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Blisspop Daily News: Weekend Edition, 8/30/15

Posted on August 30 2015 by Zach
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This is your Weekend Edition of the Blisspop Daily News.

  1. Robyn’s new group, La Bagatelle Magique, which she founded with the late producer Christian Falk, made its debut live performance at Popaganda Festival in Stockholm. Robyn’s next side project, an eletcro-pop album featuring the whinnies of actual unicorns, is due for release next Spring.
  2. DJ/producer Evian Christ, best known for his collaboration on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, was accidentally put in lock-up at Leeds Festival after his set. According to the DJ, security refused to believe he was a performer. The scenario, to be quite honest, sounds a lot like this other guy who, coincidentally, was also named Christ. #Illuminati.
  3. BASCA – the British Academy of Singers, Composers, and Artists – is supporting legal action against SoundCloud for unpaid royalties. Meanwhile, young DJs are supporting their alcoholism with free drinks because that’s how promoters/agents/the universe pay musicians now.
  4. HARD Day of the Dead announced a stacked line-up for their annual Halloween proceedings. The weekend will include headliners like Nero, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Glass Animals in addition to smaller acts like Hannah Wants, Chris Lake, Bonobo, Disciples, and The 2 Bears. There is one secret headliner that has yet to be announced, but with a focus on throwbacks in the past couple years, chances are it’ll be a DJ set by the zombified corpse of Tiny Tim.
  5. Burning Man: The Musical is in the process of being a thing. BOOM.

CULTURE: “We Are Your Friends” Puts Dance Music on the Backburner

Posted on August 28 2015 by Zach
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We Are Your Friends is not a movie about #EDM or the culture. To call it that would discount the emotional impact it will have on the beleaguered Millenials in the work-force in the United States.

Sure – at its core there’s a certain respect to the power of dance music; anyone who’s seen the trailer or paid attention to any of the film’s marketing in the past few weeks can tell you that. There’s a DJ, he wants to make it big, he finds his sound, and he’s semi-savvy about the business going into it (even going as far as a cheesy monologue about how to successfully work a crowd while – you guessed it – he’s working a crowd). There are also interludes that pay homage to the hurdles young people trying to make it in the game have to jump over such as playing in a side room and being faced with the mindless song requests every young white girl wants to hear.

At its heart is a more sincere story about being young in America and wanting to follow your aspirations in a culture that’s becoming more and more dominated by the struggle to find work. It’s a harsh reality that the 20-somethings in We Are Your Friends constantly face and it mirrors the situation that many young people are experiencing when they get out of college. Granted – the opportunities, in this instance, are a little skewed considering the ragtag group is mainly comprised of middle-class, white, young men. The one female character, the instantly likable Emily Ratajkowski, serves as the film’s love interest in a very predictable love triangle scenario between Efron and Wes Bentley as the scene stealing, washed up DJ from Generation X. And this, unfortunately, whitewashes much of the diversity and cultural heritage of dance music which is a crying shame given that it’s ripe material to pull from creatively. So, with that in mind, the film is pretty vanilla, but it serves the purpose the film is out to achieve: basic relatability for the young masses.

As for the rest of the film, however, there’s an unfortunate misuse of creativity which causes the film to collapse under its own weight. We receive glimmers of greatness sprinkled throughout mainly due to the film’s editing which, in a lot of ways, play out like extended music video sequences. One of these segways is a scene where our protagonist, Cole, played with boyish ease by Zac Efron, is given PCP and we witness his trip as the film maneuvers into animated ecstasy compounded with lush house rhythms. These saving graces give the film some buoyancy during its 1 hour and 40 minute runtime, as the melodrama becomes more and more predictable, but it’s not enough to make the film a supremely memorable feat of filmmaking even with its stellar attempt to try and pay off the audience with the film’s fist-pumping climax. An enjoyable movie to pass the time? Perhaps. Memorable? Not so much.

