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Posted on November 27 2012 by Louise Brask

If you’ve caught on to the wave of deep house tracks for 2012, Him_Self_Her should be a name to add to your list. The rising work from the Midlands, UK act was dropped by Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show last week. Only recently signing onto Cream Coture records, and having released singles onto Bubba’s Running Wild this fall. They’ve risen quickly to becoming one of the labels most played songs on Cream Coture’s Resident Advisor page. The likability of Him_Self_Her comes with bold bass tones and a monotone diegetic, whose demanding presence calls for attention in the most dominatrix-like ways. While the underscores in their name signify an attachment to technology, however, the song’s feeling is anything but robotic, almost a parallel vision to 2011′s Azari & III with r&b-like vocals & rhythms.

Here’s a Him_Self_Her track “Gone Too Long.” Check it.

Ellen Allien – Take Me Out

Posted on June 20 2012 by Louise Brask

One of Berlin’s finest dance producers over the past two decades, Ellen Allien’s abstract video comes with the release of her new single “Take Me Out.” The hypnotic tones match the florescent lighting seen in the video. Sillouettes of girls dancing become mirrored and juxtaposed between spinning images of Ellen, herself. Similar minimal, linear chord progressions to her previous “Sehnsucht” have manufactured the track into another Ellen Allien single.

Watch the video for “Take Me Out” below. The single, part of theĀ Galactic Horse EP, is out now. Buy it on Beatport.

True Womanhood Pays Tribute to Pussy Riot

Posted on May 3 2012 by Louise Brask

Brooklyn transplant band True Womanhood dives into a darker electronic track with a liberating outcry. Thomas Redmond and Noam Elsner have remixed “Punk Prayer” by feminist collective Pussy Riot. The remix pays tribute to the members of the group who performed their prayer in Christ the Savior Orthodox Cathedral on February 21, 2012. The prayer calls for the end of Putin’s regime, and consequently two members of the group were arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison after the performance.

Not only a track worthy of reblog on your Tumblr, but True Womanhood highlights an important cause by oppressed Moscow feminists. So hum along to the darkwave vibes and shout along to pay tribute to the young persecuted comrades in need. By the end of the True Womanhood remix there will be a few phrases you might say to yourself including ‘SAVE THE PUSSIES’ and ‘FREE PUSSY RIOT!’ Give a listen to the remix below…

The video of Pussy Riot’s Moscow performance has over 1 million hits on YouTube and counting – and if you enter their name in a search engine, a plethora of their videos protesting Patriarchy will be available for viewing on YouTube.

Support Pussy Riot…

PillowTalk – Soul Edits

Posted on April 25 2012 by Louise Brask

Heart meets soul with a fantastic new release from PillowTalk. If you feel like stepping back into a Motown mood, start off with “The Real Thing” including samples from DC’s prince of soul Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s 1968 hit “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing.”

Spiritual and suave, PillowTalk, a three piece boogie-inspired group from San Francisco, is sure to please. Let the boys be your weatherman with “Sunny” which will pick you up from a dreary day and gently land you on a patch of sunshine. Their efforts stay groovy, pluck soul strings and herald applause for keeping a sound original and of themselves.

Interview with Beautiful Swimmers

Posted on April 19 2012 by Louise Brask

Beautiful Swimmers blends soul music into a mix of influences from around the globe. For years they have been serving up the very best from their stockpiles of vinyl, but have more recently been focusing more on making their own music. Home to Maryland, the two piece gets down with the DC crowd on the reg, having mixed tunes on the U Street Music Hall dance floor multiple times since the club’s opening in 2010.

On 4/20 you can catch Beautiful Swimmers at U Hall again, opening for Blisspop and Red Fridays presents Tiger & Woods alongside Tim Sweeney, host of WNYU radio show “Beats in Space.” Prepare yourself for their set with the following listening tips. Expect fast drumbeats to intro, dive into their edits which hail from their insane, worldly collection of vinyl, and wrap yourself into the universal sound groove that they are still innovating.

Blisspop sat down for a quick chat with Ari, 1/2 of Swimmers, ahead of the party this Friday to chat vinyl hunting, playing U Hall and their summer plans…

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