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Cause & Affect – Another Time feat. Jamie George (Taiki Nulight Remix)

Posted on June 19 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Back to the sound of the underground. This Londoner specializes in just that, meshing together garage, house, and bassline. Taiki Nulight has been making waves over the past year, to say the least, and he’s only just getting started. He has been pumping out quality originals, collabs, and in this case, remixes.

Forthcoming on Fat! Records, “Another Time” is a bit of a chiller track from Cause & Affect, but Taiki Nulight decided to change that vibe a bit. The remix boasts a powerful bassline that is equally as catchy and chopped vocal samples that seem to fit perfectly. I can’t wait to hear this on a club system because it will surely blow the roof off. Make sure you pick this one up along with the original on Monday June 22nd. Also give Taiki a follow on SoundCloud as you’ll probably enjoy the freebies he occasionally puts out.

Chris Avantgarde – The Good Old Days

Posted on June 6 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Being the Dirtybird fanboy that I am, I’m oh so excited for the newest release “If You Find Yourself In A Large Room”. All four tracks are amazing, but the one that gets me the most is Chris Avantgarde’s “The Good Old Days”. The bass line is huge and drives the entire song, but the constant synth stabs complement that really well. I’m also a fan of the vocals that have been pitched up and/or down as it gives it that subtle weirdness that seems to be present in Dirtybird tracks. I can’t wait for this to be released and see what else Chris Avantgarde has in store for us.

“If You Find Yourself In A Large Room” will be out on Birdhouse on June 13th (for all you supernerds like myself) and out on Beatport June 15th. Be sure to check out the other tracks from Kill Frenzy, Genghis Clan, Will Clarke, and Harry Judda!

Wyro – Crank It (Alex Index Remix)

Posted on June 2 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Alex Index, an up and coming producer out of Copenhagen, just had a remix he did released on Beatport yesterday. Being a bass house specialist, it’s no surprise that most of this guy’s stuff on Perfect Driver. However this release comes from Arte, a sub-label of Art Reform in Ukraine. This remix has a beefy sub line, punchy bass stabs, and a chord progression that gives the track a deep house vibe. If you dig it, make sure you go to his SoundCloud and check out some other tracks he’s dropped. He recently put out a remix of the classic “Summer Jam” by The Underdog Project that you can pick up for free!

Purity Ring | 9:30 Club | May 30, 2015

Posted on June 2 2015 by zacheser

An otherworldly, sanguine forest of braided lights blip around the edges of Megan James as she gracefully saunters through their enveloping elegance. The array of sound which pulses through the club echo out like a child’s laughter on a hazy summer afternoon: distant and comforting; at play. And the crowd breathes, bounces, and moves as a single unit almost as if Corin Roddick’s production is the maelstrom and the audience is the ship romantically bobbing in and out of the electronic tides.

Supporting the release of their sophomore album, Another Eternity, Purity Ring has upped the ante with a new live performance with that could only be described as artistry for artistry’s sake. They’ve always been an act which embraces the affect of atmosphere and the power of performance art, as seen with the DIY cocoon set that made them a must-see act during their last tour, the electronic forest on display during their new set is like the starry-eyed, imaginative fever dream stemming from a young child’s fascination with lightning bugs. These visuals channel a certain electricity complementing the soft, chilling vocals from James as Roddick’s percussive, electro beats swarm the fibers of your being.

What happens is the audience becomes an active participant in the dreamy ebb and flow of the atmosphere as the coos and blips and snares and kicks invite those attending to traverse down into their electro-pop rabbit hole. The choice to open with the rapturous combination of “Stranger Than Earth” straight into “Push Pull” is a warm blanket that slowly shuts down the nerves, but it is a proper glimpse as to the magic that slowly unveils itself during the concise runtime of the show. Songs like “Fineshrine” and “Lofticries” from their debut LP hover through the air like sugarplums ripe for the picking often culminating in pulsing waves of light from the forest shrouding the duo. This is a nice contrast to their live performances of “Flood on the Floor” and “Dust Hymn” which play like a trapped out, Nero inspired trip into dark canyons where lost souls go to rave before eventually culminating in the fan favorite “Begin Again” at show’s end; a song choice that makes the crowd erupt into an electro-pop apex of music ejaculate.

With notes of Cocteau Twins, Björk, and more recent atmosphere masters like M83 or Fever Ray, Purity Ring manages to achieve a level of weird that’s in tune with their soundscapes while having a certain approachability that connects members of different cloths: the ravers; the hipsters; and even a 10 year old girl in the balcony celebrating her birthday. It requires a very rare quality of beatific detail to be yourself without catering to mainstream sensibility while harboring fans from all walks of life. Seeing Purity Ring is like discovering the safe space you never knew you needed.

Ania Iwinska & Thee Cool Cats – Hustler Parade

Posted on May 29 2015 by Chris Kennedy

A new collaboration is on the way from Worthy’s label Anabatic Records. Ania Iwinska and Thee Cool Cats got together to produce this bass-heavy breakbeat track. They created a nasty and gritty bass sound and went crazy with the 808 rim clicks, which makes it hard not to get down to. It’s definitely a proper fit for Anabatic and I can’t wait to get this track. Unfortunately, it’s not out just yet, but you can expect to pick it up on June 16th as a part of their “Go Hustle EP”.