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Interview with South London Ordnance

Posted on March 14 2013 by Morgan Tepper

We had the pleasure of chatting with South London Ordnance before he his DC debut this Saturday night at U Street Music Hall, alongside Hotflush boss Scuba and Lxsx Frxnk. In a relatively short amount of time, the law student turned full-time producer has created quite a stir throughout the techno, house and bass music circuits; appearing at Dimensions, Boiler Room and regularly guesting on RinseFM.

1. You recently interviewed Juan Atkins for Fact Magazine – how did this come together, and what was the experience like?

I work part time in a record store in central London called BM Soho. Billy Nasty who also works there on a more regular basis rung me up and asked me if I wanted to support Juan with him at a Bloc. event. Obviously it was a no brainer and when I agreed the Bloc. guys sorted the interview to help promote the event. It was a dope experience – obviously a little daunting, and you can’t please everyone with the questions you ask someone of such fundamental importance to the state of dance music today, but I was pleased with how it came out. Juan is a cool guy.

2. You’ve got a new EP coming out on Hotflush, and the video for “Revolver” debuted this week. What was your inspiration for this video and how does it relate to the song?

I do indeed. It’s just a series of images I shot on my phone wandering around South London where I still live. I guess you could maybe relate the close reverbs and metallic sounds to some of the industrial imagery I included – but I guess it’s more about me as a person and where I live and grew up.

3. You were credited as directing the video – have you directed other videos for yourself or others? Did you study film as well as law?

Ha – I mean I wouldn’t call it directing, I did spend a bit of time tearing my hair out on iMovie stitching it together though… I find that program fantastically counter intuitive.
I did not study film, no – never done any other vids that I can immediately think of to be honest.

4. Since finishing school have you used your law degree in the music industry? Or are you doing music full time now?

Ah… no, actually – still waiting on someone to try and sue me or something exciting. I do music full time, yeah.

5. Tell us a bit more about your new EP coming out on Hotflush – influences, inspirations, the process of creation. Are you still just using Logic or have you expanded?

Yeah – still using Logic. I mean – it’s always quite amusing when people say “just” Logic – it’s a pretty mind blowing piece of kit when you get really stuck into it – but yeah, I know what you mean i.e. I’d love to get all kinds of gear but I don’t have the space at the moment.

In terms of the EP – as is often the way with releasing music on independent labels with a busy schedule, the tracks are about 6/7 months old. With that in mind – I was really just experimenting and fucking around with sounds and ideas at that point. Both tracks are based around prominent samples so I guess that was probably the starting point. From there I developed the structure and the sounds kind of came of their own accord.

6. It’s been pointed out that you don’t particularly like to upload your own songs to your SoundCloud – do you feel as though that takes away some of the mystery? Some would argue against it, saying it stunts the hype…

Ha – yeah I mean I used to up things, then take them down real quick when I started. I tend not to do that now – I have a platform to showcase new music in the gigs that I play, or the mixes that I do so there’s no need to be honest. I’m wary of uploading anything these days – everything gets old so quick, it be a shame to put something unsigned on SoundCloud and watch it rot. You might get 1000 plays or a 1000 comments, but you know probably a 20th of those people would even consider buying the record…

7. What advice would you give to young producers who are looking to create buzz (aside from the typical, “be at the right place at the right time…”)?

Focus on your art – the rest will come.

Funkdamentalist – Genesis EP

Posted on February 28 2013 by Morgan Tepper

Genesis is the latest gem from local funky, soulful, house producer Funkdamentalist; a three-track EP that has already cracked Beatport’s top 100 releases. Out now on Something Different Records, Genesis features a remix from fellow McFly, Soul Sway, and has seen support from Luna City Express, Raffa FL, Stu Patrics and Terry Grand.

“Transient Lust,” a feeling that some would say is common in D.C., is the stand-out track in Genesis; a glittering house tune that penetrates the depths of the soul. The title track is accompanied by an official music video showcasing a few of the pinnacle places where house music was first nourished.

Preview Genesis below, and purchase the entire EP over at Beatport.

