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50 Cent, “Candy Shop (Julius Jetson Remix)”

Posted on September 1 2015 by Zach

Once again showing signs of maturity is D.C.’s Julius Jetson: a young DJ/producer with a keen sense of what bangs, what heats, and what jacks. While each release under his belt has demonstrated the makings of a promising career in the underground, his most recent remix – a stampeding, jacking house edit of 50 Cent’s hit “Candy Shop” – is the final nail in the coffin. Julius Jetson is here to stay and he’s gonna slap some serious G-house steeze into your life.

Anchored by fervent use of winding crescendos and thick bass, Jetson’s signature, malevolent tone drips like napalm over Curtis Jackson’s sleazy vocals which percolate with more flavor than a French press. The percussiveness of the track gives an earthy undercurrent that instinctually pushes you to jack your body; it resonates deep and dwells like a pit within a Georgia peach. And similar to tracks like Watermät’s “Bullit” or the more recent “Bang That” by Disclosure, it’s not asking for anything artificial. It’s a build that drops and delivers a sweet release. This was made for peak hour performance and it owns it.

Listen to Julius Jetson’s remix of “Candy Shop” and pick it up while it’s a free download.

Leven Kali, “Bruce Lee (Keylow & Lean Quatifah Edit)”

Posted on August 27 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.58.00 PM

Gospel vocals are firmly rooted in house music thanks to the genres deep connective tissue to the black community. Much of the genre’s emphasis on theatricality stems from this feature and has allowed for many young producers in the game to elevate their work by finding the right vocal to instill a sense of uplifting spirituality in their work.

This is the key ingredient to Keylow and Lean Quatifah‘s edit of Leven Keli’s sensational “Bruce Lee” from earlier this year. The Proper Vibes’ residents’ edit reworks the original into a thematic, masterfully crafted orchestration of southern roots and trill electronica that reaches high and doesn’t miss any of the paces. With each subsequent departure into snare and clapped breakdowns, the collaboration puts the soul front and center; as the choir sings “You’re lifting me up / to a higher ground / You’re lifting me up / I can’t come down,” the sense of the remix’s weightlessness overwhelms and calms. It’s soothing and cajoling and goes hard.

It’s a lot like watching Bruce Lee in action.

Stream Keylow and Lean Quatifah’s edit below and hit them up for the free download.

Giraffage & Slow Magic, “So Cute”

Posted on August 27 2015 by Zach
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.27.42 PM

Not quite future bass. Not quite future trap. Not quite future. Rooted in the sounds that make us swirl with intense pleasure, Giraffage and Slow Magic‘s new collaboration, the emoji screaming “So Cute,” is a leap into magnetic ecstasy. The track moves like a spoon through Jell-O as it bounces, gleans, and sways through significantly tasty movements that lift and drop and echo.

Both Slow Magic and Giraffage have dabbled in this level of production in the past: “Close 2 Me” and “On Yr Side” respectively demonstrate the kind of balance necessary to pull off a genre bending, subtle exercise in tastemaking. “So Cute” is like their victory lap. It’s the track that says, “Yeah. We’re here. And we want you to move.” It’s an energetic war cry into the heavens layered with synths, samples, and snares. It’s the past, the present, and future as it takes expectations and pulls the rug out from underneath them exposing a new terrain where each shift is a pleasant, unexpected sigh of glee.

Hate to say it, but it’s time to move over, Flume.

Stream Giraffage and Slow Magic’s “So Cute” below and make sure you catch them on tour this fall; they’re making a stop at the 9:30 Club.

