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Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t That Peculiar (Beshken Remix)”

Posted on May 4 2015 by zacheser
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Beshken doesn’t mess around. Positivity flows through his incomparable soundscapes like water comes out of a tap and while many of his indie/future bass peers strike a common path, the Santa Monica based producer goes out of his way to venture into the woods without a map. This mentality strikes a chord as each remix and original he’s released to date has had a magnetic quality based on the element of surprise; a trait often seen from his choices to suddenly drop into detours that sample from an eclectic array of sub genres.

His newest remix, a hang-gliding, carefree take on Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar,” is a triumph that punctures and blips as much as the floating synths raise the track much like yeast rises in freshly baked bread. The remix is soft and pillowy allowing listeners to allow themselves to feel warm and cozy as the ambient pads envelop the interstitial space between dreams and reality. It’s as chill as summer vibes go, perfecting the fine balance between indie electronica and fratboy house, and it pairs well with a mojito. Surprising, lusty, and spirited, Beshken’s version of “Ain’t That Peculiar” goes above and beyond straight for the clouds.

You can stream the track below and visit Beshken’s SoundCloud page for a free download.

Nine Inch Nails, “Discipline (Matt Lange Remix)”

Posted on April 29 2015 by zacheser
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Trent Reznor is the man he is today by cutting the cloth of industrial rock and dyeing it in one of the darker, subversive basins of electronica often creating new periods for himself with each subsequent release. Similarly, Matt Lange, who is more well known for his efforts on Mau5trap Records and Anjunadeep, consistently goes against the grain of dance music and often delivers tracks that lay eggs within the further corners of the subconscious; his work is intellectual, refined, and instinctual.

Matt Lange’s recent remix of “Discipline” off Nine Inch Nails’ The Slip is more in touch with his animal side, delving deep into the subterranean, dimly lit catacombs of dub and electro producing a slow-burn that glitches and throbs with sheer ferocity. Cerebral in its execution and delivering on NIN’s industrial edge, Lange transforms from techno connoisseur/ambient tastemaker to an electronic God – playing with our inner impulse to lash out and destroy the shackles that keep us binded.

Stream Matt Lange’s remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “Discipline” below.

Taste Test 03

Posted on April 24 2015 by Kevin Capasso

April has been one crazy month, but it hasn’t fallen short on music releases by any means. We’ve had two great future bass compilations drop, Hebinomichi Vol. 2 and Filet Mignon III. Not to mention that Curren$y, Shlohmo, Brodinski, Scuba and Tyler the Creator have all also dropped flame albums. So this week I decided to share my favorite picks from the release avalanche and some other tunes for you to enjoy. First up is the Hebinomichi comp. As usual, collective founder SteLouse kills it with “Sunday Chords”, but my standout tracks have to be from the mysterious NRMN and then Chicago’s KR$CHN. “Secret Slide” is a funky mid-tempo collage of Michael Jackson samples and slappy bass, with plenty of bleeps and bloops thrown in. “Trunk Volume” is an out of this world banger, so get ready for the trunk rattling to commence. My favorite cuts off of Filet Mignon III have to be from L’homme aux 4 lettres, and the DMV’s very own Flybear. The comp starts off with the young DMV producer’s ambient piano tinkering, but quickly kicks things up with a great 50 Cent sample. Then you have the always-quirky frenchman with his techy take on breaks and club. It may sound unsettling at first, but believe me, it bangs.

The new Tyler album is a step forward for the Odd Future artist, as he pulled back his extravagant melodrama to make a rowdy, but musically and intellectually rich album. Its entitled Cherry Bomb and worth a cover-to-cover listen, but I wanted to highlight a standout artist featured on the track. “Perfect” is the second half of the nearly 7 minute “Fucking Young.” It slows things down with a R&B drenched future groove, but what makes the song is Kali Uchis. The Colombian singer from Virginia has a warm, retro tone to her crooning voice that adds a whole other layer to Tyler’s lyrics. Check out what her vocals can do to a track in Esta’s Remix of “Know What I Want.” Last up we have Manila Killa’s take on the newest M Machine EP. His remix of “Don’t Speak” goes from tropical house into what I would imagine one of Oliver’s nightmares would sound like. The remix pack is out today, it’s filled with great artists like Kazimer & CRNKN.

