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Sugar Hill & Wasabi – It’s On You

Posted on October 27 2014 by zacheser

Brazil’s Sugar Hill has been on the rise over the past year or so, specifically on DJ hot spot Beatport, and has been supported by the likes of Oliver $ and Bob Sinclair. Gaining notoriety for a sound that is steeped heavily in a French press labeled ‘DISCO,’ Sugar Hill’s newest release, which marks another go with frequent collaborator Wasabi, is a blast to the past with fabulous hooks and even more spectacular emphasis on groove.

Sampling Double Exposure’s classic track “Everyman,” Sugar Hill & Wasabi’s newest outing on Erase Records is a gripping headlock enraptured with a funkadelic quality reserved for high energy sets and peak hour airplay. Titled “It’s On You,” the track feels like it literally washes over you as the disco strings and bass cleanse the body and mind with positivity and good vibes. The bass especially has an infectious flair to it that will more than likely make everyone in the general vicinity bounce and break hard enough to require a few aspirins the next morning. Killer track.

You can pick up the track via Beatport and listen to it after the break.

Keljet x AYER – If It’s Not You

Posted on October 20 2014 by Caleb

The last time Dutch production geniuses, Keljet, teamed up with Ayer, the nu disco goodness was overpowering, resulting in a track that’s still smashing dance floors on the regular with their remix of “Circle Down.” This time, the two parties have teamed up for a proper original and the result is better than we could have hoped for. “If It’s Not You” is feel good through and through with cosmic synths swirling around Ayer’s delicate falsetto and a disco fueled indie dance groove. Take a listen below:

Xinobi — Charm

Posted on October 17 2014 by Shawn G
Xinobi - 1975 (DT044) cover

Lisbon OG Xinobi is testing the experimental waters with this indie dance jam that is sure to make you forget about your worries. “Charm” is piano-driven track that perfectly surrounds some serious vocals. It’s borderline pop-y, and I’m really feeling the new vibe! Hear this:

A.J. — Don’t Rush [Side B]

Posted on October 16 2014 by Shawn G
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.55.56 AM

So vintage, so beautiful. This track is a real treat, especially if you’re into that west coast funk that permeated all the great 70s, 80s and 90s soul tracks and this one is truly something not to rush through. The perfectly percolated filtered samples combine with new age synths make this a song to really vibe to.

Tropicool — Indian Solstice

Posted on October 15 2014 by Shawn G

Tropicool’s mixes are superb, they are mood-fitting and highly sensual. “Indian Solstice” is no different and the vibe he brings with this set is one that resounds with the Fall feeling. A mix of indie, melodic house, shuttered between deep, dark fantasy tracks with french disco to bring you out of your funk. The track listing is on his Facebook page, where you can also download this mix for free! Enjoy!

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