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Trillectro 2015 at Merriweather Post Pavilion 7.29.15

Posted on August 21 2015 by Zach
Trillectro 2015 IG

A couple days ago, we covered the 5 tracks we expect to hear at Trillectro this year. Well – we have some big news for you. If you want to see a stacked line-up of artists ranging from Chance the Rapper and Masego to RL Grime and Cashmere Cat, but you wanna do it on the cheap, we’ve come to the rescue. We’re giving you the opportunity to score two General Admission tickets to one of the biggest dance parties in the DMV this summer.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Follow Blisspop and Trillectro on Twitter.
  2. Send an e-mail to blisspop@gmail.com with the header “Trillectro 2015.” In this e-mail, include a caption for the photo of Chance the Rapper we’ve provided below. The deadline is Friday, August 28 at noon EST. That’s a week from today, biddies!
  3. Be at the edge of your seat: we’ll contact the lucky winner on Friday, August 28.


Godspeed, children. We wish you the best of luck. And we expect to see you at Merriweather Post Pavilion on August 29!

5 Tracks We Expect to Hear at Trillectro 2015

Posted on August 19 2015 by Zach
Trillectro 2015 IG

For the past few years, Trillectro has managed to keep its block party vibe intact despite showcasing major draws like Goldroom, Migos, Gent & Jawns, The Jane Doze, and Schoolboy Q. The festival, which is now in its fourth year, intends to take the event to the next level as it premieres at Merriweather Post Pavilion on August 29 with a line-up boasting appearances by Chance the Rapper, RL Grime, Cashmere Cat, Chris McClenney, Ayes Cold and more. Whether you’re on the lawn or in the pit, these are the tracks that are gonna slay the crowd – and we expect to hear every single one.

1. JMSN, “Alone” 

By way of The Weeknd, JMSN‘s “Alone” is an electronic, downtempo slammer disguised as R&B which combines sultry falsetto with ambient production that calls to mind artists like Panda Bear and James Blake. It’s sex with a drum machine, and with the heat of the lawn and the pit in the pavilion, it’s going to be an invitation for those in attendance to feel themselves.

2. Benny Benassi, “Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)” 

This is a crowdpleasing, fist pumping, bro-dawg magnum opus that is just screaming for an insane hands-in-the-air moment. A trill rework of one of dance music’s most memorable tracks, this remix takes the familiarity of the original and flips it into a Machiavellian ground plan for optimum levels of catharsis with each drop. This is an electrifying track – and one that RL Grime knows exactly when to play to its maximum, heat seeking potential.

3. Chris McClenney, “Best You Got”

Chris McClenney is one of the most interesting choices to go see at this year’s Trillectro festivities. With a dynamic range as a producer, he’s swung through house to down-tempo smoothness to hip-hop influenced beats. So whether he’s channeling Kaytranada, Jamie XX, or D.C.’s indie dance vibes, McClenney’s set is going to be a perfect soundtrack to a sunny afternoon on the lawn. This track, “Best You Got,” is arguably the most straightforward house he’s ever gotten, but it gushes positive energy and will make hips swirl like bubbles in a tub.

4. Cashmere Cat, “Mirror Maru”

This is the song that put Cashmere Cat on the map. After features on Grand Theft Auto V, support from Hudson Mohawke, the 2012 EP catapulted the Norwegian tastemaker and DJ to public consciousness here in the U.S. where his stylish take on futuristic hip-hop and bass genres lit up the blogosphere and college party crowd. It’s a no brainer that this track will get its time to shine at the Pavilion, it’s just a matter of when the Cat decides to share his catnip.

5. Masego x Medasin, “Sunday Vibes”

Experimental is definitely the right word to describe Masego. As an artist who has dabbled in future bass, hip-hop, and other genres that blend together on the electronica spectrum, the young producer never seems to run out of steam or eclectic, joyful ideas. “Sunday Vibes,” a track recently released on the EP Pink Polo with collaborator Medasin, is the kind of cookout vibe that lays a foundation for good times and memory making. Featuring a sax pattern that takes cues from OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson,” this track – if played – will absolutely stun and shock and put the crowd in a state of starry-eyed awe.

Trillectro Music Festival will be on Saturday, August 29 at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Please visit http://www.trillectro.com for more details including a full line-up, tickets, and more. ALSO: if you want 20% off on your Trillectro ticket, use the promo code “blisspop” when you’re checking out (because we just love you so damn much).