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Posted on November 26 2014 by Caleb

San Diego’s tropical house master on the rise, Colour Vision, has laid his summer fueled fingers on Overjoy’s smash “Monstrous.” The result is a dreamy, sun burnt twist that backs Lex Famous’s smoky vocals with bright stabs and breezy pool side vibes. It’s also up as a free DL so make sure to grab it now:

Colour Vision
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Posted on November 14 2014 by Caleb

Nu disco extraordinaire on the rise, Colour Vision, cooks up one of our favorite edits of the last few months with his edit on Les Sins’s “Why.” DJs especially should be clamoring to grab this. The thick disco bass line over light tropical notes makes for a perfect track to start the weekend to too. Listen below and grab the DL while you can:

Colour Vision on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Priory — Weekend (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Posted on November 7 2014 by Shawn G
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.23.06 AM

Along with Tobtok, Oliver Nelson is leading the way in the Nu Disco genre these days and this track is an awesome example of why disco is still changing, moving and getting better. A really complex song, this remix brings all kinds of instrumentation and is SO groovy. Uptempo and energetic, I can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Nelson!

Oliver Nelson on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On (Purple Disco Machine Edit)

Posted on November 3 2014 by Caleb

Nothing beats new Purple Disco Machine, especially when it’s a rework of a disco classic like “And The Beat Goes On.” Giving it just enough muscle, he turns it into a disco house heater that manages to only improve upon the original. It’s also luckily up as a free DL so make sure to jump on it while you can.

Purple Disco Machine on Facebook | Soundcloud

Sugar Hill & Wasabi – It’s On You

Posted on October 27 2014 by zacheser

Brazil’s Sugar Hill has been on the rise over the past year or so, specifically on DJ hot spot Beatport, and has been supported by the likes of Oliver $ and Bob Sinclair. Gaining notoriety for a sound that is steeped heavily in a French press labeled ‘DISCO,’ Sugar Hill’s newest release, which marks another go with frequent collaborator Wasabi, is a blast to the past with fabulous hooks and even more spectacular emphasis on groove.

Sampling Double Exposure’s classic track “Everyman,” Sugar Hill & Wasabi’s newest outing on Erase Records is a gripping headlock enraptured with a funkadelic quality reserved for high energy sets and peak hour airplay. Titled “It’s On You,” the track feels like it literally washes over you as the disco strings and bass cleanse the body and mind with positivity and good vibes. The bass especially has an infectious flair to it that will more than likely make everyone in the general vicinity bounce and break hard enough to require a few aspirins the next morning. Killer track.

You can pick up the track via Beatport and listen to it after the break.

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