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Posted on March 27 2015 by Lotanna Obodozie
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Despite dropping a new album, Wonder Where We Land, not too long ago, SBTRKT is back at it with a new song, “FLAREtWO.”

SBTRKT seems to be going back to his roots with this one, as it’s a purely instrumental cut. This song sounds like some futuristic space-jungle soundtrack and I am 100% here for it. “FLAREtWO” is incredibly fast-paced, thanks to the complex drum rhythm in the background and the stabbing synths.

Check it out below:


Deep District Guest Mix Volume 5 – zacheser

Posted on March 27 2015 by Philco

Deep District has been growing as a go to spot for underground electronic artists in the District, showcasing interviews and material from the likes of Ozker, Ayes Cold, Mathias, Rex Riot, and countless others putting in work around DC.

The next artist to feature on the blog is Blisspop’s own Zach Eser – aka zacheser. Contributor to Blisspop, up and coming DJ, and all around groove maker, he blesses Deep District with an hour mix of carefully curated music he puts under the tag “catharsis.”

Talking to Deep District, zacheser describes the mix as such: “I made it with the idea of ‘catharsis’ in mind. u and i both understand that catharsis is an essential element when it comes to music: the ebb + flow + the journey ur mind takes when u close ur mind + let go are all things that a good dj – and tastemaker – should be thinking about. it’s about making people feel alive. or free. or above it all. or like they’re fucking badasses or something. + that’s what this mix is about: feeling. + that’s something tangible + real. catharsis.”

The mix is truly a diverse, yet cohesive and well calculated spread. He shows love to locals Man and Woman and Blisspop’s Caleb L’Etoile, brings in bangers from artists like Lane 8 and Kant, but also takes us off the beaten path at times with experimental tracks like Beshken’s “Hiro.”

zacheser will be at The Velvet Lounge tonight warming up the decks for Blisspop’s headman Will Eastman. Definitely pop in if your feeling his vibe.

Mix and track list below….

HNNY, ‘Nothing’
Levon Vincent, ‘Black Arm With Wolf’
Worakls, ‘Salzburg’
hrmxny, ‘Remember Me’
Delorean, ‘Seasun (John Talabot Remix)’
Beshken, ‘Hiro’
ODESZA, ‘Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)’
Sam Smith, ‘Leave Your Lover (Motez Remix)’
Mr. Gonzo, ‘Got This Feeling’
KANT, ‘Ey Yo’
Matt Lange, ‘Griffith Park’
Duke Dumont ft. A.M.E., ‘Need U (Amtrac Remix)’
Lorde, ‘Ribs (Caleb L’Etoile Remix)’
M83, ‘Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix)’
Man & Woman, ‘The Future of Dance Music’


Stoked for SXSW Interview Series: 005 Kodak to Graph

Posted on March 26 2015 by Jordan Farley

Kodak To Graph does something that most producers neglect: he adds texture. His tracks sound multidimensional and phat in all the right ways. His latest album, ISA, was clearly a platform to allow him to freely explore the creative depths of his production. We caught up with him to chat about SXSW and the music that inspires him.

He’ll also be playing Rock & Roll Hotel on April 2nd with Big Wild and OBESØN.

Listen to the entire interview here.

Have you been testing out new material? 

I’m playing about 5-6 new songs from the record mixed in with some remixes and older tracks as well. The new Hundred Waters remix and a couple others. I’m playing about half of the record that’s out now.

Are you a big Hundred Waters fan?

They’re from Gainesville, FL which is where I was living for four years and they were the first ones to take me on tour. Such sweet people. Love those guys. They just played in DC, actually.

Yeah! I was there. You have a show coming up in DC, too.

Every time I’ve come to DC, I’ve played at DC9. It’s a little cozy small spot.

What do you have coming up in 2015?
I just released the record about a week ago. I embark on my first headline tour in four days and I’m going to be doing that for about a month and a half and then I’m going to come home and write a little bit. I have a few festivals over the summer and I’ll probably start touring again in the fall and hopefully release more music by the end of the year. Just keep playing shows and keep playing music. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

You have an interesting approach to music. 

I come from a place where there was no electronic music growing up so everything I learned was over the Internet. I come from listening to rock and psych music and learning how to mix those techniques in electronic music. Then I did this more future bass stuff later on. My style is definitely always changing. The big umbrella term is experimental electronic music.

So what’s your music background?

My dad is from Iran so he always had old Persian pop music and traditional folk music. My mom was into Michael Bolton and country. My older brother introduced me to electronic and rock like Sigur Ros. Then I got into DJ Shadow and Bonobo in high school and that was my first introduction to electronic music. There was a lot of music going on in the house. All of my musical background came from what I learned from my brother. Haha there’s probably still a MySpace out there with some early early produced music.


Go cop his new album ISA.

The Spotlight: Sleazy McQueen

Posted on March 26 2015 by zacheser

This is ‘The Spotlight.’ Many artists pass through D.C. on a weekly basis, but this column highlights one specific artist who happens to be playing in the district during the week so that you may join their journey in influencing the house music landscape.

Sleazy McQueen. Since the early 2000s, the self-described ‘disco edit vanguard’ has carved himself a small, but dedicated estate of dance music aficionados after years of curating deep cuts and crafting a  signature sound blended from parcels of the deep house and nudisco pantheons of sound. 100% self-made and having gone to and from nothing multiple times in the attempt to find himself in music, McQueen’s journeys led him into a constant state of evolution – the true mark of genius in any field – before eventually founding the indie label Whiskey Disco in 2009.

Since establishing himself in the dance community, Sleazy McQueen has traveled all over the world playing world class clubs in South America, Madrid, and Tokyo and spots during the Winter Music Conference and Electric Daisy Carnival. His relentless touring schedule, eccentricities, and steady stream of well-executed disco edits and reworks has made him a diamond in the rough in the dance music community at large making his sets a go-to experience for anyone looking to go beyond the normal electronica atmospheres and events.

This week, you can see Sleazy McQueen at the Eighteenth Street Lounge in Downtown D.C. on Saturday, March 28.

DNTST – Other Ones ft. Emma Sameth

Posted on March 26 2015 by Jordan Farley

DNTST is great at making these mellow r&b beats that perfectly highlight the vocalist. He lets the beauty and delicacy of Emma Sameth’s voice dance over his dreamy rhythms. This track is soothing and sensual and just slow enough, like a lullaby.

Plus, this guy is actually a pre-dental student and makes music on the side, which is v cool.