Fresh off an American tour supporting Eric Prydz, British DJ and producer Cristoph links up with Fairfax, Virginia native Jeremy Olander for their new “Last Dance” EP. The two-track EP features two distinct progressive house records, and demonstrates a solid hybrid of the two artists’ unique styles, with Cristoph bringing a dark yet soulful vibe while Jeremy Olander’s rhythms drive them forward. The first track, “Last Dance,” is reminiscent of stepping

Brooklyn has always bred originality, and Argonaut&Wasp feed off the borough’s creativity to deliver the high-energy, bouncy rhythm of their new single, “Paradise.” The electronic-influenced funk band, which features a full set-up in their live performances, says the track was influenced by the lack of driving rhythms in DJ sets they attended in Brooklyn: “we would show up at all of these hip Brooklyn venues and everyone would be glued

Boston’s own Mozado has been destroying both the originals and remix game in the past year and a half, and brings some more heat with his interpretation of J. Lo and Ja Rule’s 2001 classic “I’m Real.” The remix features slapping 808 bass slides with well-placed vocal chops, and creates a playful atmosphere and clean production that will satisfy any hip-hop fan. The irony of this release is not lost

In 2012, Cyril Hahn broke out with a sensational house remix of the hit Destiny’s Child track “Say My Name,” and has been delivering tasteful R&B inspired remixes and originals to his fans ever since. As he embarks on his 2017 North American tour, I had the chance to talk to him about his influences, production techniques, and evolution of his sound, as well as what we can expect to

Philco Artist Image
As the popularity of house music elements rises in mainstream electronic productions, few new artists understand and incorporate its roots like DC’s Philco. The Roland TR-909 was released in 1984 as one of the first Roland kits equipped with MIDI, and it played an instrumental role in the rise of underground house music with use by innovators such as Daft Punk and Frankie Knuckles. Philco draws upon this influence in