Interview with Vincenzo

Posted on December 27 2012 by Coby

Vincenzo, of Poker Flat and Mobilee fame, is set to headline the upcoming Deep Secrets/Nomad New Year’s Eve party. Locals Jubilee, Solomon Sanchez, Raffi and Yacine A. will round out the bill with the SND + VSN crew on visual duties. Advance tickets are available via Resident Advisor.

We caught up with the Berlin-based artist for a quick chat ahead of what will be his DC debut…

You’ve been in cahoots with Steve Bug since his ‘Reduced’ days at Front Club, Hamburg. What was it like being there from the very start of two of dance music’s most well-respected labels, in Poker Flat & Dessous?

It was exciting. Teaming up with him and tobias, releasing my first records, a residency at the legendary Front Club alongside Steve and Boris Dlugosch. I finally had a home and platform for my music.

Tell us about your beginnings. How did you get into dance music, both deejaying and production, and how did you become the DJ/producer you are today?

It goes all the way back to high school days. Somebody had a party at their house because the parents were away for the weekend. I took care about the music selection and played some vinyl. People liked it so I got booked for the next party the weekend after. That’s how it kinda started. It was more like hip hop, r&b and some pop music back then. I  started buying more and more records and one day I discovered electronic music like KLF, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, etc. It was love at first sight. I was hooked.

As a fellow hip-hop connoisseur, who is your favorite contemporary hip-hop producer and why?

Madlib for sure. And of course the amazing J-Dilla .I used to be into the whole Native Tonque movement back then. They are carrying the whole positive vibe from those days into the present. It’s just magnificent music!

As an industry veteran you have the benefit of perspective. In your opinion, what label(s) would you say are doing it right of late?

It’s all about creating an image these days. Back in the day it was just music. Sometimes with no face to it, just the name. A lot has changed since then. It’s much easier making music now with all the new technology invented that the amount of producers has increased so much. You have to stick out more than ever.

Labels like Crosstown Rebels, Permanent Vacation, Mobilee, Poker Flat, Minus are doing it right, just to name a few. They are doing a good job supporting their artists.

You stepped away from the house game with your most recent LP, Where I Lay My Head. What are your attitudes toward this dynamic and multifaceted genre these days?

It’s hard to find the right tunes these days. There is a lot of crap music out there. You just have to listen to the top ten Beatport house or deep house charts. I don’t even listen to the top 10 anymore as I almost never find anything in there which I would play. You have to dig deep to find the gold nuggets.

You run your own imprint, Teardrop, alongside Lovebirds. What’s coming up for the label in 2013?

We have some new releases in the pipeline. New EPs from Volta Cab, Lovebirds and myself are coming in early 2013.

What kinds of surprises do you have in store for us at Deep Secrets NYE?

Well…it’s my first time in DC and I am very excited to come. I usually don’t prepare my DJ sets. I just go with the night and the vibe of the people. No special surprises planned but you never know…maybe something comes to my mind in the next days.

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