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IN THE MIX: The Black Madonna, “The Bunker Podcast No. 99″

Posted on July 16 2015 by zacheser

Anyone who’s anyone in underground dance music has heard of Marea Stamper otherwise known to mere mortals as The Black Madonna. Over the past few years, this Chicago based DJ/producer has become increasingly popular as a must see act with her wicked talent behind the decks which produce eccentric, brazen, energetic sets with a riot grrrl attitude. Her modus operandi is all about delivering alternative style and flair to dance music thus giving a voice to the weirdos, queers, queens, geeks, nerds, fat kids, and rebels who don’t always get a chance to be heard in the current dance music atmosphere.

In 2012, she was announced as a resident at Chicago’s prestigious Smart Bar alongside Derrick Carter and the late Frankie Knuckles. Within a year she became the club’s creative director ushering in a new era that focuses on diversity within the dance music spectrum and house music community. In summary, The Black Madonna is a bonafide badass.

This week saw the release of her mix for The Bunker podcast which was recorded at the Panther Room in New York during NYC Pride in June. Featuring killer cuts that range from hardcore disco edits to brainmelting techno, the mix is more delicious than a bacon wrapped grilled cheese served with a heaping portion of sass. And with a runtime just short of 2 hours, it’s just long enough to make you sweat out all the negativity you’ve ever had ever.

You can stream the mix below and be sure to check her out when she passes through D.C. on August 14.

Hohberg & Butch, “Losing Gravity”

Posted on July 16 2015 by Joel
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.27.40 PM

German producers Hohberg & Butch have teamed up to create another solid collaboration, this time on Solomun‘s label, Diynamic Music, based in Hamburg. The track, “Losing Gravity,” is part of the latest Four to the Floor compilation amongst other heavy hitters like SevenDoors and Andy Bros.  Using arpeggios and deep atmospheric pads, the two producers take you on a journey which will leave your mind in a state of weightlessness and bliss as it careens through a minimalist trance soundscape reminiscent of artists such as Kölsch or Johannes Brecht. Tracks like these showcase exactly how far ahead Germany is in the game and perhaps how techno music could be the force that finally topples over the #EDM machine.

You can stream “Losing Gravity” below and download Four to the Floor Vol. 5 via digital retailers. 

Anja Schneider, “Circle Culture”

Posted on July 14 2015 by Jason Otwell

Mobilee label star, Anja Schneider, recently released her first EP of 2015, Culture Club, just a few days ago. Flying high on the successes of a packed 2014, Schneider’s latest three song EP shows that she has no intention of taking a break anytime soon. The opening track, “Circle Culture,” is a mesmerizing romp through a journey of expert breakdowns that begs to be experienced in a live setting. Going even deeper, “The Squaring” is a slow burning techno cut that builds over ten minutes of strained bliss. Capped off by a remix of “Circle Culture” by Konstantin Sibold and Leif Muller, Culture Club is a heavy dose of techno that furthers the notion that Anja Schneider is a force to be reckoned with.

Listen to an EP sampler below or download in full here.


Pass the 40 – “American Pimp”

Posted on July 10 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn

Texas-based artist Pass the 40 just released a track on Main Course that will shake you to the core. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and “American Pimp” exemplifies this. With its thumping kick drum and sub bass, this track has an enormous sound that bumps like no other. The vocal sample pertains to pimping and makes the track even more intriguing. Listen to and download the track for free here (it will be available for free download for a week):

Løt.te – History of Discipline EP

Posted on July 8 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
History of Discipline

Brooklyn-based artist Løt.te released a heavy-hitting industrial-inspired techno EP with The Bunker New York back in May. Løt.te, a.k.a. Mehmet Irdel, uses sound design and effects spectacularly in this two-sided EP. Listen to clips from the EP below: