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The Brothers Kalkbrenner

Posted on April 3 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.55.07 PM

The Kalkbrenner brothers (Paul and Fritz) hail from the Lichtenberg district of what was East Berlin. Paul Kalkbrenner is known primarily for techno. While Fritz Kalkbrenner also produces dance music, he is self-described as a “soul boy,” and his productions often lean towards deep house. Fritz sings in many of his tracks as well as this track that was featured on the soundtrack Paul composed for the 2008 film “Berlin Calling:”



Paul is considered a live act because he separates his tracks into individual parts and then reassembles them as he performs. The listener can distinctly hear this process in the following track (listen for the different instruments and percussion that enter as the track progresses):



As the listener will hear in the following track, Fritz’s solo-produced music has a very warm quality to it:



Fritz recently (March 24, 2015) released an album titled Ways Over Water. Paul released x (an album containing remixes of many of his classic tracks) in 2014, but his last full-length album, Guten Tag, was released in 2012 if the techno gods smile upon us, he will release another album in the near future.

The Kalkbrenner brothers have contributed an great amount to dance music. This post gave the reader only a small taste of what these two talented musicians have offered the world. I will end the post with the last track off of Paul’s Berlin Calling soundtrack. In the music video for the track, Paul demonstrates how he sampled the subway system (in Berlin I presume) and then made that sample into the synthesizer that plays the main melody:


Doug English – Gods Glory Hole EP

Posted on March 30 2015 by Chris Kennedy

Grooverdose Records, a record label out of Brazil, has a new release coming up from Detroit producer Doug English titled “Gods Glory Hole”. If you’re familiar with the labels he already has releases on (Perfect Driver, Country Club Disco, and Anabatic), then you probably have an idea of the type of tunes he puts out. If not, well then it means that he puts out forward-thinking electronic music that spans across the house music spectrum. This forthcoming EP in particular has elements of techno, deep house, breaks, and G-house, to form a sort of booty-tech vibe. There are also remixes on here from fellow Detroit artists Gami and ADMN which are definitely worth checking out. No word on the release date yet, but it should be some time this year!

Piano Day 2015 (March 29)

Posted on March 29 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
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Berlin based composer/producer Nils Frahm declared today, March 29th (the 88th day of the year on non-leap years draws an allusion to the 88 keys on a piano), the first Piano Day. In celebration of this holiday, many artists broke out their pianos and composed pieces – Tale of Us did just that.

For those who aren’t familiar with Tale of Us, they are a Berlin-based DJ/Producer duo composed of Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte. In their words, they are “re-writing the rulebook for deeply moving, emotional electronic music.” They recently released a remix of Plastikman – EXpand (Plastikman is one of Richie Hawtin’s monikers). Listen to their remix of EXpand below:



The track Tale of Us produced for Piano Day,  “Distante,” is centered around the piano and synthesizer. In “Distante,” you will hear Tale of Us’ distinctive style: meandering melodies, seemingly random at times, but each note has a purpose. In previous releases, Tale of Us have demonstrated their superior sound design skills, but they raise the bar with the exquisite timbres heard in “Distante.” Listen to and download “Distante” for free here:


Stoked for SXSW Interview Series: 004 Phantoms

Posted on March 22 2015 by Jordan Farley

Since their last EP 2 years ago, dark techno-pop duo Phantoms is gearing up for their album release later this week. SXSW goers got a sweet preview of their new album, dropping later this year, so we chatted with them about their experience and the rest of their 2015.

Listen to the whole interview here.

Have you guys just been testing out some new material this week?

So we pretty much have one song out from the upcoming LP so we’re playing songs nobody knows or heard. So we’ve been testing out the album and we’ve gotten a pretty good response. This is our first time with a live set-up. It’s awesome. There’s nothing wrong with DJing but we wanted to try to take it to more a live show and have the control. If you hear a mistake, you know it’s live. We try to have as much fun on stage. There’s lots of dancing involved.

Do you have a signature dance move?

He does a head thing and gets whiplash. I’m a hopper, a jumper. I’m like a two year that just got a toy.

You mentioned you’re coming out with an LP. Can you tell me a little about it?

It’s up in the air at this point. We don’t have an exact date. Definitely some time later this year. We have a new song coming out in the next month. As we were writing it, we wanted to come up with a concept as we were going and it all sort of felt like a night out and the kinds of people you meet on a night on. You’re meeting the drunk guy and the girl who just got her heart broken, so you get a lot of different perspectives. There are guest vocals on the tracks, which is always fun to work with your friends. That’s the underlying idea but it’s pretty loose for interpretation.

How would you describe your style?

We’re somewhere between deep house, pop, and techno blended into one thing. As long as it has our sound and our feel, that’s what makes it a Phantoms song. We’re not necessarily genre specific. We like everything to be kind of dark with our esthetic. That’s just kind of the music we end up making.

What has been your favorite show?

I honestly want to say the show last night was crazy. Last night was definitely up there. THe show we did at Brooklyn Bowl was great. We played 9:330 Club with Viceroy and the venue is just amazing. People were nuts. It was crazy.

Ozker – Skeletons Mix / Two

Posted on March 17 2015 by Philco
Skeletons 2 mix

Blisspop resident DJ, Ozker, has released the second edition of his recent mix series “Skeletons.” Arguably one of the hardest working DJs in the DC area and certain home town favorite, the District native provides us with an hour of well crafted and expertly transitioned Deep, Minimal, and Tech House.

The mix starts with the Lars Behrenroth Remix of Gyasi’s “The Dance,” where the vocal sample of the track speaks “You have to realize that dance is from the people, should always be given back to the people. It’s not an elitist form, it’s a spiritual space.” This passage is very much embodied in Ozker’s DJ sets, where the vibe is about love, about the people, and most importantly about coming together around a passion for music. The feeling of Skeletons Two is no different.

If you haven’t seen Ozker behind the decks yet, we highly recommend it – we’re thinking of his recent opening sets for Kill Frenzy at Flash and Treasure Fingers at U Street Music Hall where both floors were so hot you couldn’t keep your feet still if you tried.

Much like the first mix in the series, this one is definitely worth a listen. We’ll be eagerly waiting for the third. Have a listen below.