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Introducing Dany Kole

Posted on April 16 2014 by Caleb

Dany Kole is a new producer coming our way from Moscow. He makes sexy retro tinged nu disco tracks with a tendency for big, sexy bass lines and tropical vibes. About a month ago, Kole released his Pictures EP and recently just dropped a nice remix of Goldroom’s “Embrace.” Take a listen below and grab the tracks for free while you’re at it!

Alex Metric & Oliver – Galaxy

Posted on April 15 2014 by Caleb

Alex Metric already had us in eager anticipation of his upcoming EP with Oliver when he dropped the title track, “Hope,” but with the release of his second single, “Galaxy,” he’s quickly become our top artist to watch. Both tracks are absolutely massive and irresistible, seamlessly blending influences from the house and disco spheres with an energy that will actively infect dance music fans of all persuasions. “Galaxy” leans much more towards the disco side of things, leading with a funky piano line and disco bass groove and throwing in space age synths and Moroder-esque vocoding. It’s a blast and hits extra hard when Oliver’s unbelievably pristine production gets thrown into the mix. The only negative is that the tracks aren’t available now.

Rüfüs – Take Me (Miguel Campbell Remix)

Posted on April 14 2014 by Caleb

The Rüfüs remixes keep coming, and we can’t complain because the Aussie band has a knack for picking the perfect producers for their tracks. This time they’ve passed their single “Take Me” to Miguel Campbell, who turns it into laid back nu disco track with an incredibly breezy feel. Campbell manages to instill even more of a summery feel into the track. The mix is stripped down focusing largely around a subtle disco bass line and a warm pad. It’s a great track and makes for a perfect patio track with the recently resurfacing warmth.

MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix)

Posted on April 10 2014 by Wes Della Volla

LA based producer/DJ/remixer/all around talented human, Goldroom, is no stranger to making irresistibly warm nu-disco sounds, and his latest remix for Danish pop phenomenon MØ takes his sound to a new level of addictive pleasure. Now, “Don’t Wanna Dance” was already a hooked filled, high-energy track; you know the kind of song that worms its way deep behind your ear drums with no plan to ever leave–the most welcome kind of parasite possible, but now Goldroom has engineered even more addictive version of the track. It taps right into the base of your brain, I imagine around some ancient part that controls involuntary movement, because the mix is going to make you dance. The kind of late night, under pulsing strobe lights, sweaty and no FUCKS given dancing that happens around 2 in the morning. So click play and dance yourself clean.

Art Vs. Science – Create/Destroy (Set Mo Remix)

Posted on April 8 2014 by Caleb

Set Mo, just dropped their remix of Art Vs. Science’s “Create/Destroy.” The track is bursting at the seams with summer vibes and retro disco flair, all dressed up in a nicely produced nu disco package. Set Mo are quickly proving themselves to be one of the standout production teams in the indie dance scene, and this track only solidifies that. Take a listen below:

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