Trus’me – Treat Me Right

Posted on January 16 2013 by Morgan Tepper

Ready for release on his own label Prime Numbers February 18th, David Wolstencroft, better known as Trus’me, will unleash the highly anticipated Treat Me Right LP; his first full-length since 2009.

One can’t deny the blatant sexuality on display throughout this LP (just take a look at the album art). Treat Me Right takes listeners on a wide-spanning aural S&M trip.

Several punishing techno tracks “It’s Slow” (which is anything but) and the thrashing “I Want You” provocatively buzz and hum above heavy, industrial undertones. “Defunct,” loaded with minimal percussive breakdowns, pounds alongside static bleeps and blips.

The mind-numbing downtempo anesthetic of “Long Distance” drones behind the shuffling of egg shakers and rainmakers, an ideal listen for those who are also fans of Andy Stott.

Not to be worn out, Treat Me Right brings some relief with the warmer synth-laden “Hindsight,” easing the mood with deep sighs and groans, and the blissful “Moonlight Kiss” sprinkled with airy chords and soulful vocals, both of which hint at a bit of classic house.

Preview the entire album below, pre-order available soon at


Listen to Trus’me’s recent RA Exchange here –

Blisspop Inauguration Party w/ MOBY (DJ Set) & Will Eastman at U Street Music Hall!

Posted on December 10 2012 by Morgan Tepper

Mark your calendars, folks. Saturday, 1/19 Blisspop hosts an inauguration party at U Street Music Hall featuring MOBY (DJ Set) and our very own Will Eastman!

This will be Blisspop’s second inauguration party with Moby! The first time around Moby and Eastman performed together at the 9:30 Club, in 2009.  If you were there, then you know about the insanity that ensued; the packed house and the power outage that lead to an impromptu drum performance by Moby and Eastman, banging on nothing but plastic garbage cans, beer kegs and metal sheets until the lights came on.

Raw footage here -

Tickets go on sale this Thursday at 10am – – this show WILL sell out so be sure to grab a ticket in advance!

Limited edition Blisspop Obama inauguration shirts will be available for purchase the night of, and all shirt proceeds will benefit the U Street Music Foundation.

See you there!

Moby is well known for bringing electronic music to the mainstream; starting with the release of his 1991 single “Go.” Since “Go,” Moby has sold over 20,000,000 records worldwide and has co-written, produced and remixed for Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Pet Shop Boys and New Order. Moby has received nominations for five Grammy Awards and has won several MTV Video Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, in addition to being noted by MTV as, “one of the most controversial figures in techno music” and as “one of the most important dance music figures of the early ’90s.”

Will Eastman
U Street Music Hall co-owner Will Eastman has had a successful year as a member of D.C.-based Volta Bureau; most notably with the release of their sophomore single “Alley Cat” which stayed within the Beatport Indie Dance top 100 for over a year. Volta Bureau’s recent work includes a remix for Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” noted by MTVHive as “noir techno for fans of upbeat funk,” a partnership with Gotta Dance Dirty in the release of “On Your Own,” and their August release, “Hot,” now available on iTunes.

As a solo artist, Eastman has recently gained much blog and DJ support with the release of “Shouldna Left U”; an R&B-tinged deep house collaboration with Ozker (Sleeper Cell Productions, D.C). Both Volta Bureau and Eastman are looking forward to debut several new releases and remixes in 2013.

aLamont – Buckles

Posted on November 16 2012 by Morgan Tepper

DC-based house production duo aLamont, a collaboration between Sami Y. and Dawit, was formed earlier this year in a basement apartment along Lamont St. in Northwest; where the Wild North DJs have been spending time gradually modifying their sound from high-energy electro into deep, funky house grooves.

Their latest track “Buckles” features strange, dark sirens paired with underlying meditative beats that pump below the vocals of first generation Detroit techno don Juan Atkins, recalling the first time he heard Kraftwerk.

“…it was unlike anything I had ever heard…it was totally electronic…almost like a sci-fi type of vision…”

Look out for aLamont’s forthcoming remix for Chris Burns on Paradox Underground, and download “Buckles,” and other productions from aLamont below.