Hotel Garuda, the duo who’s been blowing up the house scene between their high profile remixes and placements at festivals like Splash House and Electric Daisy Carnival, is once again staking their claim. This time, it’s on your Best of Summer 2016 playlist on Spotify with their take on Kaskade and Felix Cartal‘s “Fakin’ It.” The remix, which showcases many of the elements found in past Hotel Garuda productions like

The city streets of Tokyo feel a lot like the internet, cultures collide in unexpected ways and reassemble into new formations that seem both futuristic and alien. The music of Carpainter is thoroughly Japanese AND of the internet in its willingness to abandon all rules and dissect music genres for parts to make something fresh, previously unheard, and exciting. Carpainter’s music has appeared on the Finnish label Top Billin, UK garage

Arthr portrait
You are in a warehouse. Many dance music fans find themselves in warehouses for parties, but this is different; instead of being surrounded by your friends, you’re lying on the floor alone and don’t know how you got there. This is how Arthr’s “Context Unavailable” music video begins. Over the course of the video, Arthr’s character is told a few memorable quotes from a prophetic homeless man, appears to travel

EMBERS artwork
I’m not typically a believer in traditional Chinese astrology. Although I’ve been sympathetic in the past to those who put stock in their Zodiac readings, that’s all about to end. As it turns out, tigers are actually supposed to be good for horses. This is the final nail in the coffin: the curtain has been pulled back and the fraud exposed. In reality, tigers are bad for horses. This should

Jerry Folk at U Street Music Hall on June 24
When you ask a millennial what his or her favorite type of music is, you often hear a pretty standard response: “everything.” It may seem basic, but what if it’s from the person making your favorite music? Well for 20-year-old, Gerard Andreas Folkestad Taylor, a.k.a. Jerry Folk, the Internet has provided him exposure to so many different styles and genres that he can’t just appreciate only one. In fact, he