Meet GH, the most talented artist you don’t know about yet. GH (a.k.a. Geoffrey Huber) is a DJ/producer involved with Pittsburgh’s thriving scene and he has produced electronic music for over a decade. Huber helped put Pittsburgh on the map in the dance music community when he co-founded Stem &

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By now, Hotel Garuda‘s imprint is on everyone’s radar. Between continually lighting up the internet and featured sets at renowned cultural epicenters like Coachella, the duo, which is comprised of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, continues to mystify with their blend of the old and the new. Which is why their

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We’ve poked fun at David Guetta in the past. For a DJ who built his reputation on his blend of French house music and the disco clubs of yore throughout Europe, his career has certainly taken an odd turn in later years as he plummeted away from the soulful and

Walker & Royce 2
The London based duo 12 Stories received proper remix treatment from our New York friends, Walker & Royce. Featuring a sensuous vocal sample from Digitaria’s Daniela Caldellas, a catchy synth hook, and a good bass groove, “Bright Lights (Walker & Royce Remix)” is an earworm that will get any dance

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Today, we lost a living legend. The man who many said floated into a room instead of simply walking. The man who proved that sex appeal is genderless, everywhere, and oftentimes in the form of something purple. The man who evolved, shapeshifted, and demanded us to express ourselves. He demanded