to do so. This remix is the hype track of the week, with its energetic BPM and seriously groovy touch up on one awesome Nero track. The drop in this song is a head-banging monstrosity with according dance moves like the shuffle and potential tecktonik arm movements.


Veens — You

Seriously…how to explain this one? An experimental instrumental with trippy synths and driving basslines is one way to put it but I really don’t think I give it justice. It’s as if Flume and The Alchemist had a baby… and if you make it to 1:20, you’re in for a real treat…Enjoy!


 Ray Fields — All That Matters (Ray Fields’ Love Edit)

This is probably the only way I can listen to Justin Bieber, if its completely filtered and surrounded by melodic french touch and serious piano house. Ray Fields does it nice with the track, ripping the sample for a smooth and sexy edit that could make anyone on the dance floor get a little closer.


MIX OF THE WEEK: Beautiful Buzzz Presents Louis La Roche — Buzzzmix Vol. 15

Now before you begin this mix…I will tell you its one of the more…different…sounds Louis La Roche has put together. The songs are a lot harder in the beginning and hits the sweet disco later but he’s a master mixer so this is well worth the time to hear his craft. Fun stuff, with awesome great tracks thrown in there. Take a listen!


1. ??? – ???
2. ??? – ???
3. ??? – ???
4. ??? – ???
5. Public Service Broadcasting – Gagarin (Psychemagik Remix)
6. September – Are You Free Tonight (Ghosts Of Venice Remix)
7. Marcus Marr – Brown Sauce
8. Louis La Roche – The Receiver (The Young Punx Remix)
9. Sam Gellaitry – Waiting So Long

Too Funk Tuesday #12

Posted on April 28 2015 by Shawn G

No need for an introduction, this week’s Too Funk Tuesday is on point:

Chris Milburn – Uptown Fuck You Up

Seriously, so groovy! A real cosmic mix of deep bass and pop, funk vocals. This song’s a body shaker from beginning to end and keeps it rather simple with concise breakdowns and filtered vocal clips. Solid tune!

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Yinyues Remix)

Game changer. This song is bad, in the best way possible. Yinyues brings a menacing vibe to an already HAM track from Rihanna. Trapped out and slightly revised, this song is the future of pop — I’m sure of it.

Kaytranada – Reflection

In honor of 4/20 last week, this is the dopest dope I’ve ever heard. Kaytranada is really a mix of Jamie XX and soul, his tracks are majestic in their breadth and simplicity. This song is a prime example of his unique and innovative sound that has been blowing my mind for years now. Enjoy!

Loframes – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)

This is my Nu Disco track of the week and its mighty funky. It’s got this old school 80′s synth vibe with an awesome sax breakdown mid-track. The vocals are sensual and my foot can’t stop tapping when its being played.

MIX OF THE WEEK: Aeroplane on Studio Brussel’s Playground

This is the Frenchest thing I’ve ever heard, not because the DJ is speaking it but because Aeroplane drops some fire French house throughout the set — including his new single “Let’s Get Slow” featuring Benjamin Diamond! No track list today, sorry :( still awesome though!

Jaga Jazzist, “Oban (Todd Terje Remix)”

Posted on April 23 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.59.14 AM

A proper disco edit is hard to come by these days in the mainstream circles of the dance music community which is why Norwegian producer Todd Terje is a godsend. With many notable edits in his repertoire that range from Chaka Khan and the Bee Gees to more contemporary artists like Lindstrøm in addition to his wildly monumental LP It’s Album Time from last year, Terje is the kind of producer that is firmly rooted in music from the past that spirals and traverses into winding, spaced out paths. For him, it’s all about the journey.

His take on Jaga Jazzist‘s “Oban,” which is out ahead of the release of their Starfire LP due in June on London’s Ninja Tune, is the kind of rush of blood to the head that Terje fans would expect from him. But where this edit differs from past work is the finesse applied to the latter portion of the track is it ventures further into the rabbit hole into a breakbeat, electronica fueled bender; a move, no doubt, taken from his experiences working on It’s Album Time. What results is something similar to Daft Punk’s “Giorgio By Moroder” off their Random Access Memories album as it seems to drive through multiple periods of dance music in the attempt to create an audio-erotic odyssey that masterfully stimulates the senses. This is the kind of diversion only Todd Terje could produce and for that he deserves a standing ovation.

Listen to Todd Terje’s remix of “Oban” below and look out for Jaga Jazzist’s album, Starfire, due for release in June via Ninja Tune.

Too Funk Tuesday #11

Posted on April 21 2015 by Shawn G

Too Funk Tuesday is back to help welcome Spring! Check out the five tracks below:

Slow Knights – Candy Sugar Rush (Louis La Roche Remix)

Oh man…it’s good to hear LLR back and in action! This remix of Slow Knights is simply melodic bliss with its incorporation of crazy synth break downs and gorgeous soul vocals. This man brings the heat any time he touches a track and this is a real treat.

Imaani – Found My Light (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)

Disco lovers are rejoicing everywhere. Go Go always deliver the best in nu disco and their remix of Imaani is one of their best yet. This song is french touch at its finest and keeps a BPM that’s meant for pool parties and sunsets. Enjoy!

Aeroplane – Let’s Get Slow

It’s like all of my favorite artists decided to drop new tracks this week…Aeroplane is back again with an original production that further brandishes him as one of the best in the indie/disco house game. This song has a simple 808 feel with awesome funk vocals, reminiscent of the latter years of Daft Punk. Definitely take this one out for a ride, its sensual and speaks to the night.

Daniel Johns – Aerial Love (Naderi Remix)

They say slow and steady wins the race and this track is a winner! Super chill and deeply romantic, Naderi brings magic to “Aerial Love” with a totally new feel and deep bass drops. Experimental in its break, yet pop in its chorus — this track is a dream. Take a listen!

MIX OF THE WEEK: The Magician live at Ultra

STRAIGHT KILLS IT…here’s the tracklist:

01. Feder : Goodbye (Hugel remix)
02. Clean Bandit : Rather Be (The Magician remix)
03. Twin Shadow : Old Love/New Love (Armand Van Helden remix)
04. Spada : Sun Sun Sun 
05. Blonde : All Cried out (The Magician remix)
06. Arches : New Love (Stripped Mix)
07. Philip George : Wish You Were Mine
08. Kideko : The Jam
09. Zonderling : Telraam
10. Watermat & Tai : Frequency
11. Martin Solveig & GTA : Intoxicated
12. ID : Red Roses
13. Oliver $ : Pushing On (Tchami remix)
14. ID : The Party
15. The Magician : Sunlight
16. Lykke Li : I Follow Rivers (The Magician remix)