Again, where this movie succeeds is the building of the reality within the construct of the film. Young people walking into this movie are going to leave empowered to think for themselves and to do the things they want to do especially those who feel like their day-to-day grind isn’t worth the heartache of not being able to pursue their dreams.

In other words, be ready for a lot more 20-something DJs with a laptop, one song, and hopes to defy all odds.

Baskerville – Times

Posted on August 28 2015 by Chris Kennedy

A little late on this one, but it deserves a post nonetheless. Dutch producer Baskerville released this bomb on MTA last month and has been gaining support from people such as Pete Tong, Tensnake, and The Magician, to name a few. It starts out as what seems to be an indie track, going half-time with some echoing anthemic vocals. Then Baskerville flips a switch as the breaks slowly enter and the acid (synth) kicks in. It eventually develops into an epic jackin’ style house track, similar to that of Boys Noize‘s productions. It may be classified as electro house, but it definitely can have its place in all sorts of situations. Get it while it’s hot!

Blisspop Daily News, 8/27/2015

Posted on August 27 2015 by Patrick Blinkhorn
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This is your dose of Blisspop Daily News for today, Thursday, August 27, 2015.

1. Jamie xx scored a ballet and it’s coming Stateside. The ballet, Tree of Codes, was inspired by a Jonathan Safran Foer novel. Incidentally, Jonathan Safran Foer was born in DC and went to the same high school that Yung Lotion and I went to, Georgetown Day School.

2. We Are Your Friends is out tomorrow – yay! Here’s a piece we wrote about it earlier this year. And here’s a review of the film by The Guardian. This is my favorite line from The Guardian’s review:

“The finale in which we supposedly reach the solution to this deeply uninteresting aesthetic crisis is so phoney, so facile and so cortex-clobberingly stupid that it will inspire audiences everywhere to reach into the screen, pull the plug on sensitive Zac’s speakers and pour his Pellegrino over his head.”

3. The German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk have a Blu-ray release of their 3D shows (the shows are done with surround sound + 3D imagery in synchronization with the music) in the works. Kraftwerk’s Ralf Hütter also said they are making progress on their ninth album.

4. DJ Snake’s new remix of Calvin Harris’ “How Deep is Your Love” is a flop. At least that how Miguel Tost at Your EDM feels. We’ll let you decide for yourself – skip to 43:30 to hear DJ Snake’s take on Calvin Harris’ hit:

5. SoundCloud’s user18081971, better known as Aphex Twin, uploaded nine new tracks to his page in the past 24 hours. Check out these modular gems here.


EDX, “Belong”

Posted on August 27 2015 by Zach
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Proving that he has plenty of hidden feels up his very talented sleeves, EDX has been evolving and shifting his sound into something richer and with more warmth as of late. Following a string of impressive releases on Spinnin’ Deep and Enormous Tunes, the Zurich based DJ has been incredibly busy with a grueling tour schedule, his ‘No Xcuses’ brand, and plenty of studio time honing his new direction.

Known primarily for his work as a progressive house artist and his legacy that stretches back into the 90′s, EDX has been venturing into the land of deep house for some time now and his newest release, “Belong,” may very well be the track that officially launches him on his maiden voyage. With a vocal that is borderline audiosexual, “Belong” is a bass heavy, ambient melody with a lot of heart and overflowing, uptempo positivity. Adding in a subtle horn element, the track walks the fine line between tropical Ibiza coolness and main room foot-stomper and, thankfully, it never fully reaches the level of absurdity that’s required to be considered full-blown tropical #EDM (a trend that’s been more and more prominent on Spinnin’ Deep recently).

This is the type of track that demonstrates what time in a game like house music can add up to and, seeing as EDX has the advantage of having a lot of experience, it’s refreshing to know that even the oldest of dogs are more than fully capable of showing off their new tricks. With more tracks like “Belong” on the horizon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more of a renewed interest in EDX in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for a DJ set near you – it’s a party you won’t wanna sleep on.

“Belong” will be released on Spinnin’ Deep on September 21.