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Kirin Rider – Spicious EP

Posted on January 15 2015 by Chris Kennedy

San Francisco bass house producer Kirin Rider released a new EP this week featuring an original from herself and a remix from Small Talk. It was released on Laser Native, which is a label and collective also out of San Francisco that specializes in bass house and techno.

Kirin Rider’s track is driven by a heavy breakbeat paired with a lot of sub-bass. It also has a bizarre, loopy sound that I’m not quite sure how to describe. Regardless, it’s weird and I like it. Small Talk’s remix is on the chiller side, but it adds a nice dynamic to round out the EP. It’s a head bobber that is still filled with a lot of sub-bass and and has a constantly moving airy sound that makes the track simple, yet great. Head over to Beatport and grab these booty bass tracks!

Chris Lake – Chest

Posted on January 14 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.04.20 PM

Continuing a current trend in his eclectic production style as of late, Chris Lake is wielding the sword pulled from the stone of 90′s Chicago and Detroit house music with no signs of fatigue. After this past November’s stellar remix of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games which was co-produced with Hannah Wants’ main collaborator, Chris Lorenzo, Lake is coming in hot with Chest which will debut on Ultra in February.

Chest is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: starting with an all too familiar 4/4 house beat and a minimalist bassline that will undoubtedly make subwoofers happy for days, Lake takes us down into a rabbit hole as the song begins to rev up with a series of resonating clicks and flanging, sawing synths while the beat continues to keep the listener in a state of hypnosis. The track also features some creative use of vocal sampling reminiscent of the mammoth level track, Boneless, that Lake co-produced with Steve Aoki and Tujamo in 2013. With that said, while the track won’t see a full release until February 6, the preview released today displays all the makings of a certified festival anthem which will be released just in time for Ultra Music Festival and the Miami Winter Music Conference. So keep the date open on your calendars: this track could very well be a whopper in 2015.

Listen to the preview after the jump.


Eyes Everywhere – We Lost A Lot of Good Ones EP

Posted on January 14 2015 by Chris Kennedy
eyes everywhere

The producer duo Eyes Everywhere out of Buffalo, NY just came out with a preview of their new EP on Worthy’s Anabatic Records. These guys have been managing to fly under the radar for a bit, but that won’t be happening for much longer.  The first track, “Bang Em Up,” is a bumpin’ song with a hard hitting bassline and a fun vocal hook. The second one, “Chev Cannon,” has some raw and gritty synths with a four-to-the-floor beat and is almost guaranteed to pack a dance floor. The EP will be out January 25th, but they have another release coming out on Main Course next month so you’ll be seeing these guys around some more.

Gent & Jawns – Fireball (Chris Bushnell Remix)

Posted on January 14 2015 by zacheser

DJ/Producer Chris Bushnell is a very busy man. In addition to founding EDM super-blog The Bingo Balls, he has risen to prominence in the electronic dance scene through monstrously energetic monthly mixes, gargantuan remixes and bootlegs, and residencies at some of the hottest clubs in Miami and Orlando.

His newest concoction is a remix of Fireball, a track by Washington, D.C.’s own Gent & Jawns on their ‘Faded’ EP through Mad Decent, and it bangs, it drops, and it will slay the dance floor in all the right ways. In Bushnell’s hands, the track becomes a trapped out, high energy party starter where the main focus is to give every twenty-something in the room something to twerk about. And for that reason, it succeeds. Featuring finely chopped vocal samples, aggressive snares, and builds big enough to make the ghosts of Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius Vanderbilt jealous, Chris Bushnell has truly outdone himself with an edit that, God willing, could change the landscape of the Trap subgenre/machine in the months ahead.

You can listen to Chris Bushnell’s remix of Gent & Jawns’ Fireball after the jump and visit his SoundCloud for a free download of the track.

Montell Jordan – Get It On Tonite (Aylen Remix)

Posted on January 13 2015 by zacheser
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.05.56 PM

New Jersey’s Aylen is a colossal talent in the U.S. EDM machine who routinely impresses dance music crowds with his pedal-to-the-metal remixes. In years past, the young producer has put his flourishes on tracks by Duke Dumont, Coldplay, and Tchami and has seen releases on Hysteria and Liftoff Recordings.

His newest work, a remix of Montell Jordan’s classic 90′s hit Get It On Tonite, carries Aylen into uncharted waters and could possibly establish his skills in new sub genres of dance music. Marking a slight sidestep away from the more aggressive electro sound he’s perfected for festival stages in the past, Aylen focuses on a lighter, UK grime infused deep house sound which meshes incredibly well with his signature electro stabs and progressive backbeat before eventually making way for a cycling vocal sample that adds an air of ambience. And while it’s clear that 90′s jams are making a strong comeback, the young New Jersey producer manages to re-purpose this throwback into something both modern and satisfying without losing his identity which can be a remarkably difficult task in and of itself.

Listen to Aylen’s remix of Montell Jordan’s 90′s R&B standard after the jump and visit his SoundCloud for download details.