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Lxury – Pick You Up

Posted on November 19 2014 by Caleb

Easily one of our favorite producers of the last year, Lxury has released nothing but forward thinking and absurdly addicting music. Luckily, he’s showing no signs of deviating from that path, gearing up for a sophomore EP on the ever awesome Greco Roman. “Pick You Up” shares some sonic similarities with his Playground EP with its high tempo and light-hearted, nostalgic feel. The track sounds like Lxury’s reaction to the current UK house trend mixing the sound with influences of bass and indie dance as well. The track is wholly unique and enjoyable. Listen below:

Lxury on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

option4 – You’re Ill

Posted on November 11 2014 by zacheser

Brennen Bryarly, aka Colorado’s option4, is set to release his newest deviation via his Night Supply imprint in the form of “You’re Ill.” Sampling hood rich/skater rap vocals from The Pack’s “Vans,” this track follows in the footsteps of other stellar tracks this year like Justin Jay’s “Bounce and Break” and Wave Age’s “Thug Love” as it takes beloved hip-hop emblems and repurposes them for the house scene. The result is a salty sweet combination of slick 808 production combined with wubby bass that resonates deep all tied together with a tight, concise bow just in time for us to jack and weave and sweat in the clubs as it gets colder and colder outside.

Listen to option4′s latest jam after the jump.

Wave Age – Mother

Posted on October 31 2014 by zacheser

After releasing “Thug Love,” mum was the word with Wave Age up until now. The super secretive DC based producer has released a treat for us on Halloween: a melodic, deep house banger that is bound to make your inner monster howl tonight when it’s dropped on the dance floor.

Sampling Danzig’s track of the same name, “Mother” is like the extremely sexy babysitter who lets you stay up late: smoking hot and plenty of bass to hold on to (no treble). Complete with a jacking bassline, pan delayed synths, and tropical notes for a little lightness, this track is crucial and a guaranteed crowd pleaser especially considering the sick dichotomy between the heavy metal vocals and the ever so bouncy 808 drums. Just do yourself a favor and download it after the jump.

Oh – and from the Blisspop family – Happy Halloween, everyone.

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhymes

Posted on October 20 2014 by zacheser

During the summer, this track was smashing sets all over the world without an ID. That was until last week when it was unveiled on BBC Radio One. Coming from longtime collaborators Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo, “Rhymes” is an achievement in house music designed to provoke a 4/4 ruckus if not a full blown groove session.

Indicative of their collaboration style, “Rhymes” is a vocal based, bass heavy grime heater that instantly lures you in like a moth to the flame. And because it’s nothing short of dynamic, it appears as if this track may have cross-genre appeal considering the exhibition Hannah Wants and Lorenzo have on display for us; we’re talking about a jacking bassline, a literal siren that calls out people onto the dancefloor, and a drop a little more than halfway in that is so wild it’s bound to make everyone erupt into an aroused state of pandemonium. This is all without mentioning the obvious passion for hip-hop production this duo has which grounds the track in a relatable way for uninformed clubgoers and elevates its status from a neat filler track to a setlist highlight.

Pick up “Rhymes” on Friday as part of the Annie Mac Presents compilation or wait until next week when it sees a release on Beatport.

Adrian Gia – Dark Chicago

Posted on October 16 2014 by zacheser

As the “Melbourne Bounce” subgenre continues its stranglehold on mainstream EDM, track after track continues to be churned out by the likes of TJR, Will Sparks, and Deorro. But with every emergence of a new category comes a few tracks that go against the grain in an attempt to take their niche in a different direction even if it’s only for the sake of amusement. This is “Dark Chicago” by Adrian Gia.

Coming off New York’s Brooklyn Fire label, the Australian producer decided to strip away the big room and main stage aesthetics that have made Melbourne Bounce so popular amongst Kandi beaded ravers and he’s replaced it with a minimalist techno vibe that is sure to turn a few heads. In a way, “Dark Chicago” is exactly what the name makes it sound like: a deeper, more sinister, edgier take on Chicago house music. And that stems out from every element of the track including the thumping bass that straddles a fine line between disco edit and main stage ragefest, a woodblock sample that keeps the tempo up, and a good use of ambience. There’s even the added novelty of a sample from the film “The Blues Brothers” to immerse it further in Chicago flavor (and even that has been deepened and darkened for the sake of solidarity).

In the end, Gia’s noodling around with the Melbourne format has produced a very tight, concise track which is much more rooted in the underground techno scene than the mainstream Ultra scene and that, my friends, is worth the full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, and wearing sunglasses.

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