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Blisspop Bonus Tracks | Round-up #2

Posted on August 10 2014 by Robbie Metcalf
Blisspop Bonus Tracks | Round-up #2

As you might remember from our very first ‘Blisspop Bonus Tracks’ round-up, the purpose of these is pretty simple: A gathering of all the music that may have slipped through the cracks from the weeks past. In this second round-up, we’ve got a bunch of cool stuff for you to discover and play, and hopefully download and take with you to soundtrack whatever it is you’re doing. Highlights of this one include the lead single “Give Up” from San Francisco based duo BLAUS’s debut EP, an epic debut single from a BLEITCH called “This Is Our Youth”, as well as one hell of a remix from Axmod that will just take you away. Enjoy everything below!

Autograf – One (Cover)

Posted on August 7 2014 by Caleb

Chicago duo Autograf have been steady on the rise since debuting earlier this year. Championing their own brand of ‘Future House,’ they combine tropical highs with deep house lows and a light bass music influence to make a nice unique twist on dance music. Their latest is a cover of Swedish House Mafia’s “One,” and it’s a tropical house rework that’s infinitely more listenable than the original. Vowel based synth sounds drive the bass line while warm pads and bright plucks sit on top and wrap around the sultry vocals. Listen below and grab it as a free DL!

Canine Teeth — Leviathan

Posted on August 6 2014 by Shawn G

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to proudly present this week’s “Newcomer of the Week” and what’s even more amazing is that he’s from right here in our backyard. DC-native Canine Teeth recently dropped “Leviathan,” an R&B meets Dance track that hits hard, in a scantily-clad kind of way. With synth crescendos and hard bass drops, this track pulls in effects that bring out the soulful vocals and impassioned beat that pumps through you. Definitely take a listen and see what our hometown homie is bringing to the game, and while you’re at it, make sure to grab the whole EP HERE!

Blisspop Bonus Tracks | Round-up #1

Posted on July 30 2014 by Robbie Metcalf
Blisspop Bonus Tracks | Round-up #1

Anyone who actively uses SoundCloud knows that there is simply too much good music being produced and released every single day to be able to catch it all. And if you’re like me and follow over 1,000 different great artists, forget about it. And don’t even get me started on that “Repost” button…

The purpose of these ‘Blisspop Bonus Tracks’ round-ups is pretty simple: A gathering of all the music that may have slipped through the cracks.

In this first round-up, we’ve got a lot of different kinds of sounds to offer. Highlights include an awesome new one from Finnish duo TJH87 featuring Gamble & Burke, an airy electronic EP from Distant Cousin, and a magnificent number from Sol Rising off his new album ‘Mystical Awakening’. There’s much more goodness than that of course as you’ll find… Enjoy everything below!

Review: Flume at 9:30 Club

Posted on July 30 2014 by Shawn G

So I’ve got to preface my review; going to see Flume on a Wednesday night, at the 9:30 Club, was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Not only did he kill it, he showed me that a show can be transformed into ways that can overwhelm the mind — aural and visual. Now I’m not going to say I loved every second of it, there were parts of the set I wasn’t totally with, mainly the excessively deep minimal bass that went on for two or three song tangents. But hey, there are a lot of people who love that sound, and he always ended up bringing me back to the reason why I love him: innovative, driving dance music with basslines that will make you melt.
I can’t deny it, I peaked early. He started the show with my favorite track of his, Sleepless, and I jammed as hard as I could. The visuals, the sound, the crowd, it was an absurd mix of sweat, passion and bass. His downtempo electronica is raucous combination of clear vocals, or 90’s soul/hip hop samples, on tripped-out 90 bpm.

His Wikipedia page says he is “an Australian electronic music instrumentalist, producer and DJ” but really his unique productions and his ability to remix make him stand out above the rest. What’s even freakier is that he was born on November 5, 1991, making him 22 years old. He’s so good, he sold out two shows in two nights at 9:30. And he definitely showed DC why.

Let’s get back to the show.
He dropped his version of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” and finished with his remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me” (Which is one helluva catchy song to end on). But for me, his original songs were what really stuck. I hadn’t seen a crowd get into something so chilled out when he played “Insane.” This track just shocks your system, the literal vibrations that resound within your very chest. It’s deep too, the lyrics consist of Moon Holiday telling you that “the only risk is that you’ll go insane.” What’s sanity, anyways?
“Holdin On” which features Freddie Gibbs was awesome as well, the audience was bouncing.

Oh, and the visuals! What an array of images and emotion. I was so taken aback by the story going on behind him, it was really impressive. From canyons filled with lightning striking as the bass drops to colorful lights and an explosion of confetti, there was even a scene of Super Nintendo’s F-Zero being played to one of his songs — that actually made my night.
In conclusion, Flume was great and he’s definitely one to know in the future, although I didn’t understand much when he spoke in the mic…

Cheers, DC, Flume come back soon!

Photos courtesy of Brian CC Photography. Go here for more pictures: http://briancc.prosite.com/222765/3955200/galleries/flume-930

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