Pink Slip Made It: 3 Weeks of Unstoppable Beats

Posted on April 22 2015 by Jordan Farley

For the past 21 days, I’ve had something special to look forward to: a new Pink Slip song. Pink Slip, the Atlanta born producer, has varied his tastes across darkwave, trap, and future bass genres, releasing track after unstoppable track. This kid is 19 and he’s producing trapsterpieces. #ThreeWeeksofBeats aka that time he released a track a day for the first 21 days of the April, shows just how creative and ambitious his production game is hyping up to be. Most notably, he highlights other Belmont University student musicians on his tracks, and it’s his true appreciation for music that has gotten him recognition thus far. With even more songs lined up for the summer, Pink Slip celebrated spring, his birthday, and a little holiday called 4/20 throughout his weeks of beats and produced tracks more than worthy of notoriety.


This is the track that made me fall in love with PS. This song has such a sexiness to it and his “Soulful Start” really jumps off. This track is going to rock your socks off, babe.

Day 2 is very laidback and melodic with it’s jazzy guitar riffs and cute piano hits. This track is simplistically beautiful and seeps in like a serene dream.

This beat is sick. It’s super catchy and that bass line is such a driving force. This is the perfect example of what future bass music is becoming and also shows just one side of the multifaceted producer.

This Mike Will Made It inspired trap beat is one of the first of many Pink Slip trapsterpieces. His hip-hop production is smart in that it leaves space for potential vocals and his beats are created with that balance in mind.

This track has an amazing use of chimes. Chimes over that bass line all day every day. This track is sultry smooth.

I didn’t know that underwater trap existed until now and I guarantee it’s something you’ll easily become obsessed with.

Pink Slip, you are a trap star. This song is sick, just listen to that fat bass.

This song takes a look at the lighter side of hip-hop. It’s equally as well produced and hard hitting as his previous tracks, but plays off of a mellower side of trap.

The quality of his production continues to amaze me. This track has some dark driving synth and is balanced with lighter piano notes. It has this phat echoey sound to it with a dope melody over it. It has a certain groovy bass to it.

Trap to the max. This track is an escape into a pounding darkness.

Day 11 is funky fresh. This song shows how smart he is, really utilizing pauses in this track. He perfectly places each hit and drop in this summery, upbeat track.

Each track just continues to grow on the last. He takes future bass and trap to a whole new level.

This appropriately titled track continues to explore the limitless options for Yung Pink Slip. His beats continue to intrigue.

This song is sick! That bass line is just to die for and c’mon, you can’t help but dance a little to this track.

This is everything I wanted this flip to be. He takes the classic and spins it adding so much detail and taking this track deep into 2015 future bass music.

I love that he went back to his roots. His production with vocalists is phenomenal. He pays so close attention to really showcasing the vox and his songwriting skills are insanely good.

Wait for that drop….and now put it on repeat.

Pink Slip is a synth genius. His incorporation of deep synth hits into his trap production make his songs utterly unstoppable.

I love everything about this track from the piano keys to the drum, the funky horns and that repeated ascending loop (which is phenomenal).

This chill track is the perfect 4/20 anthem.

This flip is so good. This totally brings James Bond into the 2015 . This track is exciting and this beat is just so catchy. It’s a wonderful end to his streak.


Lana Del Rey, “Summertime Sadness (Divinity Project Remix)”

Posted on April 21 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.57.53 PM

A couple years ago, Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” was turned into a massive hit thanks to Cedric Gervais’ progressive twist making it into an anthem for an entire summer season. This take on Del Rey’s swooning song about young love, however, takes it to a whole new level.

Crafted by unknown DJ/Producer Will LaHaye, who goes by the pseudonym Divinity Project, this remix blends a stunning appreciation for theatricality with hard hitting complextro notes without sacrificing the raw, timeless vocals that Del Rey is known for. Opening with orchestral accompaniment and a lone piano, Divinity Project’s remix sweeps into synthesizers and a classic build/drop before ushering in waves of electronic bliss that are reminiscent of artists like NERVO or Oliver without truly jumping headfirst into the #EDM pool. What results is a remix that bangs, drops, flips, and rages in a carefree way while maintaining an individual identity. Needless to say, Divinity Project is now on our bass radar – and he should be on yours as well.

Listen to the Divinity Project remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” below.