NJ native crooner Schadrack isn’t your typical electronic pop vocalist. His personal SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/schadrackpierre) is full of live jazz performance recordings, but precious little studio work. In an EDM world filled with breathy, 40%-wet-reverb female top lines, it’s refreshing to hear a well-trained and practiced but still playful vocal performance taking the lead. I recently had the opportunity to get acquainted with Schadrack and producer Alex Siesse at Alex’s beautiful

Two years ago, one of modern Baltimore club music’s brightest young stars turned 25. He marked the occasion with a rebirth of his own, setting aside the production alias that he used for battles in Charm City’s underground in favor of a blaxploitation-reminiscent cartoon superhero persona. Thus died Murder Mark, reborn as Mighty Mark with the release of the Mighty EP on Moveltraxx. Or so we thought. The Party Starter

We here at Blisspop have been able to secure some fantastic interviews over the course of our careers. But perhaps none stands as tall as the illustrious, mysterious figure of DJ BUTT. Little is publicly known about DJ BUTT and pleasant companion animal Ralph the Dog, but DJ BUTT’s music speaks for itself. Listen to the DJ BUTT EP (released on the 20th of this month) while you read this

Kendrick Lamar’s new release DAMN. has been lighting up the airwaves and the Internet since its release last week. The record represents a departure from the jazzy, critic-friendly fare of TPAB in a few different ways, notably including the visual media accompanying the music. Kendrick Lamar’s video for “DNA” makes reference to a few standard rap video tropes – cops, girls, cars, gang affiliations. But instead of relying on these

DC isn’t typically recognized as a techno hotspot, but those in the know are hip to the burgeoning local scene. U Street Music Hall, which has a long history of supporting local artists and uplifting rising stars, will carry on this tradition by hosting a local techno showcase this Saturday, April 8. This party is highly recommended for those fans who want to get to know DC’s movers and shakers