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Pig&Dan – “Growler (Original Mix)”

Posted on January 27 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Pig & Dan

Spanish duo Pig&Dan’s forthcoming release on Diynamic hits the spot. “Growler (Original Mix)” is a peak-time techno heater that will move dancers at any sweaty warehouse. The track has a big sound yet is rhythmically and melodically simple. Unlike the growl of the childhood monster that hid under your bed, “Growler (Original Mix)”‘s growling bass line will leave you enamored. Listen:


Lorenzo Calvio – “Now Or Never (Original Mix)”

Posted on January 24 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Lorenzo Calvio

Milan based DJ/Producer Lorenzo Calvio goes deep with “Now Or Never (Original Mix),” his new track on Moodmusic. With a bass line that will rattle any sound system and a high frequency synth that will pierce your soul, you won’t want to miss this track.

Whatever you call this sound (deep, cosmic, ethereal techno, Cityfox, Life and Death, etc.), it’s very popular right now. Furthermore, this ethereal techno sound seems to be originating primarily from two epicenters – Italy and Germany. Let’s take a perfunctory look at some ethereal techno producers: Tale of Us, Âme, Mind Against, Undercatt, Stephan Bodzin, David August, Mano Le Tough, Lorenzo Calvio, etc. – all of these artists hail from either Italy or Germany. There is probably a historical reason why Germany and Italy are hot spots for the ethereal techno sound, but I am unaware of the reason at this time.

Listen to Lorenzo Calvio’s new track here:

Fort Romeau – “Secrets and Lies”

Posted on January 22 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Fort Romeau

London based artist Fort Romeau (a.k.a. Mike Greene) recently released “Secrets and Lies.” With cosmic, acid, and deep sensibilities, “Secrets and Lies” is an eclectic tour de force. The breakdown even features a well integrated sample from Dirty Dancing – Jennifer Grey’s moving speech to her father. Fort Romeau has composed a piece with something in it for everyone. Listen here:


RÜFÜS – “Innerbloom (H.O.S.H. Remix)”

Posted on January 21 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn

H.O.S.H. has perfected the art of remixing. It seems that whenever the German Diynamic Music member gets his hands on stems, he works a miracle. If you don’t believe me, listen to what he did with Kaiserdisco’s “Jetstream.” This time, H.O.S.H. (a.k.a. Holger Behn) lights up RÜFÜS’ gorgeous “Innerbloom” with an uplifting, club-friendly masterpiece. Listen and let H.O.S.H.’s new remix take you away:


Kris Davis – “Petroleum”

Posted on January 19 2016 by Patrick Blinkhorn
Kris Davis

Contemplative and meandering, yet abrasive – “Petroleum” embodies the cosmic sound many house and techno producers chase today. Portsmouth, UK based artist Kris Davis captured our attention here at Blisspop with the beautiful sonic contrasts he introduced in “Petroleum.” The track starts with atmospheric synthesized elements and a kick drum that are skillfully interrupted by a distinctive analog-sounding bass. “Petroleum” reaches a climax at 4:18, but the listener will cherish every second of this piece. Listen to Kris Davis’ brilliant craftsmanship that is forthcoming on Connaisseur Recordings: