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Resident Show Roundup: Weekend of 03/21/14

Posted on March 21 2014 by Caleb
Resident Show Roundup: Weekend of 03/21/14 Photo

Fabio Lendrum – Rays

Posted on February 7 2014 by Caleb

Britain’s Fabio Lendrum is offering up quite the party-starter with his latest track “Rays.” It’s a fairly straight-forward UK house tune with a jacking beat, ghetto house bassline, and a sexy vocal sample to the tune of Debbie Deb’s “Look Out Weekend” over top. Fans of Hot Since 82 and AMINE EDGE will definitely get down with this. Make sure to check it out below.

Sammy Bananas – Flexin’ EP

Posted on January 30 2014 by Caleb
Sammy Bananas is back with a disco-fueled house release via Brooklyn’s Fool’s Gold imprint. We’ve always loved his work in the past, but this new EP is easily some of his best work to date. Lead track “Flexin” showcases Sammy’s own take on 90s throwback, interspersed with bass-heavy, ghetto house breakdowns. “Never Say” is upbeat and soulful, also leaning toward the ghetto house side of things, all the while flirting with piano stabs complemented by a resampled horn line taking the lead. “DLMG” is instantly addicting, leading with UK house style percussion and a pitched vocal snip. Its low and lazy bass is coupled with a playful mix of house and disco samples, ultimately making it one of the most fun tracks around at the moment. Closing track “Feel House” stays true to its name, offering big feels with moody chords  in a neatly wrapped deep house package. Grab “Flexin” over at Fool’s Gold’s website or at any good record shop.

Blisspop Crew Night – January 25

Posted on January 15 2014 by Elyse

Saturday, January 25, we give BLISS a proper introduction to 2014 with Blisspop Crew Night. Featuring the diverse tastes of residents Will Eastman, Baronhawk, Ozker, Harry Ransom, Caleb L’Etoile and Brian Billion, the party kicks off what is sure to be an expertly curated year of BLISS.

Blisspop Crew Night is free before midnight for 21+. Ages 18-20 by advance ticket only. Tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1fuzQjl

Interview with Henry Krinkle

Posted on January 14 2014 by Elyse

Shanghai-based producer and DJ Henry Krinkle was kind enough to answer a few questions for us on the heels of his recent gig at U Street Music Hall. Read on to learn what has shaped the immensely talented young artist’s distinctive sound.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and growing up in Florida? What formative experiences encouraged you to become a producer?

I was born in Estonia. I spent my childhood in the back country of North Dakota. Music was always around me as a kid but I was more interested in playing video games or running around the woods. I spent my high school years in south Florida. I appreciate the experiences I’ve had.

I started playing bass guitar with a kid who played guitar. I made friends with him shortly after moving to Florida and we used to learn songs together and just muck about. It was from then on that I started to take music more seriously. A couple years later I found myself wanting to write my own songs but couldn’t really get a band together to do what I wanted. It was at this time I started to learn how to produce songs on a computer.

Did you approach production with the intention to create a “post-dubstep” sound or did you find that it came naturally when materializing your ideas?

At the time it came naturally because that’s what excited and interested me. I’ve made plenty of songs that no one will ever hear in many different styles.

Your moniker originally comes from the film Taxi Driver with Robert DeNiro. How did you come about choosing that name? How do you relate to the fictional Henry Krinkle (or Travis Bickle)?

I like the idea of using a fictional character’s alias. I happened to be watching the film around the time I was looking for a new musical identity. I heard the name and it stuck in my mind. I had just recently wiped the internet of a previous project I had been working on since high school. After a few months the name was still rolling around my head so I decided to make it something real. I have other projects/aliases but I don’t share them actively.

What prompted you to move to Shanghai? Was there anything you knew about Shanghai before moving that attracted you to the city?

Love. I didn’t know anything about the city.

Now that you’ve been living there for a bit, what are your thoughts on Shanghai and its music community?

Shanghai is an amazing city and I love it to death. The music community is very passionate and welcoming. I miss it.

How has living outside of the popular hubs for electronic music (such as London, Berlin, NYC etc.) influenced your experience as a producer?

I don’t know how my life would be different had I been living in one of the hubs. What I do know is that where I’ve grown up, there isn’t much of a community of or for electronic musicians. I probably should have been producing hip-hop or playing indie rock.

What’s coming up next for you in 2014? Any New Year’s resolutions?

I will be touring, making remixes, writing and releasing originals, relocating and building my first home studio. In short, a lot of hard work. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.

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